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Rick Perry takes the bait! Let the games begin.

Rick Perry has just single handedly elevated Dr. Paul's campaign!!! The media attention surrounding this is going to be big. The news stories are already flying about a Perry vs Paul showdown.

Perry's campaign released a response to the ad, which spells out Dr. Paul's letter as to why he left the GOP in 1988...


There are several reasons why his response fails.

First, Dr. Paul can say that he left the GOP because it wasn't conservative enough for him. That would be a great counter because it's true. Many conservatives would now agree that as great as Reagan was, he wasn't as conservative as today's conservatives are (and claim to be). It's a much better position to be in to be too conservative for the Republican party than too liberal (ala Gore) for the Republican party.

Second, Rick Perry's response may get some attention, but the only way he could truly fight back is to run ads of his own. You think Rick Perry really wants to spend money fighting Ron Paul? :)


by responding to the attack, Rick Perry is in effect saying that Dr. Paul is a worthy enough adversary to necessitate response. Dr. Paul wins every day of the week if it comes down to a showdown of loyalties and principles.

Fourth, Perry's response fails to refute his association with Gore completely. He can't defend himself against this, so he has no choice but to go on the offensive.

Finally, this is all going to play out at the Reagan debate and it could lead to Romney and Bachmann getting shut out of the conversation. This is going to be a fun week!!!

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Third Party run?

I wonder if the publicity surrounding the 1987 letter is a harbinger for Ron Paul doing a third party run? I know he said he wouldn't do it, but he's also hinted that we've reached the 10% support mark and that that is a tipping point. He's got 10% of the republican party backing him, and a strong following on the left too. It seems to make alot of political sense.

it's kind of a moot point if he wins the GOP nomination, but taking into consideration the media bias, and with the prospects of a 2012 election without Ron Paul as a choice...

it's funny how once ron paul gets into attack mode some people

begin to complain.. even thomas jefferson and john adams were very much into it and they were both uber conservative compared to today's standards.. not to mention rp is like the lone conservative up there and all the rest of them are liberals

sorry the self glorifying pacifists--you're alone on this. you're both late to ideologies of the jeffersonians and lacking in the methods to execute them. stop elevating yourselves.. you're useless.

Perry camp is also saying...

RP was critical of Reagan.

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.

There's Perry carrying about

There's Perry caring about what label you wear instead of your principles again.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

I think Perry took the bait, so to speak

Because Perry is ready to quit.

I think LPAC has more people signed up for Ron Paul Bootcamp than the Califormia Republican Party has lined up for the CRP convention, happening same time.

Seems the CA GOP is so busy tring to stop Ron Paul from having delegates, they are not having many delegates. The CRP is BEGGING me to sign up and my central committee is blocking me LOL (not funny, but it is).

Romney just fell flat in Las Vegas... Where is everybody? No one is showing to the OTHER GOP events... meanwhile, Ron Paul IS THE GOP when it comes to events that are happening!


This is amazing.

The best response Rick Perry can come up with is, "Well... Ron Paul didn't think Reagan went far enough to do the things we say we want to do now!"

Reagan, valiant attempts. David Stockman, too!

Yes, what you say seems to be. But why? Please read about David Stockman, vigorous Budget Director... Please read here & beyond.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


we know that it was in Perry's best interest to ignore Paul, but this also shows his own emotional immaturity and cannot control himself, and this is when he makes mistakes. The mashk he put on will be taken off, piece by piece. I am sure this is only the beginning: the Paul campaign has seen blood from the injured shark and Perry's own history, not only as a d, but also as a R is going to deliver to much ammo to kill him. BTW: Politico reported earlier than Al Gore already believed in man-made global warming in 1988, so Perry cannot say Gore was a conservative or moderate D (vs left/liberal D) then.

But I kindly disagree with those that say the Reagan administration was not conservative enough for Paul, both for strategic and factual reasons, e.g. some might say he is "too conservative" to be elected, while Reagan conservative enough to be elected. Rather than this, point out that Paul has stayed true to the principals on which Reagan campaigned on, but strayed away from in his administration.

A next step for the Paul campaign should be - apart from Reagan administration officials Bruce Fein and also Doug Bandow (Foreign Policy), to bring in David Stockman as his chief financial adviser. (Stockman declared recently in the yahoo interview he is for tax increases to partly pay for the deficit, and other that he is pro-choice, he is 100% on board on Dr. Paul's platform. My idea is that Paul could apart from the general tax reduction in his economic blueprint later, announce a once-off tax on those companies that profited form the bailout (the big banks are in any case not going to contribute to him) back to the taxpayers, and use that amount to pay off the debt and/or to launch an infrastructure projects for job-creation, with a consortium of smaller banks as the finance partners that pool together, rather than the big banks. This may also broaden Dr. Paul's appeal even further, especially amongst some Democrats and "moderate Republicans".

March 1981. Shots rang out! President Reagan was hit!

Talking Pricture Box: Bulletin: President Shot in Washington DC. Just 69 days as leader of the United States, President Reagan shot! We go immediately to George Washington University Hospital.

Newsreel: "Please assure me that you're all Republicans." - President Reagan, March 30, 1981. Public Broadcasting System (PBS) reported this quip from him to surgeons. This quip came as his hospital gurney raced him into the emergency operating room to remove a bullet from his chest.

The after shocks kept coming for many years. Promise keepers dwindled.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I think...

Dr. Paul should go through every grievance he had with the Reagan years during the debate and ask if Perry supports each of them. That would force Rick Perry into the extremely awkward situation of choosing between supporting Reagan or supporting true conservatism.

If he supports Reagan's bad policies, then he will take a huge loss on the conservative scale. If he supports real conservatism, then his whole attack on Paul would be discredited, and he would look like a fool.

"We don't need a Department of Energy; we need a Department of Freedom" - RP
"We need to defend liberty.. and liberty!" - RP

lol that letter was awesome

lol that letter was awesome though

Inevitably RP will be asked

Inevitably RP will be asked about the resignation letter in the debate.

What he should say is something along the lines of:

"I resigned because even while I admire the things Reagan verbally supported, even under Reagan taxes were too high, government was getting too big, and the deficit was exploding, and I am here today running for president because taxes are too high, government is too big and the deficit has exploded. "

Something that clearly highlights his constancy between than and now. He has a big chance her.

David Stockman slashed the US budget in nominal U$ dollars.

And follow that with how Paul Volcker, Fed Chair-monitor slashed the entire economy.

Club of Fed is a beast! David of Stockman dragon slayer!
Submitted by Mark Twain on Fri, 04/15/2011 - 22:45.
Club of Fed is a beast! David of Stockman is fighting a giant!
Submitted by Mark Twain on Wed, 01/05/2011

David of Stockman: Tenacious Budget Cutter, circa 1980... None had more vigor! None more earnest!

Stockman, Reagan Admin. Budget Director, was slated to be a hero of the President Reagan revolution. David of Stockman argued for & won the largest (the only?) budget cuts in modern US history.... Much to the chagrin of the "Tax & Spend" Congress, David of Stockman won massive budget cuts. The ink was still drying, when the lights went out.

Paul Volcker (Paul the V), Federal Reserve Chair-monitor threw the Fed "Big Red Switch." ...
Read the link & related forum to get a "fair & balanced" view of a very bitter budget fight. Two months into President Reagan first term, shots rang out... Reagan was hit... promise keepers became few & far between. Please revisit what you are sure you knew. Likely to look different when you do.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Wall Street Journal

September 6, 2011, 5:26 PM ET.
Longhorn Fight: Paul and Perry Trade Barbs

Mr. Paul’s spokesman Gary Howard responded: “Is Rick Perry attacking Ron Paul for being too conservative for the Republican establishment in 1988? That’s just a question I’d pose.”

Saw that earlier.

Saw that earlier today. There is no way they can spin this, and so many ways they can lose.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

My observation so far is

Democrats love the letter, and real conservatives love both. Win Win.

In a sense, the ad leads to the letter which leads to possibly the cause of the huge divide in America today - neocons in the Republican party.

Remember, everyone voted for Reagan in the 80s for what they thought he stood for. Therein lies the root - and to the root the letter goes.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

The second thing I thought

The second thing I thought after reading it was many more Democratic votes could come our way..:)

The neocons like to forget

The neocons like to forget Iran-Contra, but there is real dirt there that explains alot since. It's just has gotten dirtier and dirter.

I saw a video the other day for the first time with Oliver North looking very worried and mad when one of the questioners was asking about any secret plans to replace the constitutional government with another under emergency orders - then not allowed to say it under claims of national secrecy.

We've gone far beyond that now.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Not just in our heads.

On NPR news this morning, when they reported on tonight's debate, the first thing they mentioned was Perry's attack on Ron Paul, followed by a mention of the Ron Paul campaign's new ad.

Remember, the media loves controversy. It gives them something to talk about. In a sense, they "reward" campaigns that stir things up with greater coverage. I will not be surprised if the Perry-Paul fight becomes a theme at tonight's debate.

Of course, the media is still biased against Ron. Past post-debate reporting ignored Ron's explosive confrontations with McCain, Huckabee and Santorum over foreign policy. They only paid some attention to his altercation with Giuliani because they thought (mistakenly) that it was the end of Ron's 2008 campaign.

We'll see what happens soon enough.

Ron Paul's letter clearly

Ron Paul's letter clearly states many problems that still exist to this day. Getting people to read it is a powerful tool to wake them up to Ron Paul's principles and this move did exactly that.

And if that wasn't good enough the letter is being hosted on Rick Perry's website, so the Perry campaign is actually paying for the bandwidth to promote Ron Paul's message. This is political ju-jitsu at it's finest!!!

I'm not sure.....

this letter is going to have the desired effects everyone thinks it will. I think it's awesome, everyone on DP thinks it's awesome...but i'm not so sure everyone outside of DP will. The problem with the establishment is that they don't like facts when it messes up what they think about the world....when this happens they don't listen to facts, they don't want to read about facts...if facts contradict their opinion about the world/history, they turn into little kids who plug their ears, close their eyes and make noise so they don't have to see it or hear it. That's exactly what this letter does...messes up their perfect little view of Ronald Reagan...who factually speaking was horrible....but in the fairy land that most die hard republicans are in it doesn't fit the bill...hence i don't think they'll give it two seconds.

Remember, Perry is just a face man for the GOP

So when Perry attacks Paul, it is really the GOP attacking Paul.

ER... Just Google Bomb this all day

Comcast Home Page
Top News Headlines
3 National Guard Members Killed in IHOP Shooting
Lee's Remnants May Flood East Coast
GOP Debate Tonight Perry, Paul Trade Barbs

By PHILIP ELLIOTT, Associated Press

Ron Paul's Reagan Revisionism
Written by: The Iowa Republican

September 07, 2011 — WASHINGTON (AP) — A Texas-sized rivalry is brewing in the Republican presidential contest.

Las Vegas Sun

I love the fact that Ron Paul is not afraid to slaughter the sacred cows.

What idiot in Rick Perry's (Hallelujah!) camp thought that it was a good idea to release this letter? Rick Perry (Hallelujah!) put his foot in the bear trap. The letter was awesome!

At first I was opposed to the Paul campaign going negative against Rick Perry (Hallelujah!), but now I realize it was a brilliant political ploy because Perry (Hallelujah!) has no defense other than to release a letter by Paul that makes conservatives want to stand up and cheer. Paul shows that he is thinking two steps ahead of Perry (Hallelujah!).

Google Bomb This All Day
Perry, Paul Trade Barbs
About 10,500 results (0.20 seconds)

There are tons of stories

@ Hurricanepaul - There are tons of stories about this ad - they are literally on every outlet you can think of.

Whether it was a good idea - I don't know but something has to be done to finish Perry soon.

Can't see the forest from the trees?

Some times I just have to shake my head when reading some comments on here. I hate to be negative, but we're clearly living so far inside our little Ron Paul supporter bubbles we can't objectively look at things. This isn't a major story, just try searching Ron Paul on google news, there are NO stories on this. Check out the major news/political sites - The Daily Caller, CNN, Politico, Fox News, Druge Report etc. etc. they are ignoring this. This is not being reported upon anywhere that non-Ron Paul supporters would visit. It doesn't matter if it's on RonPaulForums, or Daily Paul or you've posted it on your facebook page... none of that matters if undecided Republican primary voters don't see and hear about this...

You think they'll actually bring this up tonight? I promise you'll get some Huntsman exposure, they'll have Bachmann back on center stage to keep it interesting and string her along during the fall, and the major story of the night will be Romney vs Perry... you're just delusional if you can honestly look at the news landscape today and make the sort of comments that people are making on this thread.


But it isn't a story, it is a paid for ad - and you can't stop paid ads from running.

Besides I count 382 or so outlets now, many of them major outlets like the washington post or the miami herald.

Anticipation mounts. Everyone is waiting for the debate to begin!

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.


I agree, and not only that i think it comes off negatively (or maybe i don't have the normal political mindset that makes this a positive). I think this is the first time i can say this, but Ron Paul is playing politics. The thing that bothers me about this is Ron Paul is using Reagan to try and grab GOP favor by showing how supportive he was of Reagan. I get that everyone is saying this support came before Reagan took office, and hence before everything negative Reagan did. Reagan was horrible...and Paul knows it. In my opinion there is no comparison between Paul and Reagan....paul destroys him. Maybe these are the things you have to do to win elections, i'm not politically savvy like that. It's not horrible...in 30 years if this is the only political move someone can accuse you of....pretty damn good. I just hope he doesn't get lost in the campaign and get pressured into doing things he never would have in the past.

To Ron: Take The High Road

I agree with John23.

If Ron Paul wishes to differentiate himself from Perry, why not do it with substantive issues? End the wars now, end the Fed, end the IRS, etc. These are issues our man has made his name with, and constitute his strengths.

"Trust" opens Ron Paul up to the kind of pot shots (so to speak) lodged against him that emerged in the 2008 campaign relating to his old newsletters and other charges.

It is, as John23 states, "politics." Take the high road, Ron!

BTW, why isn't Perry allowed to change his mind? I was a Democrat myself many years ago.

Michael R. Edelstein

Seriously John Bolton not

Seriously John Bolton not running for President is getting more press than this story, and I don't think anyone actually thought he was, nor cared if he did run... every other squabble between candidates is getting more exposure, even Jon Huntsman's twitter feed got more exposure a few weeks ago...

It was on drudge

And also thehill...

We should see more press about this in a bit, give it time.