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Ron Paul Texas Straight Talk: Show True Compassion by Abolishing FEMA (9/5/11)

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It's so amazing to me that

It's so amazing to me that the very policies that these bureaucrats implement have the opposite effect that they are intended for. If FEMA is in any such way similar to the DMV we don't need it.

I was on one of thos tug boats

I was on one of those tug boats on 9/11

That was one of the most amazing experiences of my life

Amazing in the sense of the terribleness followed by the incredible response of the people
It is my opinion that if the government was not involved those towers would have been rebuilt 9 years ago.

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Yes. His use of many specifics is the

best strategy. Many people don't relate to abstractions, but they all relate to the experience of difficulties and distress and frustration of working through big, impersonal bureaucracies. From their own lives they already KNOW the inefficiency of the Post Office, DMV, etc. These true-life anecdotes are building blocks toward changing minds.

The mainstream media does this all the time -- tugging heartstrings and using empathy for victims. We have plenty of victims of war and the police state and all of the bureaucracies to anchor our logic and proofs.

May As Well, They're Going To Say He Is Anyway..and

Eventually, FEMA is going the way of the Dino-Sourus.

Love it.

A 'electorally sensitive'subject like this would be avoided like the plague by any other candidate. Yet Ron Paul lays it out loud and clear and is -off course- 100% right. Again.

No time for bureacracy when lives are at stake.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito!

exactly right

FireFighters,EMTs and others volunteered to do public service by the thousands in the first half of the 20th century to help otheres for nothing, not even a thank you, then came the unions and the low life SOBs who would sue a person for trying to help, example, he pulled her arm or something while carring her or him from a burning building.

We'll have to go all the way to the bottom and start up again and hopefully the low lifes will not survive.

Since the media had reported he called for abolishing FEMA

I guess he decided to make it official :-)

New Hampshire and Ecuador.