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Fox and Google to Host GOP Debate Sept. 22. Vote for questions to be answered!

Fox News and Google are teaming up in the upcoming GOP debate on 9/22 where:

"Viewers will be able to vote on the questions they want the candidates to answer, and Fox News will use the votes to help choose which questions are posed to the candidates. In addition, Fox News and Google will present public data and Google search trends on air to help provide context to the questions and inform the debate throughout the evening."

The questions are on Youtube here! It is in our best interest to pose and vote up the most relevant questions. The highest current rating is 27 and that ain't diddly squat for the formidable Daily Paul crew!


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My Important Question!


If U.S. Intervention Is Needed To Encourage Stability, Then Why Is The Middle East So Unstable After Years Of Intervention?


These are rigged and censored

All my innocuous (sheeple) questions got posted, but any questions about our foreign policy, wars for Israel, dual nationals in government, treasonous behavior of the congress of putting the interests of a foreign nation before the interests of Americans, AIPAC, independent investigation of 9/11, the press abdicating its role as guardian of democracy to become sycophantic stenographers for the government, etc., all got deleted.

Okay, I am not surprised.

"Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won,whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory." --- Sun Tzu, The Art of War.


I've been trying to ask, in various forms, the following:

Will your administration protect Dick Cheney from prosecution for war crimes?

Of course, it is not posted.

Famous Quote from Justice William O. Douglas

"The Constitution is not neutral.
It was designed to take the government
off the backs of people."


What is the difference between a Republic and Democracy?

Which one is these United States?

p.s. If one train leaves at 45mph. and four hours later a second train leaves and travels at 105mph. how far from the station will they meet? lol



1. What role do government-mandated enhanced pat-downs and Advanced Imaging Technology have in a free society, and what would you do as President to ensure the TSA fulfills that role? http://yt-debates.appspot.com/question/5404766

2. Governor Perry said more printing of money by the Federal Reserve in the near future would be "treasonous". Was he wrong to say this and why? http://yt-debates.appspot.com/question/5380813

3. What, if anything, would you have done differently about the removal of Gadhafi, which left Libya at the hands of rebels who went on to commit atrocities indiscriminately against blacks in Tripoli? http://yt-debates.appspot.com/question/5403273

4. Would you be more likely to shape your presidency in the mold of Lincoln or Jefferson, and why? http://yt-debates.appspot.com/question/5400821

5. Should it be lawful for a woman to abort a fetus in the rare case of imminent mortal danger to the mother? Why or why not? http://yt-debates.appspot.com/question/5407774

6. Are there any diseases, disorders or conditions so grave as to warrant mandatory vaccinations? Which ones and why? http://yt-debates.appspot.com/question/5402519

7. What action would you take as President to ensure an economic crisis such as the Great Recession never happens again? http://yt-debates.appspot.com/question/5422578

8. Were you disappointed by Radiohead's latest offering The King of Limbs or did you find the backlash predictable and reactionary? http://yt-debates.appspot.com/question/5425679

Raleigh, NC

That's me! But the

That's me! But the question's getting no love. Vote it up!

I now have more negative

I now have more negative votes than positive ones.

There's definitely something wrong with the voting.

I know multiple people have voted for your question, and when they do the vote appears to go up, but it does not record it.

Yeah, I feel like I've had

Yeah, I feel like I've had more friends on Facebook vote for it than this. I'm not sure what the deal is. Disappointing.

No surprise there

Why would they not rig the polls?

Unjust Raids on Businesses by the Federal Government

sorry. My mouse isn't working right and when I clicked on save it clicked twice and saved the post twice.

Anyway I really hope someone can post my question below. These terroizing raids by our own federal government over picky minute matters with punishment that is FAR from commensurate from whatever the oversight might have been paralyzes businesses. No wonder nobody wants to have a business here.

Of course we know the reason the FDA goes after the Natural Food industry with such a vengence. They represent competition to BIG AGRA and BIG PHARMA and they don't like it but tough beans! In FREE country, we should have a choice.

Unjust Raids on Businesses by the Federal Government

I don't have an account to ask this but as of last night there were no questions like this there.

Would someone please ask the question,"In recent years there have been many raids on small businesses --especially raids by the FDA on small farmers and health food businesses who have done nothing wrong or nothing that USED to be considered wrong back when we had a FREE country.

The last thing the FDA should be wasting its time and taxpayer dollars on is terrorizing or ganic farmers, dairy farmers selling raw milk and suppliers or manufactuers of safe natural foods and supplements that kill NOBODY when used as directed--- especially when 225,000 Americans die each year from prescription drugs when taking them as prescribed under a doctors care!

Most recently Gibson Guitar after having been stalked for two years by the government has been raided twice and Rosewood they import from India needed for fingerboards was confiscated. They are now out $3 Million in materials and legal fees to deal with this TOTALLY UNNECESSARY OVER THE TOP ACTION BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. They've been told by the Department of Justice that if they simply have Indian workers do the finish work on the wood, they will be in compliance.

Why on earth would a company that currently employs 1200 workers in this country to do the work here benefit this country by outsourcing the work to another country? They'd have to fire workers if they did that. Isn't the idea to keep Americans working here?

What would you do to STOP THESE RAIDS and FACILITATE the operations of small businesses and NOT MAKE IT MORE DIFFICULT FOR BUSINESSES with all these senseless regulations and punishment that is way way out of proportion to the crime committed?

Also, the CEO of Gibson Guitar says that his Congressman can't intervene when a "Federal Investigation is Going on". Shouldn't one's Representative be allowed to help if an unjust investigation like this is going on?

You can cut and paste the question if you want. It is a little long but I thought there should be some background in case the candidates don't know this has been going on.

Thanks so much.

BUMPing---Got my question back on Youtube

To all those on the Daily Paul who liked my question to Rick Perry--It disappeared from Youtube sometime after I posted it. But it's back up there now in case you want to vote for it. I for one hope to see Rick Perry get pantsed on national television.

Here was my question:

Governor Perry: you used to be a Democrat, you campaigned alongside Al Gore in 1988, you supported Hillary Clinton's healthcare program in 1993--far more socialist by all accounts than Obamacare, you signed a bill into law which allows illegal immigrants to attend universities in Texas at in-state tuition rates, and most recently, you supported the TARP bailouts in 2008, outcry from which was instrumental in the formation of the Tea Party. And yet, today, you claim to be something of a Tea Party leader. Question: with your record on these issues, how can the American people believe you're for real and not a Democrat posing as a Republican posing as a Tea Partier?

This mouse has had it....

in the trash it goes. Sorry to be off topic for a moment

Yes. Good question

I voted for it yesterday. Would you post mine also?

Debbie's picture

Awesome question!!

Glad it's back, I hope to see him get pantsed on national television too! This will help!


Bump for my video

My video question could really use some help. It's at 9-8 right now. The question is "Governor Perry, why did you support Rudy Giuilani over Ron Paul in 2008 and Al Gore over George HW Bush in 1988 despite statements you've made that you prefer to endorse candidates out of Texas?" The video is states that with more detail. Please vote it up.

Thanks for the link. And

Thanks for the link.
And yeah, something does seem up with the voting. Maybe they just don't count right away? I don't get it.

The votes don't seem to count at all!

I vote for your video and it shows it as counting, but if I go right back to your video I can see my vote is not recorded.

So it's only the illusion of voting and it's as if the vote numbers are predetermined. Maybe they just add in a few votes every now and then, but mine don't stick.

edit. N/M found it.

edit. N/M found it.

Got a couple votes, but it's

Got a couple votes, but it's still at 11-10. It's weird, I feel like I've had more friends vote for it than that.
We need more people from DP involved in this questioning thing. Come on, guys. It's a poll...isn't that what we do?

The voting seems rigged!

When I hover my mouse over the vote I am shown 11 votes. When I vote it changes to 12.

But If I leave the website and come back, or reload your question, the votes go back to 11!

I cannot vote for your video, but it never counts!

I would love to hear the answers to this question...

What economic theory do you hold that gives you insight into the economy, specifically what causes recessions to happen, and how to get out of one?

"We don't need a Department of Energy; we need a Department of Freedom" - RP
"We need to defend liberty.. and liberty!" - RP

My question:

Who are your major campaign contributors and how do they influence your voting decisions?


I'm most facinated by the thumbs down on questions.

OK, I get thumbing down loaded questions or questions mentioning Dr. Paul. But questions like the Rick Perry question why didn't you ban TSA molestation? Or questions about forced inoculations? Or what issues are currently being decided at the federal level that should be left to the states to decide instead? Somewhere, someone, a few people actually, are sitting in front of there computers thinking, "Nah, I don't want to know the answer to that question."

Phrase the questions in a way

Phrase the questions in a way that may allow Ron an "in" and also force the other candidates to rationalize their position.

Or a few people want to HIDE the answer

For deception.