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New Documentary Frontline: Top Secret America (video)

Frontline: Top Secret America airs September 6th at 10pm. It's also available online now: http://video.kpbs.org/video/2117159594

Via PBS:
"Over one hour, Top Secret America examines the history of the dark side of America’s war on terror. From the creation of black site prisons abroad and super-secret facilities here in America, to targeted killings and covert wars waged by special forces, to a multibillion-dollar terrorism industrial complex, FRONTLINE and Dana Priest ask how a decade of fighting terrorism has reshaped the country and whether it has made us any safer."

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It's online already:

It's online already: http://video.kpbs.org/video/2117159594

I'm RealHarrySeaward on YouTube and @JayToTheDee on Twitter.


I've got to watch that!

Jim Rogers

Yeah I can't wait. Don't

Yeah I can't wait. Don't forget it's on tonight.

I'm RealHarrySeaward on YouTube and @JayToTheDee on Twitter.