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Irene Clean-Up Jobs

I was wondering if anyone is going to head to the coast and work cleaning up after Irene?
I know they are hiring people in Jacksonville NC, and some place in Houston Tx, and sending them out to the NC/Va coast.
My husband wants to go..(which is fine with me, God knows I need the break) but the problem is..Our car is an oldie but a goodie..it wont make it. And we only have the one...So hes stuck here..(DAMNIT)
I been talking to people...they saying if you have no skills..you can still make 500.00wk...if you got skills the pay is between 750.00/1200.00wk.
Hope this helps someone.

and if anyone knows of any unskilled employment..please let me know and I'll pass it on to my husband. He just needs to stay within 200 miles incase something happens to me..or God forbid our daughter & grandson...Our daughter is due to have her next child (a boy) in Dec. and shes been having a bit of a hard time..a quick prayer would be wonderful..if you got time...but to give you a good idea of the 200 mile range...we are about 53/55 miles from the Asheville-Charlotte-Greenville/Spartenburg SC airports...Thanks..God bless you all