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Response to my idiot neo-con, new deal democrat friend.

....Yeah, being a bully has it's advantages. You get things, and people occasionally do what you want. I gotta start refuting some of your claims now though. This has gone too far. First, how are you going to pay your troops? How are you going to pay your FEMA's, EPA's, Medicares, etc.? When you start paying your soldiers with money that can't buy shit, are they gonna do any work for you? Are EPA employees going to go to work for free? It seems you, and many others, have not grasped this idea fully yet. Unless you believe that everyone will work for the "good of the nation". Have you ever heard this talk before Charles? The 'do what's best for your country and your country will take care of you' talk? Work 3, no 5, no 8 months out of the year so the government can protect you, and help you and feed you. Have you heard of how those "experiments" worked out?

To start addressing specific points here... How did the U.S. become a "superpower"? We helped win WWII, right? Did we have a MIC before WWII? Hmmm, no. Were we able to aid and ultimately defeat 2 world powers at the same time, despite having no MIC on the ready? YES!

Jobs created by government spending are created by taking money from successful people in the marketplace and giving it to people who can't be successful in the marketplace. Going to war, does not Create any wealth, it destroys wealth! This is not to say, stop military spending, the constitution calls for it, and it is necessary to have, just don't ever use the "it creates jobs" fallacy to support war. (Again, this is why I hate arguing with people about Dr. Paul, who have no idea what he is about! And instead talk about ridiculous claims ascribed to anarcho-capitalists). Also, please read a book on economics or at least google "the broken window fallacy".

Giving people AIDS also creates jobs, and has lots of benefits to the medical community, hospitals, and researchers but who the fuck would ever want to do that?!?!? The Costs are more important. The costs of war are: people die, Americans (if thats all you care about) die too, and the ones who don't are fucked up in the head for the REST OF THEIR LIVES, they create more enemies, they allow the government to justify such things as torture of human beings!, waive our rights as citizens (wiretapping, spying, no due process, warrantless searches, TSA agents groping little kids, etc. etc. etc.)

The UN is a fucking entity because of the U.S.'s greatness, not the other way around! Being in the UN doesn't make America shit. It doesn't make America money, or give it protection. IN fact we don't even follow the UN on half of it's bullshit laws, but they don't do shit because without us, the UN is worthless.

Do our soldiers and leaders swear oaths to the UN or the fucking Constitution?

Ending a war is not complicated. PERIOD. YOU LEAVE. Like Ron Paul says, one day they marched in and one day they can march out. Everyone seems to jump at this and say, "but what if some of them die on the way out?"- well aren't they gonna fucking die if they stay? Right? But you have to think about the "vacuum" left behind. No you don't, if you're in a downward spiral in your life, what moron would tell you to keep on keeping on? Nobody, why the fuck would you advise our men and women to stay in a foreign country fighting god only knows who, because "if they leave, there will be a vacuum". Do you know what this really means? It means there will be a vacuum of power and the U.S. is not certain then, who will be put in power. DO YOU realize that we do not give a fuck, if a person is democratically elected in another country? We hate democratically elected leaders! So by supporting wars, you are supporting dictatorships or even KINGS! YES WE SUPPORT A FUCKING KING TODAY, in 2011! How Ironic right?

Who are we as a nation? How will we pay THE PEOPLE WHO WILL CARRY OUT THESE aims of empire and social welfare? What is the purpose of the federal government? Can these social ills be served by a better apparatus than Federal Bureaucracy? Does carrying on a trillion dollars series of wars and militarism seem acceptable at the cost of not being able to pay for social issues? These are the question of our time. America is at a crossroads right now. It seems cliche, but you cannot have your cake and eat it too man. You want all these protective agencies, AND you want global empire? Well come up with a way to pay for it all. Or are you one of those people who do not realize that the government does not make ANY MONEY? Or think that the government can do all these things and all they have to do is pass a law and have Obama tell someone to do it? For the government to take ANY ACTION whatsoever, it must take that money (by threat of force) from individuals or business' in the exact amount it has to pay out for someone to do the labor. OR as we all know, it can Print the Money via the federal reserve, or borrow it from China.

Do you know anything about how the federal reserve works? Do you know how it "sets interest rates". Do you know about fractional reserve banking? Do you understand that the more money you print and put into circulation the value of each dollar goes down (I'm sure you know this but I have to reinforce my point)? Do you realize that our current state is built on printing money and borrowing from other nations? These are the core issues. That's why people go fucking insane on Ron Paul, because he talks about the very core thing that enables democrats to stay in power and republicans to stay in power.

I'm sure it'd be real badass if some dude in your neighborhood starting borrowing shit tons of money from banks and starting counterfeiting his own money and began handing out food to your friends who wanted it, and promised to pay your medical bills, and told you he'd protect you from bad business's, and started paying other dudes to go into different cities and fuck people up and take their resources, or threaten others to get them to do his bidding. But eventually the times gonna come when the banks go, "How the fuck are you going to pay me back dude?" and the people go, "Hey asshole you put so much money in the system my 60k a year check doesn't afford me shit". That's where we are at, or VERY close to being. Oh and all the while he started "asking" everyone in his jurisdiction to pay him 5% of their income, then 15%, then 25%, then 35% and yet he still couldn't afford to keep all his promises to the people or pay the people to defend the territory anymore. THAT'S WHERE WE'RE AT!

So you want national security, you want programs that will help people? Well, you and I both. The only difference is, you and others are talking about what all these should do and how they should do them or why they do them best; and Ron, myself and others are holding up big fucking red stop signs saying, "HEY IDIOTS HOW THE FUCK ARE WE GOING TO PAY PEOPLE TO DO ALL THIS SHIT?"