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"History of Gold" US National Mining Assoc. 4K BC - 2K AD

Entry examples [Mark Twain notes bracketed]:

  • 4000 B.C. Eastern European area begins to use gold to fashion decorative objects. The gold was probably mined in the Transylvanian Alps or the Mount Pangaion area in Thrace.
  • 3000 B.C. The Sumer civilization of southern Iraq uses gold to create wide range of jewelry...
  • 2500 B.C. Gold jewelry is buried in the Tomb of Djer, king of the First Egyptian Dynasty, at Abydos, Egypt
  • 1200 B.C. Egyptians master art of gold leaf... alloying it with other metals for hardness and color variations. ... casting gold using...wax technique.. still at the heart of jewelry making.

    Unshorn sheepskin used to recover gold dust from river sands ...of the Black Sea. After slucing the sands through the sheepskins, they are dried and shaken out to dislodge the gold particles. ... inspiration for the “Golden Fleece”.

  • 1091 B.C. Little squares of gold are legalized in China as a form of money. 560 B.C. The first coins made purely from gold are minted in Lydia, a kingdom of Asia Minor.
  • 344 B.C. Alexander the Great crosses the Hellespont with 40,000 men, beginning one of the most extraordinary campaigns in military history and seizing vast quantities of gold from the Persian Empire.
  • [Fast forward to gilt trickery.]
  • 1873 [Gilded Age: Social satire by Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner. The Gilded Age encompasses the years from the 1870s to 1900.]
  • [Fast forward to modern gilt trickery... No gilt nor guilt.]
  • 1971 A.D. [Ending US Gold Standard] On August 15, U.S. terminates all gold sales or purchases, thereby ending conversion of foreign officially held dollars into gold; in December, under the Smithsonian Agreement signed in Washington, U.S. devalues the dollar by raising the official dollar price of gold to $38 per fine troy ounce.
  • 1978 A.D. [All pretense of the IMF gilded aged is abolished & eviscerated.] IMF...abolished official IMF gold price, convertibility & obligations; gold is eliminated... in IMF transactions with members; ... & IMF is empowered to dispose of its large gold holdings. [IMF Gold Collection Agency, morphs into the IMF Gold Disposal & Refuse Sanitation Department.]
  • 1978 A.D. [All semblance of Gold tied to legal tender eviscerated. Official US Gold Price abolished!] By Act of Congress, the U.S. abolishes the official price of gold. Member governments are free to buy and sell gold in private markets. [Legal tender floats freely around the world, without tether. Blowing in the wind.]
  • 1999 A.D. [European mythologists pretend to have some relationship & redeeming value like gold, US Gold Standard, & UK Gold Lease Standard. Seances preformed. Alas, crystal ball... plastic & Euro... fiat.] The Euro, a pan-European currency, is introduced, backed by a new European Central Bank holding 15% of its reserves in gold. [European mythology.]

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