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Al Jazeera: US Security Measures Eroding Civil Liberties

Just saw this piece posted by Al Jazeera's Youtube channel.


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The govt asked this guy to become a spy/informant??!! This is stunning! This is extortion! This must become front-page news! I will write Alex Jones tonight to cover this and get this guy in the radio! Wow! Their criminality knows no bounds!
I commend the guy for recognizing wrong and standing for what is right and standing up to these scumbag pieces of trash Nazis

He just joined the forums.

He just joined the forums. He posted a couple comments below under the name AbeMashal. Maybe you could try sending him a personal message if you want to help. I offered. Hoping to hear back from him.

And I agree with you when you say this needs to be covered more. Being asked to be a spy or an informant on your own community is exactly what the Nazis did! Do people forget history that easily? Cheers to Abe for standing up and telling the government he will not bow down to their request. A true patriot!

Edit: He just started a forum topic about the issue. Check it out. http://www.dailypaul.com/node/177568#comment-1867762

RT Version - Civil Liberties Post 9/11

I posted this video link on another thread, it is more relevant over here, re the subject matter.
RT video - Fireside: US Failing on Civil Liberties Post 9/11 -

Thanks for watching!

hey gang,

thanks for watching. i am and always have been a huge ron paul and jesse ventura supporter. i am also writing a book about my entire NO FLY situation. the books website is:


thanks again for the support. if we had a guy like ron paul in charge THERE WOULD BE NO PATRIOT ACT and this type of thing would not be happening in our society.


e.g. Ben Hur,

in the movie he is asked by the roman officer to become an informant, on refusal the friendship ended.

Abe, welcome to the forums!

Abe, welcome to the forums! Are you new here or have you been here for a while? Anyways, we here are on your side! Best of luck in your fight. Anything we can do to help? Let us know. Also, I'm not sure if anyone here knows Ron Paul, but I would recommend contacting his campaign or his actual Congressional office. I think the Congressional office might be the best option actually. I would also recommend contacting Dennis Kucinich's Congressional office too, sicne he is on our side for this. I'll also list Congressional phone numbers to some other representatives who stand against the Patriot Act and governmental spying who might be able to spread the word and help you out. Also, you should start a new forum topic talking about your situation. Keep us updated!

Ron Paul Presidential Campaign - 1-855-886-9779
Rep. Ron Paul DC Congressional Office - (202) 225-2831
Rep. Dennis Kucinich DC Congressional Office - (202)225-5871
Sen. Rand Paul DC Congressional Office - 202-224-4343
Sen. Bernie Sanders DC Congressional Office - (202) 224-5141
Rep. Justin Amash DC Congressional Office - (202) 225-3831
Sen. Mike Lee DC Congressional Office - 202-224-5444
Rep. Walter Jones DC Congressional Office - 202-225-3415


what forum would you rec'd I tell my situation on? Also, thanks for all that info!

The Daily Paul Liberty Forum

The Daily Paul Liberty Forum would be a good one to post it in.

Contacting Ron...

BTW if anyone knows Ron Paul on this forum, please send him my way or send me to him! The ACLU is representing me in court but if we could get Ron Pauls support on this it would be great.


Why does foreign news...

remind me more of what American news used to be and Fox/CNN/MSNBC remind me of watching the muppet babies?

What a strange world we live in today.


I don't believe these issues were brought up at the recruitment drives ;)

They deserve better...always did and always will.


No kidding. They desreve way

No kidding. They desreve way better. Seems as if most of them join at a young age because they fall for the government propaghanda associated with the needs to fight terrorism abroad. However, once they spend time overseas and grow a little older, most of them seem to realize it is all nonsense and that we shouldn't be overseas.


We all make them. Hopefully, most will become true defenders of liberty and freedom when they get out like this guy. I am sure he was fully 'asleep' as well till he got this wake up call.



The only thing that is eroding civil liberties is the derelicts that get voted into congress by we the ignorant with our hands out to entitlements educated by the public educational system to accept that government should and is only able to take care of us!! " A Question" "religion and state was separated for a good reason" Should education and state be separated??" Religion has influenced the state and up till lately the state did not influence religion. Religion was the biggest educator when the constitution was born. Should we look at separating education from state? Not because of religious beliefs, but because education should have a influence over the state just like religion, but the state should not have influence over education/religion!!

hope for the best

Al-Jazeera is correct on this

Al-Jazeera is correct on this one. They are not very sophisticated when it comes to American politics. They tend to identify the Tea Parties with the GOP. They think the Tea Parties are part of the Neocon Agenda. They need to understand that the Democrat and Republican leadership are in bed with the globalists and special interests, and that the GOP is trying to hijack the Tea Parties with phonies like Gingrich, Palin and Bachmann.

bump aljazeera


Jackson County Georgia

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WOW. Did the FEDS really do

WOW. Did the FEDS really do that to the guy? I really hope lots of people see this. It is unreal.

Yup, said he is an ex-marine

Yup, said he is an ex-marine too!