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Matt Welch on FEMA "Of all the subsidies that are the most difficult to remove it is those that affect the rich"

I promised to point out the positive Ron Paul press that comes out of Reason Mag. I have three good ones today and they all come from Matt Welch who is editor and chief.

First is a you tube video on Freedom watch. Although Ron isn't mentioned specifically, he explains why FEMA is bad economics and should be repealed. Makes him one of the few on TV besides Ron taking this position.


I thought a lot of you would like his blog post taking on some jerk at the NYT wanting regulators to step into the Gold market to prevent a bubble. He makes it interesting by replacing the word "gold" in the guys article with "the dollar".


Lastly (and the best of the three links) this video talks about Ron Paul directly and how Gary Johnson and the rest of the field fit into place. I think many will like his thoughts on the Republicans not letting him win if he is poised to make that a possibility and the slipping power of the republican establishment. I believe specifically Ron Paul comes up at about the 20 min mark and his talked about for the rest of the video.


To the Ron Paul loving, FEMA Hating, Gold Bugs... Enjoy!

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Thanks for your research in the

Reason weed patch. Let's hope Welch gains influence over there.