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Former German chancellor calls for "United States of Europe"

Comments from former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.


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This guy should be arrested by the German police immediately for even mentioning such concepts and be deported imo.

'He added: "We will have to give up national sovereignty."'

Can anyone even imagine a former President saying anything like this? Well, perhaps Carter and Clinton lol

p.s. I have travelled in Germany on numerous occasions and have met many Germans, they would never and have not ever said anything like this.


It's part of the plan.

Social unification. Babylon.

A False Choice.

If the countries simply used Gold as Money then the ones that were irresponsible would be broke!
Let 'em fail!
Then everyone would be free to succeed or fail. In fact a single company or individual that was responsible would succeed regardless of whether the country succeeded or failed!

Substance money equals freedom. Debt based currency equals slavery and subsidizing other individuals, corporations, and governments failures. If you pay for failure you get failure!

All Schroeder is doing is tipping the bankers hand to establish a European Superslave State like they already did in The United States and China. We live in a banker slave state (in case you are new to DP!)

Go blow, I hope the Europeans tell him to get lost.

The Oracle