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New American Article - highly favorable of Ron Paul at SC Palmetto Freedom Forum


Ron Paul seemed the most at ease with the panelists, and DeMint and King both used the term "we" or "us" with Paul in conversation about topics such as calling for an audit of the Federal Reserve. DeMint even volunteered that Paul's audit legislation revealed important information about multi-trillion dollar Fed bailouts that included foreign banks. Rep. Paul made a bold economic prediction that "by next summer, the big tax is going to come. The inflation tax."

Rep. Paul also engaged in a spirited discussion about whether the "due process" and "equal opportunity" provisions of the 14th amendment could be used to force states to ban abortion. Paul pointed out that state laws already banned abortion and had been blocked by the federal government's Supreme Court. "I don't see why we would have to turn that into a federal issue," Paul said, saying he'd rather the issue be returned to the states where abortion would be abolished. "You're sort of asking for more policemen at the federal level." Rep. Paul — who was in a sequestered room during Gingrich's remarks — also urged use of Article III, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution to negate Roe v. Wade.

Paul got the biggest audience laugh of the afternoon when asked what federal agencies he'd abolish to balance the budget: "Well, that's a difficult question because that's a long list. I'd rather you give me the list of the things we should keep. That would be a short list."

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Very good article

If you ask me the only one they said good about was paul. And even pointed out how the panel refered to paul as we, instead of you, when they discussed several pieces of legislation.

The one statement from Ron

that really caught my attention. Inflation by summer next year. I have to step up preparations.

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"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey referring to ISIS

Good Article

Perry was terrified of this format. What a phony, as are all the candidates except for the genuine article: Ron Paul

Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

Yeah. I bet today every one

Yeah. I bet today every one of them are studying the Constitution like MAD. Hope they learn something. :) Ron won again!

The New American is a good

The New American is a good magazine, and can be a big help to Ron Paul's campaign.