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Calling All Ron Paul Supporters! We Need Your Help! Labor Day Columbia, SC



PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Phone calls, etc.

South Carolina is first in the South for the Republican primary. So it is CRITICAL that we have HUGE numbers at these events!

If you live in SC, GA, NC, TN, FL or know someone who does, PLEASE ask them to make the trip to Columbia, SC this Monday, Sept 5th (Labor Day) to support Dr. Paul!

All of the details to these & other events are posted on the grassroots statewide meetup. If you want to stay informed of Ron Paul related activities throughout the state of South Carolina, please join our meetup asap. http://www.meetup.com/SCforRonPaul2012

We have a full day of events scheduled for Monday, Sept 5th (Labor Day):

7:30am We will be entering a Ron Paul float in the Chapin parade. We need volunteers to hand out literature.
We'll be meeting at General Information Services (GIS) 917 Chapin Rd Chapin, SC
Details: http://www.meetup.com/SCforRonPaul2012/events/26433511/

Sign wave for the Palmetto Freedom Forum at the Hilton 924 Senate St Columbia, SC
Details: http://www.meetup.com/SCforRonPaul2012/events/26496791/

Palmetto Freedom Forum watching party
Tickets are sold out for the forum event. But those who don't have tickets can go to the Liberty Taproom at 828 Gervais St Columbia & watch it there.

5:30 - 7pm
Ron Paul rally at the Courtyard Marriott at 630 Assembly St in Columbia
This will be something you don't want to miss! Ron Paul will be speaking at this event!

All three Columbia events are in close proximity. Be sure to allow plenty of time for parking.

These events will be held rain or shine. So please bring umbrellas, ponchos, etc. Ron Paul's rally at 5:30pm is indoors.

If you know anyone who lives in South Carolina or neighboring states, please tell them about our statewide meetup so they can be kept informed of grassroots events in addition to campaign-sponsored events. Please note: The campaign DOES NOT necessarily send out local, grassroots event info. So even if you're already signed up through the campaign, please take a minute to sign up here now! http://www.meetup.com/SCforRonPaul2012

If you haven't signed up on http://www.RonPaul2012.com yet, you also need to do that asap so you'll receive important campaign updates.

Please spread the word as fast as you can! I hope to see you there!

Thanks for all you are doing to help spread Dr. Ron Paul's message of liberty!

RON PAUL 2012!!!

For Liberty,
Nicole Quinn
Cell 864-556-9540

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Just curious

What's the turnout like? Wish I could be there, I hope someone can post a video.

at the rally in the hotel...

Pretty decent turnout. I don't want to guess at numbers cause I suck at that. Anyways, he only had time to talk for like 25 minutes before having to catch a plane.

I need video of the question/answer thing for Jim DeMint.

im here now and its too cool

im here now and its too cool to see the myriads of different people. Especially seeing multiple kids with their families. Gives you hope for this country!

Any 4:20'ers here??

Just got in from Cleveland. Not sure whats going on AFTER the event but we're game, figured we will drive back tomorrow!

piling into car now.

Looking forward to seeing you all! SUPER excited!!


Is there a fee to get into the rally?? If so, how much??


Tolerance is the virtue of the man who no longer has anything to believe in....


Most likely no fee. The Ron Paul campaign was calling and emailing supporters in the area to try to get as many people to attend the rally.


from Asheville, NC. Plan on attending the 5:30 rally. Anyone have parking suggestions? Is there a program for the rally? Speakers?

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leaving in a half an hour

for Columbia

Turn Copper into gold http://UgetGold.com and see what it is all about!
You will need it if we dont get a President!

I'm starting to get

psyched!! Woooot!

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Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
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See y'all there!

See y'all there!

..sure am glad to see some

..sure am glad to see some people going! :)

I'm going to the Rally at

I'm going to the Rally at 5:30. I'm trying to get some family to go with me too.

I just placed announcements linking to your post on all of ....

...the state's forums on City-data.com you suggested. I hope a bunch of people can make the drive. While I was posting, one person thanked me for letting them know about it who saw it on the SC forum. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I hope it is a huge success. I wish I could be there.

Michael Nystrom's picture

Jim DeMint Hoedown

I assume there will be a live stream somewhere.

Anyone got a link?

Thank you.

He's the man.


Michael Nystrom's picture

Ok - thank you muchly

Ok - thank you muchly

He's the man.
Debbie's picture

Thank you!

Thanks for the links!


Question on posting content

I created content in RonPaul2012 Forum...how do i get it to show up on the right margin of the main page? I think it important, as it is a poll for townhall.com on facebook, imho.




Turn Copper into gold http://UgetGold.com and see what it is all about!
You will need it if we dont get a President!


and after you go join your local meetup group!

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

I joined a few minutes ago

I'm looking forward to hearing about any Ron Paul related events in SC. I wish North Carolina was an early state. Does anyone know about Ron Paul's rumored appearance Oct. 7 in eastern NC with Congressman Jones?

October 7


Behind Parker's Barbecue
3109 S. Memorial Drive
Greenville, NC 27834

5:00 - 7:00 PM ET

$25 for adults
$10 for students


I'll be there. At a BBQ joint!


bump 4 weekend dp readers

Welcome here, and hope you

Welcome here, and hope you can get to SC..would probably be a great introduction for you..:)

NC hillbillies for ron paul

I'll be riding down monday morning with three other Ron Paul supporters from the NC mountains. We're hoping to possibly find some shirts and other campaign gear for sale.



I'm coming!

I will be making the six hour trip from south atlanta first thing Monday morning! I can't wait to get a chance to meet Ron Paul.