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New Book on Ron Paul 2008 Campaign

I'm George Dance. I've been posting on The Daily Paul since 2008. I've been writing about Ron Paul for the same time on my column at online magazine Nolan Chart.

For years I'd dreamed of being a published author, but was stuck in a dead-end job. This year the dead-end job vanished and, while I got a severance package and I'm doing some temporary work, I'm worried aobut the money running out. So, I've tried to activate my dream, too. I have published two books at

The first book, Ron Paul and his rEVOLution, consists of my most popular 2008 articles on the Paul campaign, including the widely-read "Ron Paul's Delegate Wars" series. It packs a lot of information and trivia on the campaign. I hope that, for those who were there, it brings back some memories. But I think that even those new to the rEVOLution can find it (as one reviewer called its title article) to be "a great starting point for anyone interested in the Ron Paul phenomenon."

The second book is a translation of modernist poetry by Quebec poet Hector de Saint-Denys Garneau. Some may like it, too. But I'm hoping people here will like the Ron Paul book, that some will buy it, and that others will help me get the news of it out. Both books are available as paperbacks, or as PDF downloads for just $5 each.

Please have a look at my virtual store:

Clicking on a product's cover will bring you to that product's page, where you can see a 10-page preview of the contents.

Thank you for reading this.

George Dance

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My name is George Dance. I

My name is George Dance. I recently put together a book on Ron Paul's 2008 campaign called Ron Paul and his rEVOLution. Even if you can't buy a copy right now, you can read a free 10-page preview by following the link. Thank you for reading.

George Dance

Robbing Ron Paul

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thanks for posting. good luck to you

in your enterprises.