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My God, He's like a hockey goalie!

The questions come firing in from every angle, yet he keeps snuffing them out from his consistent,"tried-and-true" viewpoint. Twenty three years later, he's asked the same questions and he gives the same answers. When will America understand he is the best man for the job and he's not in it for his own good?

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Can we front-page this?

I'm pretty jaded about Ron Paul videos, even ones from decades ago showing his consistency, but this one was AMAZING to me.

He's exactly the same guy. He really has been saying the same things for decades.

There's only one issue I spotted that he's changed his position on, and that was the death penalty. Back then he supported it, but later he realized, I think, that the government often puts innocent people to death, and that's something we can't allow. And that's the issue he points to when people ask him if he's ever changed his mind. And even if this video you can see he was already doubting, uncomfortable with his own position, because of the grimace that flashes across his lower lip & chin after he makes that statement.

What an amazingly consistent, principled, and wise man. I fear the US Government is not deserving enough to be led by him.


Can we send this...

... to Cavuto? He seems impressed with what Dr.Paul said in 2003. Does he know what Dr.Paul told us in 1998? Close your eyes, listen to him and you'd think this 2008 video was made in 2011. Remarkable, outrageously remarkable.

Plano TX


It's even better than that, sleuth51. This is a video from 1988. EIGHTY eight.

What is his position on the death penalty?

With his Christian moral compass - I can't imagine he'd devalue life by not being for the death penalty.

He used to be for the death

He used to be for the death penalty but now he's against it. You can hear him talk about why etc. in his recent interview with the Concord Monitor(the video should start right when the question is asked @1hr15m37s): http://youtu.be/o0mGDcybDL4?t=1h15m37s

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Being for the death penalty

Being for the death penalty -is- devaluing life... because it assumes that our justice system is incapable of making mistakes. In several cases, we've had people convicted of murder and then later proven innocent with advances in science.

Besides... I personally don't find death to be much of a punishment. I'd rather see the worst criminals rot in a cell and think about what they've done for a very long time.

According to scripture...

I'm not preaching here - I'm just explaining the value of life perspective that Christians have.

The value of life is a life - life being the most expensive thing you can take from somebody.

How do you value life? Is it time spent in jail? Is there a dollar amount you can peg to it?

I understand about the errors that can be made when implementing the death penalty. That's why the bar for implementing it in scripture was so high.

According to scripture:
1. There had to be two eye-witnesses.
2. The execution of the guilty was to be immediate.
3. The accusers were required to be the executioners.

If the accusers were bearing false witness, they were also given the death penalty.

Circumstantial evidence was not acceptable. There had to be two eye-witnesses.

I realize all this is way far away from our current jurisprudence - but you can see why under these implementation guidelines - there were very few mistakes and that the death penalty immediately imposed was a very strong deterrent.

An added financial benefit is

An added financial benefit is that life without parole is far less expensive than capital punishment.


He has changed one answer....

...on the death penalty.


He talks about why he changed his mind on this during that recent Concord Monitor 1 hour interview

"We don't need a Department of Energy; we need a Department of Freedom" - RP
"We need to defend liberty.. and liberty!" - RP

My hero.

My god, how does he do it??? Seriously. To say the same thing over and over for 25 years, trying to convince one person at a time about how this country is destroying itself. To have people ignore and laugh at you, all the while watching the attacks of 9/11, the collapse of the housing bubble, the wars, the debt, the destruction of our currency, knowing that they could have been prevented and the answers are so simple. I would have given up. I would be shouting at the top of my lungs, "See, i told you so!" Yet, he keeps plugging away, ever so patient and humble. Dr. Paul, you inspire me to be a better man. Just as Dr. Paul tells his grandchildren about Hayek and Mises, someday I will tell my grandchildren about Ron Paul.

This is impressive stuff.

No difference from today.

Great !


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good one.

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I'm So Proud

I'm proud to be a Libertarian.

The only view he's changed is on the death penalty, and that one was in the right direction.

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