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Paul Craig Roberts: Rule of Law is Dead: Bank fraudsters, torturers, and war criminals running free…

With bank fraudsters, torturers, and war criminals running free, the US Department of Justice (sic) has nothing better to do than to harass the famous Tennessee guitar manufacturer, Gibson, arrest organic food producers in California and send 12 abusive FBI agents armed with assault rifles to bust down yet another wrong door of yet another innocent family, leaving parents, children, and grandmother traumatized.

What law did Gibson Guitar Corp break that caused federal agents to disrupt Gibson’s plants in Nashville and Memphis, seize guitars, cause layoffs, and cost the company $3 million from disrupted operations?

No US law was broken. The feds claim that Gibson broke a law that is on the books in India.

India has not complained about Gibson or asked for the aid of the US government in enforcing its laws against Gibson. Instead, the feds have taken it upon themselves to both interpret and to enforce on US citizens the laws of India. The feds claim that Gibson’s use of wood from India in its guitars is illegal, because the wood was not finished by Indian workers.



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fast foward to 20?? . . . .

riots continue today in the United States as citizens rebel against a government which over the past few decades has been switched in a stealth coop de tat. The country is still disguised to appear as a democractic republic, but underneath, the citizens of what used to be America are actually brainwashed prisoners with no more freedom than many dictatorships around the world. This along with police violence at almost epidemic proportions lead to. . . .

. . many people in the financial business segment are seeking asylum and begging for UN intervention as the rebels attempt to pin them into the east side of the island of New York . .

. . . you may recall that what sparked the upheaval was when almost 100 high ranking government, officials, appointees, including a few of the various agencies top echelon along with many wall street executives, were found . . .

. . . the government of FILL_IN_THE_BLANK today has communicated that they will not back the rebels as they continue in their attempt to re-install a new congress who will pledge a blood oath to the old Constitution from the original United States of America.

. . response from the rebel leaders was GOOD!, noone will help us and we know that because the "powers that be" wont allow it. We have the firepower we need as 10's of thousands of American citizens had actually been arming themselves in the years leading up to the current day . .

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

We live in a contrarian society.

The people who make the laws, exempt themselves from adverse consequences. Our President can get away with murder, literally, while someone wanting to grow a harmless plant will be sent to prison.

Is everyone at the top of

Is everyone at the top of these huge watchdog organizations in on this? Why no indictments? I guess the old saying about Americans--once they complain about something they think they have done their duty--is true after all.

Because we're living in the Matrix of propaganda

Everyone is programmed and misinformed. Those few that break free of the control structure and take action are immediately neutralized by agents, causing others even thinking about taking action to fear a similar fate. The bravest of those living in fear, only dare speak out.

However, the Dr. has decoded the Matrix...

reading and bumping--

*I* realize that in *my* situation I am hunkering down psychologically, watching my back.

I couldn't condone a French Revolution; the violence was grisly and not always well-aimed.

There must be another way. Each individual has to make choices for him/herself and do this best he/she can do protect his/hers. :/

I am in a situation where, as a senior, I am protecting a fragile family member (under-aged)--

trying to teach him/her how to see evil when it is coming, etc.--is one of my biggest jobs right now.

Not everyone is capable of picking up a gun and going after the 'bad guys'; some have to seek shelter, but that shelter is NOT provided by the government; it has to be personally constructed!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

who do you call when the FBI breaks the law?

a citizen Grand Jury? enforced by the county sheriff?

ytc's picture

We have to rescue good honorable conscientious soldiers

and cops and have them join the OATHKEEPERS!

(PCR points out how police and military are great threats to the public in this police-state.)
"I have seen studies that show that police actually commit more acts of violence against the public than do criminals, which raises an interesting question: Are police a greater threat to the public than are criminals? On Yahoo I just searched “police brutality” and up came 4,840,000 results."


I do not prefer any type of violence at all. But if anyone attacks your house no matter who it is and if you have committed no crime you have every right to defend you and yours.

Justice is nothing more than revenge measured by the rule of law

Those who are presently committing injustice will soon pray for it.

Bob-45, a typo error?

pay, for 'pray', I assume.

PCR is "dead on",

as usual. A must read.

Perfect article

This is near the end:

As Glenn Greenwald makes clear, Dick Cheney, who presided “over policies that left hundreds of thousands of innocent people dead from wars of aggression, constructed a worldwide torture regime, and spied on Americans without the warrants required by law” is now being feted and enriched thanks to “the protective shield of immunity bestowed upon him by the current administration.”

Meanwhile Gibson Guitar faces prosecution because of the feds’ off-the-wall interpretation of a law in India, and the owner of Rawesome has a 13-count indictment for supplying customers with a food staple that was a part of the normal diet from colonial times until recently.

Rule of Law?

it seems none (at the top) are following the written code, the constitution or the convention. Law-enforcement machinery has become the hand-maiden of the 'elite', it works according to their whims, obsessions and fears. This is the reason PC Roberts thinks the rule of law is dead, and how this is effecting affairs, and different aspects of our lives.

P.C.Roberts is keeping a watch on them and helps us stay informed thru his regular articles. Thanks.

If our peaceful revolution...

with Ron Paul is ignored or crushed, a French revolution is certain. Even a dog will bite you if pushed too far.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey

On the other hand...

...The way the French Revolution ended is instructive.

Robespierre was guillotined by his own followers.

In 1799, six years after the beheading of Louis XVI, Napoleon Bonaparte staged his Coup of 18 Brumaire, which led to his imperial dictatorship. He took control and was officially named Emperor in 1804.

Support the Constitution of the United States

natural re'action.

therefore sanity must prevail, let the revolution move forward, for a peaceful transition, instead of violent unrest. people trust Ron Paul.