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Stubborn Parents of Ron Paul Supporters

I can't count the number of times I have explained how Paul is not only electable, but necessary, to my very own parents.

I brought up an interesting point, I told them, "He supports the ideas which I was raised on. I was just trying to let you guys [parents] know what a good job you did raising me."

I know the argument is much different based on the background of your childhood, but I was raised in the south with old school conservative values (like small central government, personal freedoms etc).

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The funny thing is that if

The funny thing is that if everyone who says he's unelectable would vote for him, he'd easily win. Because I hear it all the time.

But here is the argument I like. "The lessor of two evils is still evil. So should I support something that is evil just because it is less so or should I stand up for what is good and right, not matter the consequences and end result?"

If you feel really bold you can end it with, "I thought you taught me the latter, or am I wrong?"

If they are religious, you can bring up something from the bible like "Was it ok for Peter to deny Christ 3 times because he was seemingly powerless to stop the Pharisees? Or should be have stood bold and not deny him?" or some other similar biblical analogy.