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Video Update: Ron Paul at SC Palmetto Freedom Forum

Ron Paul's segment:

Thanks to YouTuber Liberty Source and Daily Pauler VoteRonPaul2012


Thanks to nmlifestyles, tsai3904 & emalvini for the info.


CNN – Live at 3 PM EST
SCETV World Channel – Live at 3 PM EST
SCETV South Carolina Channel – Rebroadcast at 8 PM EST


Townhall – www.townhall.com Live at 3 PM EST
CNN – www.cnn.com/live Live at 3 PM EST

Info on the event at Facebook, and press release below:

U.S. Senator Jim DeMint Announces 2012 Presidential Forum to be Held in Columbia, South Carolina on Labor Day, 2011

Palmetto Freedom Forum to Feature Top GOP Candidates

Columbia, SC – Today U.S. Senator Jim DeMint announced a Presidential Forum – The Palmetto Freedom Forum – to feature the top Republican candidates for President. The Forum is being sponsored by the American Principles Project and will take place on the afternoon of Labor Day (Monday, September 5, 2011) in Columbia, South Carolina, at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. South Carolina ETV will broadcast this innovative event live on the South Carolina channel. Informational letters will be sent to current and prospective candidates this week and formal invitations will be extended in August, based on objective polling criteria (see below).

The Palmetto Freedom Forum will follow a unique format, designed to allow invited candidates to engage in a thoughtful, substantive discussion of their stances on the critical issues facing our country. Candidates will be featured on stage one-at-a-time and will engage in a question and answer session with three panelists: U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), U.S. Representative Steve King (R-IA), and Dr. Robert P. George, founder of the American Principles Project and a professor at Princeton University. The event will be moderated by David Stanton, a veteran of South Carolina presidential events and former local news anchor.

“I am pleased to be part of this exciting event that will help Republican primary voters make their choice for president,” said Senator DeMint. “America faces enormous challenges in the years ahead, and primary voters must thoughtfully select a candidate with the courage and conviction to fight to save it.”

“This event will present a vital opportunity for the 2012 presidential candidates to discuss their positions on a number of key issues and to outline their vision for the future of our nation,” said DeMint. “Instead of looking for ‘gotcha’ questions and sound bite answers, this event will offer candidates the opportunity to deliver their message directly to undecided primary voters in South Carolina and beyond.”

Representative Steve King (R-IA), who will join Senator DeMint on the panel, said, "Thirty second responses do not allow the candidates to properly spell out their understanding of our founding and their vision for our way forward. I appreciate Senator DeMint creating a venue that will let the candidates separate themselves on the issues."

A Palmetto Freedom Forum Advisory Committee has been formed to facilitate the event and is comprised of key South Carolina leaders including former SCGOP Chairman Barry Wynn, Columbia businessman Peter Brown, leading SC Republican Election Law Attorney Kevin Hall, former Public Policy Director for the South Carolina Baptist Convention Joe Mack, and former DeMint State Director Luke Byars. It will be sponsored by the American Principles Project (www.americanprinciplespro...).

Founder of the American Principles Project, Robert George, concluded, “The South Carolina presidential forum rests on a conviction---the belief that the way forward for our country is a renewed fidelity to the foundational principles of our civilization and the constitutional principles of our democratic republic. The forum will give those aspiring to the presidency an opportunity to demonstrate the depth of their understanding of our nation's core principles, and the strength of their commitment to governing in accordance with them.”


Participation Criteria: The Palmetto Freedom Forum Advisory Committee will invite those individuals to participate who have achieved a 5% threshold in the realclearpolitics.com 2012 Republican Presidential Nomination RCP Average as is posted on that site on August 22, 2011 at 1PM Eastern Daylight Time. Those individuals who meet that criteria will receive a formal invitation.

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Bruce Fein

Does anyone know if Dr Paul has commented on this?


"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose


Did this actually play on CNN television?


You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

I love this format!!!

This is what debates should be like all the time. The panel are (like em or hate em) educated politicians who know exactly what is going on and important to discuss, not just what hot in the news, and the candidates are given their own time to answer all questions as they see fit. Fantastic.

This is good practice for the upcoming debate


You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

Rp at SC

You can't see it on the Youtube clip but as RP came out on stage, he shook Newt's hand and said " Good job Newt". As he was leaving the stage he said "Go get em' Mitt". I know this is just common courtesy but it reminds me that these comments made make me proud to be one of Ron's supporters. For most people they do not look into a candidates record as we do with Ron. I can tell you I have watched or read just about every article and video on Ron that I could find over the past few years and this guy is the real deal. I don't need to tell RP supporters that though, they already know! He has never changed from who is to appeal to a crowd or a country. Something a lot of us could use for advice in our own lives. It seems crazy to me that people don't see or read what is happening to this country. Once you know that, you know Ron Paul is the only choice. All other roads lead to bigger government and not really fixing any of the problems. Ron Paul might not be able to turn the country completely around in 4 years but all he needs to do is ignite the people. I just hope that these fake candidates like Rick Perry get exposed. Yosemite Sam. George Bush 2.0. Whatever people call him :)

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms.
Ron Paul

Ron Paul...

is the only choice and he has more humility in his pinky finger than the rest of the jokers combined.

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

anyone notice

...that the sound man was very busy? muffling cheers.....claps....lots of white-space between the moderators' closing remarks at applause time.

This is exactly why we do

This is exactly why we do this...

When Ron Paul is put in his element he can not be beat.
Buying infomercial time is the way to go. Doing this, we do an end run around the controlled media. Doing this Ron gets his message out.

One of the smartest

One of the smartest humanbeings walking the face of the earth. Ron Paul.

17:00 Mark: The dreaded 14th Amendment

The destruction of State citizenship and the rise of Federal citizenship. http://www.americasremedy.com/

Federal citizenship?

ie. National ID?

oh, was Ron Paul there?

'cause from flipping through CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, or Fox I didn't see a thing.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Ron Paul is my President!

I just have to add my comments to the bunch. I watched all of the people who came before him. It was tedious. Michele has a smooth delivery but she only delivers emotional buttons.
Cain comes off as a nice guy, pleasant and approachable. Newt was the first one to really get audience reactions. His demeanor is very relaxed which is good.

There is absolutely no comparison to Ron Paul. I loved his suit. I loved the way he walked around the stage and expressed himself. I love the way he listens to the questions and thinks and responds. He had the most to say, the best ideas, I was glued to the screen while he was speaking. No one can debate constitution with him and think to get a "leg up" on him. They just had to move to the next question. He stuck to his guns about the economic problems and this is exactly what we need.

I can not imagine what other people think, I know why he is my President and that is why I am promoting him among my family and friends.


Just posted a New American

Just posted a New American article that I really think hit the nail on Ron Paul's performance. Ron Paul was great. Article picks up on a few things I missed.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

That made my head swim.

There was a ton of new stuff in there. Dr. Paul really proved his knowledge of the Constitution and some of the finer details of various Amendments.

I only wish that everytme someone asks him about domestic welfare that he would pound on the ending all foreign aid issue.

I'm against all federal welfare, but how can you even talk about cutting domesitc "entitlements" without first being very clear that ALL foreign aid ends first.

Then the troops come home.

Then we get out of the thieving organizations like the IMF, World Bank, WTO, NAFTA, CAFTA and the U.N.

Then you end corporatism.

Then you start cutting federal domestic welfare programs and federal unemployment.

Then you cut massive federal agencies.

And finally you overhaul the big entitlements like Social Security and Medicare because those programs are "supposedly" funded in full specifically with payroll deductions and should in theory not cause further budget deficits.

But considering the waste in Medicare, and the Ponzi scheme of Socialist Security, the payroll deductions don't cover the costs anymore - which is why these shyster programs must be phased out over time.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I am

Hispanic and don't have the best skills with the english language, but let me tell you something. This was a great speech, that made a lot of sense to me.

IF you speak SLOWLY people

IF you speak SLOWLY people believe you more.


I don't care how Ron speaks, but the idiots who vote do!


He came across genuine and intelligent. His ideas are finally being explained to a larger audience. People are hearing him and understanding him saying to themselves, "hey, he doesn't sound crazy." People can hear for themselves how reasonable his ideas are. They are not extreme. Tyranny is extreme. Ron Paul!!!

Ron...remember that you are the next President.

Ron, remember that you are the next President of the United States of America. The other candidates couldn't carry your fountain pen. When I see you calm, cool and collect, there is no doubt in my mind. If you need to take a breath and slow down, take a breath and slow down. Stop rushing your words. Stop moving all over the place. The camera man is going to trip and hurt himself. Remember Ron, you are the prize bull sitting on the hill. You don't run down and get one of those cows. You walk down and get them all. We got your back Ron-you are not alone. America hears you. America respects you. And America loves you.

How much changes, and how much stays the same

I am starting to think that ramming sentences together and mixing words, much like the way he dresses, is just his way. He's been like this since we've known him in the 80's.

On the one hand, it makes him seem crazy. On the other hand, it makes people listen with all of their attention.

On the one hand, he's been this way for quite a long time. On the other hand, he's as dynamic as a teenager, taking input from everyone and improving himself rapidly. He's really incredibly intelligent.

On the one hand, he does have a good idea how to reconfigure the same message for different groups of people. On the other hand, sometimes it seems like he gets the presentation exactly backwards.

The truth is the message. It's a simple message. We're simple people. I second the motion: Slow down. (-: But what do I know?

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.

“I am an imperfect

“I am an imperfect messenger,but the message is perfect.” -RP


I was at the SC rally and just watched the forum video. He did great. His opening statement was great. No, Ron is not slick and polished and that is just the way we like him; honest and real. This genuineness is what is reverberating across America. He is a 76 year old kicking a__ and taking names. He is the Yoda of our times and who doesn't like Yoda?! Not sure on the exact number, but the room at the Marriott had a lot of people.

Ron Paul is '76? Well, I

Ron Paul is '76? Well, I think that is great. The spirit of 76!

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

The media is sooooo rigged!!!!

What really irks me more than ANTYHING else in the current Republican presidential campaign, is the spotlight on Rick Perry....when Rick Perry isn' even THERE!!!!! How the hell do you win a competition if you did not compete? This is similar to a stock car race. Five cars are scheduled to race. Four cars enter the track while the 5th racer backs out and does not appear in the race. But, at the end of the race, that WINNING Checkered flag is handed to the the driver who was not even there to compete. So....Rick Perry keeps on being a no-show....and yet keeps on winning? That's like having a boxing match. One boxer shows up in the ring, while the contending boxer never shows up....never even enters the building....yet he is decared to be the winner by a full knockout!!!! The media must think that we are STUPID STUPID STUPID people who will believe ANTYHING at ANY TIME!!!! Makes me sick and angry!!! Rick Perry....no show, no effort, no speech, but declared to be the total winner and hero!!! WHAT??????????????????

Robby Lane

Perry is now taking the

Perry is now taking the Romney strategy. Btw, it will be interesting to see how Romney acts at the debates and in the campaign in general now that he's not the frontrunner in the polls and needs to catch up to Perry. He can't continue his strategy of smiling and avoiding confrontation.

Perry is apparently a poor debater

He didn't debate much when running for guv. When running for preident, one MUST debate though. He might duck Wednesday's debate too. He wants to avoid that as much as possible, but people will be wondering why. What I see happenging is this: when he finally does debate, his numbers are going to go down....

What happened at the Grass roots rally???

What happened at the Grass roots rally after this???

30 Minute Post-Forum discussion

Did the panel have a discussion after the forum? I've seen it referenced, but have seen no videos?


That is my first thought. Ron Paul is REAL! For all the plastic that is around us it is hard to recognize reality. Ron Paul reminds me of 100% fine silk, cotton, linen, honey, strawberries picked ripe, a slap across the backside by a loving parent, a butterfly and a bee,... gold. He is real.