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Via Drudge - Janet Napolitano : "No! Drudge Is Just Wrong on Privacy"

Janet Napolitano : "No! Drudge Is Just Wrong on Privacy"

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is calling out web news aggregator Matt Drudge for suggesting that she's an ogre eager to invade the privacy of Americans and in particular those who travel by air.

"I think my nickname is 'Big Sis.' I don't think he means it kindly, actually," Napolitano said Tuesday, accurately recalling the moniker that often accompanies scary-looking photos of her on Drudge's popular news site.


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SteveMT's picture

Suggestion bump for this gov. getting even more aggressive.

"Big Sis goes after Drudge for attacking gov. Are we next?"

Just a suggestion, since we are also a news aggregator like Drudge.

You had it here first

so a bump to you. (I realize this is not new news to most of us, but we will have some guests on line sooner or later)

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