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Legalize Discrimination

Most who claim to believe in a free society believe in nothing of the sort. They believe people should be free to do whatever they approve of, and maybe even some things they do not approve of, as long as it is not too offensive, and mean. They always want to put in place some limitations to make sure we don’t use our freedoms in the ‘wrong’ way. This is like telling someone he has freedom of speech, as long as he exercises it in a sound-proof room where no one can hear him.

I think most people would at least pretend to agree that we should all be free to have whatever thoughts we want. I say ‘pretend’ because believing in the freedom of thought while at the same time believing we should have anti-discrimination laws cannot be done without contradicting oneself.

If you believe in freedom, you must be in favor of allowing employers to discriminate against anyone, for any reason. The fact that this is considered a controversial statement by so many is indicative of how far we have drifted from having a free society.

Telling an employer he is free to turn down an applicant because he is unqualified, but not because of his race, or whatever other reason, is the equivalent of trying to police the thoughts of the employer. “Ok. You don’t want this person working in the company that you built with your money and sweat, but why? What is in that head of yours? If it is A, I will allow it. If it is B, I will not.” We recognize the employers' right to make other decisions about their company, and this should be no different.

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