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Did anyone notice a correlation between the Texas wildfires and the proposed TTC route?

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Another stupid conspiracy theory bites the dust...

Look at a population map of Texas: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/27/Texas_populati...

The area in between where there's no forest fire is where there is no forest.

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not really...

The bulk is well away from the path, see overlay:

Though, apparently when they planned it decades ago, they had the foresight to make it avoid most all the 2011 forest fires in that region.

Is there evidence that treed regions are preventing the placement of the corridor? (It's already going through forests) If so, why cause forest fires away from where it's being placed?

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The ol' Nero method of civil engineering, eh? Typical Dewhurst

The ol' Nero method of civil engineering, eh? Sounds like a typical Dewhurst operation, gleaned from his experiences working alongside Klaus Barbie in the torture chambers of LaPaz, Bolivia.

Lest we forget our history: In 64 AD, the Emperor Nero set fire to Rome's filthiest quarter, clearing out a broad swath inhabited by a highly contentious mob of poor people who depended entirely on bread welfare. He accused the Christians for the outrage, thereby pitting the survivors against another source of opposition to the mad Emperor.

meanwhile, into the burnt-out swath Nero perfectly fit his immensely sumptuous Golden House, an Imperial palace the likes of which the world had never seen.

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Remember this

We have all been conditioned to think everything is a coincident. It makes it a lot easier for the rulers.

Could also be the area of Canadian pipline

they want to construct. Who know these days.


Reminds me of the questions which arose when Blackwater wanted to build in an area near San Diego, here in California. The people objected and fire broke out, could be coincidence or maybe not.

That's sick.

The timing is great for a certain candidate too.

and the plot thickens,

“The issue is taking care of these people right now,” Perry insisted. “We can work our way through any conversations about how to make agencies more efficient, how to make Department of Defense equipment, for instance, more available. There are a lot of issues we can talk about, but the fact of the matter is now is not the time to be trying to work out the details of how to make these agencies more efficient. Let’s get people out of harm’s way.”



While it may be no more than a coincidence, it is interesting to see.
Even if there is no correlation, after watching the goings on over the past 50 years, and all the dirty tricks and manipulation that has transpired in almost every aspect of the world, nothing would surprise me.
We must all remain vigilant.

I love my country
I am appalled by my government

No Coincidence

Look... We have been in a serious drought situtation since last winter. People in this state are idiot's.

Something as simple as taking a gatorade container, filling it with water and putting thier freeking ciggarete out in it instead of throwing it out the window!

All of these fires have been started by idiots.

This from a smoker.

Sandra ..... a stretch ?

or what ?

Hardley a stretch

there was the federal land grab in the flooded areas of Missouri just two months back. (decades actually).


id have to say coincidence.

id have to say coincidence.