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Ron Paul Info Booth

The results of recent polls have made two things abundantly clear. First, Ron Paul is absolutely a viable candidate. Second, the media will try to undermine his candidacy as much as possible. With these facts in mind, I believe the biggest challenge Dr. Paul will face in gaining the nomination will be fighting obscurity and misinformation. As powerful as the internet is, many in my community still get their political news from traditional media, which we know is ignoring and misrepresenting our candidate. To combat this malevolence, I believe the onus is on us to inform our communities about why we believe in Dr. Paul. To this end, I started the Ron Paul Info Booth in my neighborhood.

The target audience for the Info Booth was my neighbors and my goal was to inform them about Dr. Paul’s positions so that they can decide for themselves. I truly believe that if I can just get the message to them as unfiltered and unbiased as possible, the message and the messenger will speak for themselves. My Info Booth entailed a table, a chair and a sign placed on my front lawn. I handed out copies of Dr. Paul’s position on various issues to all that passed by. I manned the booth myself for about 4-5 hours, and had a few interesting political discussions. I found that many did not really know who he was and those that did know of him did not understand him well (many wrongly pinned him as an isolationist as the media often does). I don’t know if I converted anyone to a Ron Paul supporter, but I do think that the presence of the Info Booth has at the very least educated a few people on the truth about Dr. Paul.

My ultimate plan here is to engage my entire neighborhood in a political discussion on my front lawn (a real grassroots effort). I hope that a bit more advertising and maybe some lawn games may help draw more of a crowd next time. I hope that others try this idea out as well and soon there will be a Ron Paul Info Booth in every neighborhood. Any feedback on this idea would be appreciated. Thank you.

Will post pictures of the booth as soon as I figure out how... Thanks.

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Do it in the mall

Someone at the RP campaign needs to check into the costs of setting up kiosks in all the major malls close to the movie theater / food court. Talk about original and huge exposure. Hand out the liberty re-cut DVD, copies of the constitution, you could have 2 large screen tv's showing the different u tube videos, political quizes, laptops set to the Ron Paul channel, take donations right there. I ordered 1,000 copies of the liberty re-cut DVD for .80 each which is a great price, if not cost. I have handed out 30 so far and had great response from them. There are many people who believe in liberty that would man the booth for free, or you could give someone a job doing something good for their country. It would frobably pay for itself easily in donations. "what would you pay for liberty" would be a great slogan.
I suggest if you do something like this, that you make a list of the best web resources for RP info, since that's the hardest thing for people to locate all the diff places for info on him, besides just his campaign site.
God bless America
I may just start it in florida, I have a popup gazebo, a big yard next to a major rd.
Great idea btw rss!

God Bless America land of the free!
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Info Booth is an EXCELLENT Idea.

In 2008, a local merchant owed me several thousand dollars that he could not repay (in money). I had him screenprint several hundred Ron Paul Tee Shirts (Best I can remember, it was something like 850 shirts in various sizes). Our city had a street scene event around Memorial Day - I set up a table and handed out free shirts. For 3 or 4 months, I could ride down any street, go into any grocery store or gas station and see those shirts - they were everywhere!

Un-centralized spontaneous organization will win this election!

What a good idea! haha I hope the money the merchant owed you pales in comparison to the awareness you have helped bring to your community!! I was thinking of starting an info booth at my university during the day and maybe find a way to have a mass viewing of the Ron Paul Film-re cut right in the middle of the school in the evening! Thanks everyone for the great ideas! This shows how well un-centralized organization can achieve awareness greater than anything else any other centrally organized campaign can achieve! We should use the idea of division of labor to get this massive job done and spread the philosophy of liberty and the constitution!!!!! haha Who's has the blimp people??? I know I will see it up in the sky soon!!!!


I would be interested in helping out someone else in my city to do this, but I don't know what other Ron Paul supporters are already interested. I know we have lots of lists, groups, pages, sites, forums, blogs, boards, graphs, charts, etc., but...do you think we could make a zip-code list with people in each zip code interested in meeting up for this particular task? Is this something that would be good as a Meetup group? I don't know Meetup at all, so I'm just stabbing in the dark here. (-:

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Finding other supporters

Using Meetup.com is probably your best way. It is easy to do, on the website home page just type in Ron Paul as your topic of interest, and your zip code. You may get more than one result in your area. Click on the group name closest to you, and look for the "contact us" button, or something similar. Those are the people that are passionate about supporting Ron Paul. Many of them are reading this site as well, and already love the idea of an info booth.

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Terrific grassroots activism.

I've been thinking of placing a classified ad in a small local paper, for a political discussion evening or weekend afternoon at a local library which has a community room available for meetings. I'm moving, but when settled I'll try this.

Current Fox Poll

Just watched Fox News:(sorry) They showed the new poll and did not even mention Ron Paul's name. Had him at 8%. What a joke. But remember, polls are designed to show what the pollster wants you to see. They are scared to death.

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I've been persuading friends

I've been persuading friends & people I meet to vote for Dr. Paul by reminding them that Dr. Paul, when elected. will replace Hillary Clinton, Timothy Geithner, Eric Holder, Ben Bernanke & all the other useless elites that are now running our national government. Of course, this is all in addition to getting rid of Barack Obama.


I have one for you. Put up a

I have one for you. Put up a poster of the Nolan Chart and have a stack of "The World's Smallest Political Quiz". Let people take the quiz and see where they actually sit on the real political spectrum. Then stick up a colored stick on dot where they land on the chart compared to where Dr Paul sits on that chart. A real eye opener for many people.
Here is a chart you can modify and use:
and here is the quiz:

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

Purchase the "Operation Politically Homeless" kit

Purchase the kit from the Advocates for Self Government. See: http://store.theadvocates.org/product_p/oph.htm

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Yeah man, that's the ticket!

Yeah man, that's the ticket!

Turn off the TV Propaganda.
Find out what's really going on!
"Your portal to reality!"

Sheer Genius

Literally can't get any more grassroots than that! LOL

That is WONDERFUL!! Costs

That is WONDERFUL!! Costs nothing and if even gets one new supporter that one will get more. DANG! This is such a great idea I almost wish I did not live on a dirt road in the country. This is SUPER!!!!!!!!

1st Amendment

Public rights of way are fair game for exercising speech. Research your rights before you go. Respect private property.

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Thank you for sharing, and please keep us posted on your efforts.

He's the man.


Thanks for the comment sir; you’re a real hero of mine. Appreciate you letting me post here on the dailypaul.

Columbus, OH