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Rasmussen Iowa Caucus 9/5/11: Ron Paul at 14%

Perry: 29%
Bachmann: 18%
Romney: 17%
Paul: 14%


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Poll : Ron Paul is only 4% behind Romney and Bachmann in Iowa

Ron Paul is only 4% behind Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann in the latest Poll in Iowa.

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Right or wrong...

The numbers are what they are. Let's not waste our time debating if they are correct or flawed. Let's redouble our efforts to win the caucus and beyond.

Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes of the goal. There will be time enough for counting when the dealing (the caucus) is done.

"Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won,whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory." --- Sun Tzu, The Art of War.


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We have watched FOX (fair & balanced) exclude their own polls when Paul gets good numbers. Bought & paid for biased media.
News papers are the same for the most part.
The people in power DO NOT want the changes that RP would bring. Especially those who may be exposed as criminals. So..I think they will try ANY dirty trick in their book.
What I see is, they chant Perry - Frontrunner frontrunner frontrunner, so that the sheeple are schooled to expect their BS outcome, not excluding rigged ballot boxes.
We need to keep in mind WHO counts the votes.

Rasmussen Sucks

You can't even find out the polling demographics unless you sign up. It's a status quo, mainstream Republican, biased polling outfit, and they get the results they want. Way back, when Bush's numbers were in a downward spiral, Rasmussen's numbers for Bush were always higher than for any other polling outfit.
Rasmussen is biased toward the status quo. They're trying to build consensus for Perry and push Ron Paul out. There doesn't seem for be any great dedicated support for Perry here in Iowa, and good luck getting Perry supporters out on a cold winter night to attend a caucus. Ron Paul supporters will be there.

These numbers look accurate to me

And they're actually very encouraging.

Keep in mind that Perry and Romney didn't actively participate at Ames.

Ron Paul dominates straw polls and internet polls because his supporters are dedicated, not because they are numerous.

Ron's 14% is as solid a 14% as one can get, none of those folks are staying home. So if these poll numbers hold, it's quite likey he'll end up with 20+% and 2nd place, which is huge. Significantly better than he's ever done in an actual election and possibly enough to grab some delegates.

Should be enough to knock out home-turf Bachmann and establish momentum for New Hampshire.

well... we are fucked

I looked up the question I posted below. it is clear to me now that the Republican Nomination is not chosen by the people. this makes me sick. this really pissed me off. WHY DONT THE PEOPLE CHOOSE THEIR OWN FUCKING CANDIDATES. FUCK THE UNITED STATES!

its OBVIOUS to me now that the evil republican neocons will never let Ron Paul get the nomination. only the people.

WHY ARE THE DUMBASSES IN THIS COUNTRY SHEEP? why dont we FIGHT to change this fucked up system. DOES ANYONE REALLY THINK this absolutely RETARDED system of politics really work? this delegate bullshit. the registered voters of the republican party should be the ones choosing their candidate. NOT this system where some elite members of the party choose. and this electoral college BULLSHIT is fucking retarded. this is the worst system for a ron paul win

if this system isn't changed WE ARE FUCKED.

as you can tell by my post I am young but I'm not stupid. we need to fight to change this.


ron paul 2012

can someone please tell me how the GOP Nomination works?

please read this is my first comment. I registered because of this post

I just got into politics for Ron Paul about 6 months ago but I don't really know how the GOP Nomination is decided. I would assume it would be done fairly by the people and only the people voting for their candidate and that candidate wins the nomination but I have a feeling I might be wrong. can someone please tell me how this works and about delegates and stuff.

also this must be rigged. it has to be.I hate this. and this is so sad because its our last chance and I really fear that this is a sign of things to come. fuck this rigged system man. we cant win. but we HAVE to try and NEVER give up

and if it isn't rigged we need more things like that Daily Show clip that raised rons popularity. maybe when hes on the daily show on the 26th his popularity will rise.

WE MUST ASSUME RESPONSIBILTY. put Ron Paul flyers up everywhere with info about him. main key points like his amazing voting record, his libertarian ideas, and also that he gets the most military support out of any candidate. RON PAUL. WHY!? WHY DO YOU NOT MAKE IT KNOWN THAT YOU GET THE MOST MILITARY SUPPORT. Ive only see him do it once and that was in a 2008 debate. hes said it on news interviews a few times but he NEEDS to do it in these debates. he is humble which is one of his good qualities but come on man! he needs to shout it out that he has NEVER voted to raise taxes, never voted for an unbalanced budget, never voted to raise congressional pay. he needs to make it known that he will abolish the income tax and the IRS. the people will love him! ron paul has some great qualities to his speaking, such as TELLING THE FUCKIN TRUTH and not being afraid to stand out, but his terrible run on sentences and sometimes mixing up words is fucking him over! he needs to prepare a little more for these debates and state the things I said above. we the supporters are working hard now all ron has to do is make some things more known about him and fix his run on sentences because they confuse dumbasses that don't think, and when ron paul talks you have to think about it a little bit to understand what hes saying. dont get me wrong tho Ron does ALOT of things right.

although I COMPLETELY disagree with him on Abortion (except late abortions, and he said hed leave it up to the states which is good so in a way I agree with him but not on HIS stance) and religion (religion is retarded for so many reasons but hes 75 so hes from a time when religion was more popular. he also wrote an article in 2003 about 'the war on religion' that kinda pissed me off.

BUT dont get me wrong I LOVE ron paul. this 14% shit just took me over the edge man.

sorry for the rant. this made me so mad. I really thought we had it. looks like this is a sign of things to come.

ron paul 2012

Who/What is overseeing the counting of the votes?

What specific monitoring system is in place to make sure Ron Paul's votes are being counted?

Its not who votes, its who counts the votes.

Lets not forget this and demand strict observation over the counting of the votes.

Remember, lots of TV debates ahead and most people are still not

paying attention to the GOP race..

Relax everyone

4 years ago Ron Paul was polling 5% in Iowa and pulled out 10%. It is a caucas state which favors the Ron Paul Army. If Ron Paul can make the top 3 in Iowa, that is excellent!

3rd-place is worthless

He needs to win.

They don't give out bronze metals here. It is a winner take all system.

As it is, Ron Paul will have a tough time on Super Tuesday (where the majority of the delegates are chosen), because it is setup for Establishment candidates. His only chance therefore is to win Iowa, win New Hampshire, win Nevada, and at least come in a strong 2nd-place in S.C., and create enough momentum to be recognized as a real top-tier candidate (frontrunner) ahead of Super Tuesday.

He has to win Iowa.


> As it is, Ron Paul will have a tough time on Super Tuesday (where the majority of the delegates are chosen)

...maybe in other states, but here in Idaho he stands an excellent chance as it is. He had 24% of the vote in 2008 and the grassroots are already active this time around.

This is bad news

How does Ron Paul fall from a statistical First-Place tie in the Iowa Straw Poll taken just a couple of weeks ago.....down to the depths of 4th place far behind Bachmann, and far behind the leaders?

I think the whole FEMA-Hurricane Irene thing took Ron Paul off of his message, and off of the momentum that he had been building up. All people want to do now is to badger him about FEMA. This hasn't played well.

4th place is just not good enough folks. Our Country is dying, and this is Ron Paul's last shot, and our last shot at ever changing this Country. He needs to be winning.

I hope his Campaign has a response to this. He needs to make-up a whole lot of ground in a big hurray.

Not at all. Gain one point

Not at all. Gain one point per MONTH and the proportionate number of undecideds and Ron is north of 20% in an 8-person field; outstanding. Can't compare straw polls to caucuses.

10-15 million more voters need to believe in non-interventionism (liberty) at home and abroad to change America. Minds changed on Syria. Minds changing on privacy. "Printing money" is part of the dialogue. Win minds through focus, strategy.

Five Months Away

California isn't thinking about politics much, yet. Also, the GOP is the smaller of the dominant parties.

I do know that I was able to increase Ron Paul's vote in my precinct by 25% (from 3% average in Los Angeles County to 4% in my precinct) by sending one letter to GOP voters and holding a sign at my polling place. He got about 2% in the state.

With a bigger budget, and more press, that should be a much bigger number, as CA is a very tolerant state, culturally, and sees D.C. as being very far away already... They should be open to his proposed policies.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Can I just say something please...

I realize this is a free country and all..so the better thing for me to do is to just NOT open topics that deal with polls...because I am sick and freaking tired of reading every other comment claiming that "If only they included cell phones in these polls Ron Paul would be doing much better." This is utter B.S. and we all know it. Why waste time and energy making up excuses? I guess nobody with a cell phone likes the other candidates? This excuse is absurd and it appears that we are whiny little punks grabbing at straws.

What will matter is the headway we can make before now and voting time...and the ability for 100% of Ron Paul supporters to make it to the polls. That is where we will make the difference. Half of those for the other candidates won't show up...All of ours will...and yes, that includes the invisible army of Ron Paul fans without land lines.

Excuses are like arse holes..everyone has them, and they all stink.

EDIT: Also...if it starts evening out between the candidates so that the status quo is hurt by division of votes..look for "major" candidates to fall out so that they can combine votes. They will do anything to keep Ron Paul from giving us the honest government we desire.

I agree, they will fall out and endorse either Perry or Romney..

Those endorsements will send votes to Perry / Romney. I've seen this before with Romney and Huckebee votes going to McInsane.

In other words, all these 'status quo' candidates are running to keep Ron Paul from winning? Right?

I think most of us would agree that is probably the game plan : anybody but Paul.

That strategy normally works for the establishment and that is one of the reasons they kept Gary Johnson out of the debates.

I believe you are 100% right....

It is Status Quo, which includes Democrats and Republicans, VS. Ron Paul. WHEN Ron Paul wins this thing, and has to go up against a Democrat...the real ugliness will start. The Republican status quo will refuse to back Ron Paul. That's the way the game is played when both sides of the coin are the same. They would rather have a democrat, that will carry on business as usual, than Ron Paul and the peace and freedom he would bring to this nation.

Some Perspective

Tom Woods chimes in with this great point:

"On the eve of the Iowa straw poll, a survey of “likely straw-poll-goers” found 16% for Ron Paul. But at the straw poll, Ron got nearly 28%. This is a case where intensity of support counts, and no one can beat the congressman from Texas in that area."


Blessed are the peacemakers, but elected are the war hawks.

Excellent Point by Woods!

Couldn't have said it better...Glad Woods is in the Ron Paul Campaign..

That makes me feel better

However, the straw poll does not count.
Perry will certainly see a big percentage jump from his straw poll numbers come caucus night.
The GOP there is full of Bushies and Bush would probably do very well there if he was running.
We need independents to register "R".
Our intensity at the straw poll needs to be intensified even more if we are to win.
I believe we need a win or a very close(<1%) second in Iowa, going into more favorable territory in NH.
If RP comes in fourth, no matter the spread, it will be hard to overcome.

If Ron Paul Is Surging, and I do Believe He is Surging, then...

why is he only polling at 14%..Someone please explain..

Is in because most of his support can not be polled accurately because they don't own a traditional Land line, but only a cell phone?

Name recognition is huge, I know, but in the debates he can become known, providing the american people tune in and listen to him.

ecorob's picture

because there are lies...

and damn lies!

these manipulators lie, diebold lies, everyone in these "controlled" polls lie because no one in that amerika has the courage any more to be men and women...as slaves, they punch the clock for their masters

a fine example of yellow toothed, toupee wearing slaves is jim lutz (the man with a face only a mother could love and only a prostitute would caress)

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

Let's see...somewhere at the data collection point...

*hmmm...RP and right here another RP...wonder what would happen if I switched things up a bit and use formula for RP1 name + RP2 results = total ...heh heh heh (rubs hands) this is just too easy*
Or a little judicious cut & paste goes a long way to achieving results desired by some.

No proof of course ~ but it could happen, EVEN with election results...#justsaying


Defend Liberty, for Liberty
Vote for President Ron Paul 2012

Define "Likely Voters"

Likely voters are the ones who have voted in the last X elections. New or recent voters aren't chosen for this.

It skews older. Direct mail and TV are the ways to reach the older voters, and that hasn't even been done, yet.

Folks, go home at Thanksgiving and get to work on Grandma. Play "For Liberty" -- a great family film.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Reason Perry is so high in these phone polls:


Check the "mentions graph". Perry got nearly triple the Media mentions over Ron Paul in the month of Aug.

Not to be the rain cloud but

I don't find these numbers too good.
Include cell phones and where will we be?
Second perhaps?
I don't believe Romneys numbers at all.
We need independents in closed states to register "R".

Number are not good

The numbers are not that good, considering how well he did in the Iowa Straw Poll. I think too many voters are falling for the unelectable line that MSM has been feeding everyone. When people find out what Ron Paul stands for they usually end up supporting him. Unfortunately, if voters think he is unelectable they are probably not taking the time to investigate where he stands on the issues.

Eventually Ron Paul could win, but there may not be time this election cycle, and I doubt he will want to run again in 2016. Even if he doesn't win, he will have educated more of the populace and brought the debate towards his ideas.

Wear your Ron Paul Hats and Shirts to let voters know that some of us think he can win!

I don't believe Perry's

I don't believe Perry's numbers, where were all his supporters at the straw poll. He announced, why didn't more people write his name in if they are really for him.

Its true

Its true the numbers are messed up...and really that many people still have landlines? Why? my biggest problem with a land line is I cant take it with me :)....haha.. anyone remember being younger and your Girl/Boy friend would call and you had to stretch the cord around the corner and talk quiet so your entire family didn't listen?

sorry random moment there.