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Sept. 6, 2011 - Contact-bomb Continues with Tom Morello, David Letterman, and the Foo Fighters!

These were actually the contact list for Sept. 4th, but I thought it might be better to skip weekends and just focus on doing these during the week. I'll update all the dates later today on the main post, but unless if there's any major objections, I think it would be better to concentrate on working on these during the week, and use the weekends to follow up or make additional contact efforts for some of the more significant celebrities.

On a separate note, if anyone is able to get in contact with Trevor Lyman (the guy that started the blimp project), I'd really appreciate it if you could please let him know that I'd be very interested in getting in touch with him. Thank you.

Sept. 4 - Tom Morello: Facebook, Twitter, Website

Watch this fun video.


Sept. 4 - David Letterman: Facebook, Twitter, Website

Sept. 4 - Foo Fighters: Facebook, Twitter, Website