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Breaking: Bachmann Campaign Manager Ed Rollins Steps Back, Deputy Campaign Manager Quits


"On the heels of our report that Michele Bachmann campaign manager Ed Rollins is stepping back into an advisory role, citing health concerns, comes word that his deputy, David Polyansky, is leaving the campaign."



I don't think Mrs. Bachmann will be around much longer...

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Money Bomb Time!!!!

This is even better for our Money Bomb coming up. on the 17th or 19th- I am still a little bit unclear as the date. but what ever its only 2 days difference.

...thinking it probably sucks

...thinking it probably sucks to be Pawlenty...

Huge in Iowa

...this will have a huge affect in Iowa if true. She may not be all of what we want, but her endorsement from Tea Party ranks will not go Mitt or Rick's way.

We cannot win without subscribing to a big tent philosophy. Eventually we will need even some people that supported Obama...

Prepare a place for Michele's people. Peace is achieved better through trade than waging war.

Still baffled by the incredible amount of

audacity, arrogance, UN-apolpgetic, insanity, blatant hubris, vanity, basically the f***ing opposite traits of a boy scout it TAKES TO RUN AGAINST RON PAUL.

Bachmann out...

Palin in?

Sarah? Is that you?

Please, we know you aren't running for president. You aren't running for exactly the same reason you QUIT as governor.

Keep up the book sales and the spotlight. Have fun. But don't try to convince us you plan to run.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

That deal...

...could be the way Palin picks up pre-purchased media. I have felt it was too late to get in with the big donors spoken for. But Palin could buy her out... ...a lot of the same backers... I would think they would love to see their investment pay off. (I bet Palin is one of those with money in that race.._ :)

Her top

adviser leaving is a sign that either she is out of cash and/or Perry has sucked most of her supporters.

I don't expect much of her supporters joining the liberty movement(even though it would be a nice thing) since they tend to be mostly social conservatives.

But with her out of the way Bachmann's name can no longer be used by the media as "3rd place" as the top tire candidate.

No doubt once she quits, the Media will call it a "2 man race horse to the finish line."

The Libertarian Party, irrelevant since 1971.

Bachmann is an

histronic personality. Her fixation on religion (not that religion is bad, but the fixation is.), always having to be in the spotlight, her "migraine headaches", and her inability to deal with people who disagree with her all point to it.

If anyone has ever had to deal with an histronic personality before for ANY length of time, they know how wearying it can be. IMO, she goes through staff because they just can't keep up with her constant demand for attention and for them to do every little thing she wants - even contradictory. They are very self-centered people with no internal moral compass. Living or working with one on a day to day basis always becomes too much for anyone.

I'm really trying to feel sorry for her instead of always referring to her as "Batshit Crazy, Bi-Polar, Christian-Jihadist Bachmann", but it's not easy.

I'll give as much respect to my elected officials as they give to the Constitution!

Mr. Sanotorum, Please exit

Mr. Sanotorum, Please exit through the same door as Bachmans DCM.

same with Huntsman!

same with Huntsman!

Huntsman, Who? Is that Fred Karger's husband/wife?

Huntsman? Huntsman, Who? Is that Fred Karger's husband/wife?

Perhaps Bachmann's team leaders got an offer from NEWT they couldn't refuse. He hasn't had a mass defection in ages. Moolah must be rolling in from SOMEWHERE...

"Cowards & idiots can come along for the ride but they gotta sit in the back seat!"


Knows now she cannot compete at this level. RP stands to gain a bunch of support if she exits.

It is a very demanding schedule and she is also sitting in Congress. With Perry in, she stands to lose significant pledges imo.


This is just intuition...

but I get a sense from reading about Bachmann and listening to her that the most important issues to her are family and faith and not really the full spectrum of politics.

I think she might be happier, and perhaps more successful, doing advocacy work and commentary in a role like Phyllis Schlafly. A radio show and writing books and articles, etc.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~


Looked tired and run down in the SC forum, today. I think she has some health issues and may be quitting. That will be two neo-cons down and perry is apparently scared to death of Dr. Paul too. Debra Medina mopped the floor with perry in the debates so we'll see what happens next week!

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947


I read somewhere that perry won't be coming to the debate on the 7th due to the horrible fires going on in Texas.

These fires have been going

These fires have been going on since April, and now he cares? Won't look good by any stretch. I hope he makes a bad political move by not participating.

Only means more time for Ron Paul to speak.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.


She has no money!

Ed Rollins Called Into Anderson Cooper and Said The Following :

"I had a stroke not long ago and I'm 64 years old now and I've been working very hard." He needs to step back for awhile and said he would still be giving Bachmann advice.

He went to say that the race is between Perry and Romney with Bachmann in third. He never mentioned Ron Paul as a viable front runner..

It seems Ron Paul will never be considered a front runner no matter what. He is being portrayed as one who has limited appeal.

...but has only "limited

...but has only "limited appeal" to the high rollers and the media. The rest of us who are the governed want Ron Paul.

Even in the commentary of the bobble heads following Ron's

inaugural speech on January 20, 2013, they will be saying he is "un-presidential" or whatever else they can find to try to dis him.

Mark my words.

The nomination and the election are the easy part. The biggest battle will be actually fixing things once he becomes president. And know full well, that he will have no help from the media or the old guard of the party. They will be actively working against him, because their entire world view will be threatened by his reforms. They live at the trough of lawlessness, and so they will not go quietly, but bitching, kicking and screaming.

The policy/strategy of

The policy/strategy of ignoring Ron Paul is now beginning to officially backfire in the GOP establishment's face.

Thank you, Jim DeMint!

Bachmann's early exit is a huge political barometer!

Just a few weeks ago, the talking point was, "This is a 3 way race between Romney, Perry, and Bachmann."

I do not think the oldstream media anticipated Bachmann's sudden fall after her slim victory in Iowa.

Ron Paul is changing the political paradigm.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

My guess

My guess is that the money is just not coming in for her, so she can't afford these 'experts'.

Rumors are...

that Jeb Bush and Chris Christie are about to jump in the race. :D

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

"Bones and Scones" Front page

"Bones and Scones"

Front page picture of Christie's robust figure on Drudge right now.

The last thing America needs is Humpty Dumpty as president.

Danny Devito's Penguin character has met his match.

Jeb Bush, seriously? May as well be Donald Trump.

IN FACT ...... I hope they all jump into the fray.

Let Bush, Christie, Palin and even Trump enter the race to further dilute the republican vote.

WHY? Because Ron Paul will surface and rise as the only candidate with serious grass roots support behind him.

Isn't that how Lincoln was elected?

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Yes...you are right....the

Yes...you are right....the more neo cons the better for the Good Doctor! Ron Paul all the way in 2012! :)

Oh boy,

a neocon and a man-made global warming believer. Splinter that establishment vote and let Ron Paul keep creeping up in the polls.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Romney has once again flip

Romney has once again flip flopped - he used to be against the idea that humans were the cause of global warming, now he supports the ridiculous theory.

Romney used to be against abortion, now he supports a woman's "right," to kill her own child in the womb.

Romney makes John Kerry blush.

And Rick Perry makes Rudy Giuliani blush.

Perry is a former democrat that admits his policy hasn't changed, the only thing different is the (R) next to his name.

Republican voters are sick and tired of candidates that swing both ways with the political winds.

Perry's democratic voting record has already hit the proverbial internet fan.

Romney can't win a single southern state primary election.

Things are lookin' good for Ron Paul.

South Carolina - 1st place for Ron Paul.

Just a prediction...

Why do I think Ron Paul will win in South Carolina?

Because of the military vote.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Yea, Just What We Need Another Bush in The White House..

God help us!

SteveMT's picture

They couldn't stand the hypocrisy any longer.

People can only take just so many years of this.