Poll: Chicago's WLS


This poll asks if Rudy or Ron Paul was right about foreign policy.

WLS is a Chicago AM station that syndicates Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh.

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Was Ron Paul right?

Of course Ron Paul was right. It just doesn't fit the American dogma which is that we are in danger of having Islamofascists impose their religion and culture on us. What nonsense. They hate us because we are doing that to them. "Hey, my oil is under your land, Mohammed."

Thanks Fair Tax Guy!

M. Raborn
Thanks for alerting us to the www.wlsam.com Poll. I just voted and Ron is way ahead, but we need to make sure he stays ahead. Then let's see how they spin the results. Watching how the different organizations spin their results is really interesting and informative! What an insult that they would have a catagory, "Who is Ron Paul!" One day they will figure out just who he is. Thanks again. Margie

M. Raborn