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Ron Paul in the NBC / Politico GOP Debate - 9/7/11

All of Ron Paul's questions & responses here: (Thanks to DPer & YTer Joe Plummer)


Answers separately below, for linking ease to individual points: (Thanks to YouTuber RonPaulSource, and DPer VoteRonPaul2012)








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September 7, 2011, 8:00pm ET - Simi Valley, CA
NBC / Politico Debate, Ronald Reagan Library

Debate will be aired at 8:00 PM ET on MSNBC, CNBC and Telemundo (Spanish) and streamed live on www.politico.com and www.msnbc.com. [Thanks tsai3904]

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The basic problem is the debte format

This is not a true debate format which would allow the candidates to truly discuss a topic and have time to develop their points on a position. The reason the media avoids a true debate format is that Dr. Paul would dominate and destroy anyone else as he is the only one with true intellect and common sense. They simply will not allow this format as they know it would eliminate all other candidates.


Maybe it's time we demanded

Maybe it's time we demanded better from the media.

What president actually makes decisions based on one minute sound bites? How many voters can make an informed decision based on one minute sound bites?

We need to join with our "opponents" and insist that these debates spend more time on each issue, and also insist that each candidate respond to the same question.

Hughl - I just saw a couple clips from "the other two guys"

Perry and Romney, Hughl = *gag*, those guys are terrible and smarmy and I'm so sad for this country that the media is telling them they are powerless to choose someone better. How depressing!

Oh, they are so bad.

Perry comes across as a bad man who will hurt you if you disagree with him.

Romney looks good. He should just stand there and smile. It's okay for such a looker to sound that stupid when they're just there to look pretty. Debating...keep that pretty mouth shut.

Defend Liberty!



"Thus it is that in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won,whereas he who is destined to defeat first fights and afterwards looks for victory." --- Sun Tzu, The Art of War.


So little time to deliver all the solutions

I watched the entire debate and hardly saw anything of Ron Paul. He barely had time to answer, between the interruptions and laughter from the moderators and candidates. The other candidates have no substance and the moderators can't focus on complex thoughts? Ron Paul is so advanced and a rare gem to the rest of the world. I envy Americans because they get to vote for Ron Paul and can finally see their way through the labyrinth.

Ron did great!

I've been mostly offline checking DP on my phone and noticed a lot of "worst debate ever" comments. Just watched the whole thing and thought RP did great. A big thanks to our hero! Will have to send a special thanks on the 17th...

Oh, my Paul!! Look at the

Oh, my Paul!! Look at the friggin' numbers of the poll from last night....


GG MSNBCtards.

Not a good format

Dr. Paul's ideas are new to many people. A format such as in this debate does not offer much time to explain one's position. Therefore it was better suited to hammering away on broader principles and to jab opponents. I thought Dr. Paul was poor on the former and uncharacteristically good on the latter. I believe this debate was was not especially great for Paul but it did serve a more important tactical objective. Paul smacked Perry down, I feel that Paul exposed Perry as amateurish and not really a viable candidate. It will take a media overdrive to keep Perry on top. Don't be surprised to see someone new enter the race if Perry slips.

Herman Cain was outstanding in the debate. He used his little time to push a few key points succinctly. He appeared to be the most presidential candidate on the stage.

Romney was polished as usual but honestly has no chance to win the nomination due to Romneycare and his Mormon beliefs. Personally I have no problem with that aspect, as there are enough other things not to like about Mitt.

The others were all unremarkable and going nowhere. Newt! I can't believe he is still with us. He sounded like a house speaker. He should move to Texas and run for Paul's seat!

I think the GOP's inability to come up with anyone the least bit inspiring is a huge boost for Paul's chances. If he can distill his positions, give some monster sound bytes and keep hustling the way he has been, there is a really good chance. Obviously others also feel this way or we would not see the constant hit pieces on Ron Paul. He can rise on the back of his ideas as long as the simplest person can understand them.. The campaign should urge Obama voters and youth dems to reregister for the primaries and get involved.

Electing Paul really would be a revolution. We have seen many color revolutions along with the arab spring. How about a red, white and blue revolution in America.

Tip my hat

I'm a Mitt Man myself, but was glad that Ron Paul was able to deliver a few excellent challenges to Rick Perry's record during the debate. Dr. Paul really did a better job, in my view of speaking calmer and more concisely for most of the debate last night than how I normally consider him to be. Between Gov. Romney and Congressman Paul, Perry's weakness at the debate was laid out for all to see.

Also, I felt Perry was way out of line for some of the confrontation that was photographed during some breaks during the debate. Paul's a small guy, but he's not afraid of coming back at a bull dog like Perry when the cameras are rolling. Perry should realize he's a Republican (on paper) now and getting in the face of your opponent - literally - isn't how we get our point across.

Are you really a "Mitt Man"??

Seriously, is it possible for a Romney supporter to have any appreciation of Ron Paul? It's hard to connect those dots. Appreciate your dropping by and welcome your perspective... but the two are seemingly diametrically opposed. One is for perpetual war, one is for peace. One is for big federal government, one is for state's rights. One is for cherry picking freedom, one is for liberty across the board. How do you reconcile that? You read the National Review or American Spectator (Romney supporters) and they absolutely HATE Ron Paul.. to the point that they would vote for Obama before Paul. Where do you land?

"I'm a Mitt Man

"I'm a Mitt Man myself"....Ew. But glad to have you. Maybe we can get you to come around to reality sometime in the near future. :P

On "The Factor" - O''Reily : Ron Paul a Gadfly, A Non Factor!

On The Factor , Bill O'Reily said that Ron Paul has some good ideas but he is a 'Gadfly' and a 'Non Factor'


Did anyone take note of Brian Williams' attempt to put Ron Paul in a box over a state-funded school lunch program initiated by Lyndon Johnson?

Dr. Paul gave a splendid answer, but I think the distinction between state programs and federal mandates would have been clearer had he pointed directly to Johnson's failed "War on Poverty."

Excellent Job!

Dr. Paul did a fantastic job at this debate! It seems that the MSNBC poll is reflecting that.

SteveMT's picture

My take now that I have seen the debate...Ron Paul did great.

He answered every question very well, and he provided the evidence for how he arrived at his conclusions. In particular, his statements about Reagan are factually correct. Ron Paul making those statements in the Reagan library is all the better. The facts are easily accessible right there to see. Reagan talked the talk, but did not walk the walk. May he rest in peace.

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Poll on MSN!

Is there anyone out there?

Where are all the Ron Paul people?

Vote on this poll now!!!


The Poll was taken down..Ron Paul was probably winning!

They always take the damn poll down when he is winning..These polls mean nothing anyway. Ron Paul won the after the debate poll by huge margins..

enough said..

Can't find it?

OK, I'm stupid, I only see the Walmart poll. Someone please tell me how to vote?

SteveMT's picture

Where is it this poll on msn.com?

Not obvious at all, no wonder we are not doing well.

We're getting pummelled on the msn.com poll !


He did GREAT - also got the email about donating

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I may be a little late to the game, but check this out. I'm sure it will be news to some.



The poll is closed. But here are the results.



I read quite a few comments

that seemed to think it didn't go well. Just me, but I thought he did great!

Jim Rogers

cannot find an msn poll.?

cannot find an msn poll.? Where is it on msn?


Truthbearer's picture

MSN Poll NOW!!!

Page down, it is down on the right hand side and he is losing. Why?



Ron Paul should point out

Ron Paul should point out that Sweden, Denmark and German all have no national minimum wage. Of course Ron Paul does not deny that local government could choose to have a minimum wage.

Getting a fairer shake in the next debate

I was just thinking... What if we called a network BEFORE a debate and flooded their comments with requests that dr paul be treated as a top tier candidate since he is polling as such in an attempt to make our presence known while a network is still forming the debate. I don't know what the effect would be but it probably would be better than calling after he had already been treated badly. We could request they don't frame ?s to make him look fringe, ask him ?s on healthcare since he's a dr, foreign policy since he's the only veteran, and $ policy since he's the only student of Austrian Economics in the race. I already left a message w CNN saying if they treat him like politico did I'll be encouraging family and friends to spend less time supporting such a biased network. Any thoughts?

I think you might be on to

I think you might be on to something here.

The Dr. is just too damn

The Dr. is just too damn smart for them. Those other candidates weren't even worthy to stand on the same stage as Congressman Paul. I say dump the debates, screw the RNC, and let's raise the millions needed to buy some prime time television time, much like Perot did back in the day! That way, Ron can lay out his philosophy, economics, and plan. He won't be rushed or limited to sound bites, and much of mainstream America will actually get to hear him at his best. Myself, I would contribute substantially, as I'm sure many others would (although I'll contribute no matter what he chooses to do).


Happy Libertarian

The heavier the flack, the closer you are to the target.

It looks like Ron Paul is pulling ahead in this new poll as well.

Ron Swanson