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New Original Music video - "Ghost Squid - The Many Deaths of Bin Laden" - satire/commentary

All original lyrics and music video about America's most infamous terrorist -- if you question the fishy tales of the mainstream media (i.e., "buried at sea"), you'll love this video.

Who's the new terrorists now? It's the Middle Class!
Watch for "Ron Paul Revolution" at the end :)


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The 9-11 barrage of lies on the MSM is over for now mercifully

but you really need a laugh after all that -- so go watch this video now!

video commenting is appreciated!

Thanks for a thumbs up on Youtube... don't be shy to comment! Watch all the way through (3 whole minutes!) and you'll see the Ron Paul R3VOLUTION at the end!

yes, I saw the whole video, -

yes, I saw the whole video, - when serious talks fail satire is useful to pull down the fake 'elite'. The demons are not listening so this is a good medium. Much is being added on YouTube. Times are changing the tune.