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Amazing water filter-no electricity osmosis

I saw this last night on a great FOX show where Dave saluted some innovative US businesses. This thing creates an energy drink out of contaminated water supplies, and they are working on lowering the price. This link will take you to one vendor selling a bucket of them but you can buy a 6-pack elsewhere. ALSO he promoted a site called www.1saleaday.com which sells ONE item every 24 hours that is super cheap (today has an HP laptop with wifi for $204. including shipping).
Here is a link to water thing. Looks amazing to me.

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"This thing creates an energy drink out of contaminated water supplies, and they are working on lowering the price."

Lol! Can't wait to get that good stuff into my body. Yum!
(End sarcasm.)

Who's marketing this atrosity? The Koch brothers? They might as well - as soon as they get their XL Keystone Pipeline built with that contaminated steel that they get for such a good price, they should have PLENTY of contaminated water to sell from the oil spillage that will contaminate the groundwater supply. Now, THAT'S using good business sense, ethics be damned.

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Source for unflavored filters?

Is there a similar product that just filters water without adding flavor, electrolytes, etc?

Phil. 4:13

When they talked on the show,

When they talked on the show, no. They said that the electrolytes they put in here instantly hydrated your body fully with this small (I guess) water pack. So they are for emergency hydration purposes--not just for water. Truly amazing, I thought--but, dunno if loaded with something bad. I kinda doubt it, but...

Look for "Hydro pack bucket" item 11590581 @costco

Nice find, thanks :-)

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