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Ron Paul coming to Baton Rouge!

I have never had the pleasure of sitting in on a speech by the good Dr., but I may get my chance on September 23! Anyone else plan on attending?

Loyola University New Orleans Academic Calender:


"Sept 23. Baton Rouge, LA. Louisiana Ron Paul 2012 kickoff. Pete Chamberlain, Ron Paul 2012 PCC; Louisiana State Director; (225) 316-6453; (504) 534-8599; petec@ronpaul2012.com; (office) 7047 Jefferson Highway, Suite B; Baton Rouge, LA 70806; Topics: “The progress of the Liberty movement, and Dr. Paul's role in it,” “What it used to be like to push ideas the ‘tea party’ talks about now,” “A realistic vision of what a Paul presidency may look like.” My talk: 8:15–8:45pm. Ron Paul, the Man himself, will be speaking from 6:30–7:00pm at this event. Thus, he will serve as a sort of warm-up band, or opening act, for my presentation."


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