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Meet The Press: Alternate Nominating Convention In All 50 States For 2012 (s)Election.

On 'Meet The Press' 9/4/11, political strategist Mark McKinnon mentioned that there will be an alternate nominating convention in all 50 states next year.

Here is the hulu video, forward to 12:25. Link.

McKinnon - former adviser to George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, John McCain, Ann Richards, and of course Bono.

McKinnon has a political organization called 'No Labels'. Amazing list of 'floundering leaders' - Link.

He mentioned an organization called Americans Elect.

Has anyone heard of this?

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saw two programs with two sets of guests touting this...from what i understand....its internet based voting in a sense....your typical argument of "democracy" vs. our "bad system".

essentially, the ol "mob rules" of 51% vs. rule of law and representation.

what if the guy hanged (by 51%) is found later to be innocent?

it really dumbfounds me folks don't know the difference between a pure democracy and a constitutional republic.


These people seem to be advocating "Democracy"

I joined their site using false name and old email address. They don't seem to have an option to get the Federal government out of public schools, nor do they truly have an option to get the Federal Government out of using our resources over-seas. I went through 93 questions hoping that they narrowed in their scope, however, they never did.

Here are a few of the questions from this site:

Education : Which of the following statements comes closest to your personal view about sex education in public schools?

It is essential that sex education is taught in public schools so that we can ensure all children have an understanding of sex

Sex education should be taught in public schools, but parents should have the right to keep their children out of those classes

Sex education should not be taught in public schools because parents should decide when and what to teach their children about sex


Foreign Policy : In your view, are we winning or losing the war on terror?

We are winning the war on terror

We are losing in the war on terror


Why don't they have a choice which says the 'War on Terror' is a lie?

Foreign Policy : When you think about US foreign policy looking forward, which of the following statements is closest to your personal view?

The US should focus on current and potential military threats to the US

The US should focus more on military than economic threats

The US should focus more on economic than military threats

The US should focus on current and potential economic
threats to the US


How about a choice which says we should only use our military on those who attack us?

Economy : National Results : Please indicate to what extent you agree or disagree with the following statement: Government regulation of business usually does more harm than good.

A 10%
Strongly agree

B 17%
Somewhat agree

C 34%
Somewhat disagree

D 38%
Strongly disagree

E 2%

Economy : National Results : Do you agree or disagree that reducing the budget deficit creates jobs?

A 11%
Strongly agree

B 23%
Somewhat agree

C 23%
Somewhat disagree

D 30%
Strongly disagree

E 13%

Social Issues : National Results : Which of the following comes closest to your view when considering the U.S. electoral process (the process by which we elect the President and members of Congress)?

A 3%
Our electoral process is fair and balanced, ensuring all Americans' voices are heard

B 30%
Our electoral process could use small improvements, but it still works for the most part

C 66%
Our electoral process is outdated and unfair, and needs to be changed

D 1%

I felt disgusted just being on their Socialist/Communist/Marxist site. It was all about the U.S. or America as a whole and nothing dealt with States rights or about the rights of the individuals. It had nothing to do with Liberty and everything to do with Collectivism.

The interesting thing was that there was a question about the faith in congress looking out for the people and 79% stated that they didn't believe that the Federal Government looked out for the people. 68% Felt the same about local and State governments; on another question. However, these geniuses by overwhelming majorities advocated for the Federal Government having either a large part or total control of Healthcare, the same for certain questions about the Economy, Education, and Social Issues; they also seem to think that the federal government needs more regulation on businesses. It makes no sense at all. I feel bad for these people. I certainly do not hope they get that which they seem to desire.

I feel as though I have to take a shower now just to wash the filth off of me; I should probably wash my computer too.

Ooops ..

Sorry about that Tramp, I thought you were done , Lol

No ..

I haven't. I would love to hear about it. Sounds Intriguing.

Haven't look in to it yet:

But this is where I first heard of it.


Perhaps it's time to see what's up

I love my country
I am appalled by my government