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WOW! Wait until you get to 3 minutes and 20 seconds! FOX VIDEO

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She bucked the piece...probably been bucking FOX for awhile

The piece was to say "The polls mean nothing. We'll tell you who the GOP candidate will be."

In response, she said something like, "lots o' people are talking up Ron Paul."

The goob then restated his point that no one has committed to anything...which is a giant lie.

This woman apparently has been bucking the system for awhile. Jon Stewart personally attacked her in a long piece not too long ago. Whenever the media slams its own, that means they are on the system's sh!t list.

That was an attack .....

....to make RP look "not Republican enough".

RP goes nowhere if he doesn't get the REPUBLICAN PARTY nomination.

So what Dems say is utterly irrelevant at this point and can be used, as you can see in this video, to hurt Ron: "Even Obama supporters like him!" = no GOP nomination.

He's not running third party or independent. So get that out of your head right now. It will NOT happen. Period.

So this is it. Become GOP and go all in or its over.

I agree: Fox is trying to paint Ron Paul as a "spoiler"

A whole generation of independant thinking voters got burned, and Ralph Nader's stellar image and reputation as a crusador for the common man was tarnished by the media blaming Nader for the election of George W Bush. The strangely out-of-the-blue image of Ron Paul being displayed in this segment is together with spoiler discussion. Also, helps reinforce "He can't win the nomination" message being harped on by the media lately.

Shoppers don't put Ron Paul back on the shelf

Yes people are shopping around, but once you pick up Ron Paul, you don't put him back on the shelf. Some might put Romney or Perry in their cart but they're more likely to put them back.

Another awesome thing about this video for me is that I'm sandwiched between 2 swing states here in Utah. So even though my efforts don't have much overall effect in Utah, I can go knock doors in Nevada and Colorado (my home state).

This is getting really fun.

Jonny R
Fellow Lover of Liberty

Oh No You Didn't

I'm a democrat and now republican because of Ron Paul and Ron Paul only. I can just imagine the shock on the guys face when he heard that from the reporter that everyone's president is Ron Paul democrat or republican ppl. And he quickly said that we are still on the shopping stage with no buy. Really? I guess people are now awaken from the Mainstream Mind Control Media comma induced reporting. And now It's Ron Paul's time.

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."


You've got to wonder if she'll still have a job after making those comments on that network lol. Her comments were unexpected but very welcomed.

Yeah Martha!

How cool was that! I am reallllly impressed. She's got some pretty smart friends, too!

I read many blogs and see many Dems are choosing Paul this time

It is the message. If they can convince just a few more...and we all convince a few more. I have made some Ron Paul fans and the main reason they are choosing to vote for Dr. Paul is because he's honest. He tells it like it is. You know what you're getting and it's not all perfect but he's not making promises and he's telling people now, like he's been telling them for decades, if you don't face the problem it will grow until it is unstoppable.

People are getting it. They may not get all the message but they know the system is unsustainable in its present form.

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

They don't want to vote for

They don't want to vote for Obama, and they can't stomach anyone else but Ron Paul, who they know really *will* do what he says like end the wars.

Freedom is popular.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.


She apparently didn't get the memo!

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

wowsers, wasnt expecting that

wowsers, wasnt expecting that

Wow is right! Fortunately

Wow is right! Fortunately I'm not old because I would have had a heart attack when I heard that one. Shocker!

Does anyone think they are trying to compensate for previous negative RP statements in light of the Jon Stewart show segment? Either way I'll take it though.

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Fox news

is probably going to fire her tomorrow for than comment.

That is cool.

Made my day too!

Ron Paul is My President

That's troublesome.

It's getting really hard to keep my Fox News anti-Paul conspiracy theory together.

You've been ZAMPED!!!!!!!

if ron paul doesnt win in

if ron paul doesnt win in 2012 im outta here!

Libertarian Islands

This looks like a nice free place to live.


However, I don't know how much you can do w/o land with the threats of tropical storms.

Jonny R
Fellow Lover of Liberty

where to ?

I'm from France and looking to flee to a free country.

But I don't think it exists, so I'll go with moderately free...
Any idea ?

Come to Hong Kong

if you can stand living in a chicken shed size apartment. I'm from Bosnia and moved here in 2005 to reap the benefits of super low taxes (something like 7% income tax, no sales tax, no VAT, et al.). If Ron Paul wins I would consider moving to the US.

Ron Paul Revolution is spreading around the world: Freedom and Prosperity TV: libertarian network of alternative media in Western Balkans


I can't think of any place that's truly free but I'm in Canada right now and the police state hasn't reached the level of anywhere I can think of. I'm a dual American citizen so I know how the police can be down there. Theirs lots of trigger happy cops that shoot first and ask questions last if yea know what I mean.


Where to go?

You still can't beat Texas. Home of Ron Paul!

Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

Ask the FLDS people what they

Ask the FLDS people what they think about freedom in Texas.

Trust in God, but tie your camel tight.

"Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,they both march in the same direction." - Paul Proctor

If Ron Paul does not win the

If Ron Paul does not win the republican nomination, I think he should run as an independent. I believe he has the stature and he can pull off many democrat votes. And to those who say it would deliver the election to Obama? I say, to hell with them. No candidate besides Ron Paul will take the measures necessary, so we might as well speed up the collapse. I for one am tired of living in limbo. Are we going to fix America, or are we going to blows? Because if its the latter, let's get it on.

"If Ron Paul does not win the

"If Ron Paul does not win the republican nomination, I think he should run as an independent." Never happen. It's almost... no it *is* impossible to get on many state ballots as a 3rd party. I supported Harry Browne in Ohio back in the day. A GOP or Dem candidate needed 250 signatures to get on the ballot... a 3rd party candidate needed like 50,000 sigs! And they all have to be validated by... you guessed it, some GOP or Dem party gatekeeper. Then once on the ballot, in Ohio the party (Libertarian then) would not be listed as such... So you had either GOP, Dem or "independent." The One Party... uh, I mean "Twwwooo" Party system has pretty much squelched all competitors.

But if Paul doesn't win... I'm going to write in his freaking name! What would *need* to happen is to make Paul a valid write-in candidate in all 50 states.

Wouldn't that be something... Paul wins the popular vote as a write-in candidate! Of course if he did, the electoral college would still give it to one of the two Establishment schmucks... promptly followed by a revolt... not a r3VOLt.

In Florida where I now live, to be a write-in candidate you still need to be qualified. Whatever... The Establishment is even afraid of write-ins...


all the money bombs in the World couldn't get Ron Paul to go indy/3rd party..So do some research..GOP or No Game..Sorry to burst your bubbles, but welcome to the movement and reality. To get on the ballots alone would require action now, and is close to impossible (all 50 States). I can tell you (as DP has many times) there is ZERO possibility of a 3rd party run. So get on the train and stop the silly BS of a 3rd Party run. Please live in reality! Register GOP and Vote..and stop dreaming >>> Ron Paul 2008, we have learned a few lessons >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P2-EPr6rP8

NEVER say never

NEVER say never

Call it a lesson learned in '88 and '92

Sorry to be so honest, no not really..But you can dream on, you have that right.

I Agree!

If Ron Paul does not win I am just going to ride my Harley until they throw me into a Fema Camp.

Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

I can't sign up for my DEBATE QUESTION at youtube---the form

they give doesn't specify what they want you to write in each box. They are just empty boxes. It SUCKS...