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How Will Ron Combat Inevitable "Reagan Was A Democrat"

So, how will Ron combat the "So you tell people not to support the once-Democrat Perry but you supported the Once-Democrat Reagan?"

I think we should brainstorm and Jefferson or someone keep watch and let the campaign know any good ones, if they don't already have a plan.

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MaxK, Idk what your problem

MaxK, Idk what your problem is but I am merely bringing up some legitimate concerns. Is this how you treat every new Ron Paul supporter?

I have been nothing but positive in all my posts. This thread is supposed to be a COLLABORATION of DP users to think of good ways to combat that, because we know it is coming. Come on now.

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If one is a troll, eventually they get outed. Pay little attention to others post and continue to brain storm. If you are a troll for the infamous "Boy Cheerleader" a.k.a. "Pointy Boots" a.k.a. "trans-V lover" a.k.a. "RHINO-Democrat" it will be found out soon enough.

Mr. Perry campaign - I know

Mr. Perry campaign -
I know you just created this user account a little while ago, but figure out how you respond youself. - Thanks.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Excuse me, but...

there is no need to. Ron Paul just needs to continue to say that both parties represent big government...Republicans have lost there way, etc. He just needs to continue spreading his same message.

This is a non issue!

It's not going to be a non

It's not going to be a non issue to the stupid masses who still listen to what the MSM and establishment have to say, unfortunately.

Union, Union County, NJ


The media is just sticking Perry out there like nobody will know the difference.


Ron Paul supported a small government, tax cutting Reagan. That was what Reagan campaigned on and is why Ron Paul endorsed him. And Ron Paul left the GOP because Reagan and the GOP did not follow through on the small government and tax cutting promises.

Ron Paul has been consistent all along. It is the GOP that has failed to do what they say. And that is why the Tea Party started purging the GOP of RINOs. Ron Paul is the lone GOP member who can claim to have never been a RINO.

The way to defuse that "gotcha"

is to run another attack ad right away re Perry's Gardasil injection decree, then another on his push to seize ranchers' lands so a company from Spain could build superhighway to Mexico.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

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Too early

can't spend all the ammo a half year out. Peoples memories don't last that long.

The big ammo needs to come out at the end, right before the primaries.

Reagan was a

conservative Democrat as was Larry McDonald. Perry was/is an Al Gore Democrat.


I remember Reagan saying that he didn't leave the Democrats, the Democrats left him by becoming champions of big government.