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Ron Paul ignored again

Same old story but I think it's important to keep cataloging all of the times that the media ignores Ron Paul just so people don't think we are making it all up.

Just now on the Hannity show they show ten second clips of each candidate from yesterday's south Carolina forum. First they show Bachmann, then Cain, then Gingrich, then Romney. I'm trying to think of which clip they are going to show of Paul. Of course, they don't mention Ron Paul at all. One would have thought that Ron Paul skipped this event.

Another slight was in the Sunday new York times. They have a nice chart of four candidates and how they are doing in various states. They have the pictures of the candidates at the top. Perry, Romney, bachmann, and guess who the fourth one is. The guy who consistently is polling at a big 1%, Jon huntsman. At the very bottom they mention two other candidates as a side thought, Rick santorum and Ron Paul.

I guess Jon Stewart couldn't shame them into fair coverage.

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Heh. So NOW I guess you

Heh. So NOW I guess you newbies, when you hear that in 2008 some RP supporters saw Hannity and started throwing snowballs at him, will understand. I think we should send him letters to watch out for shooting snow, again! Here I thought he was starting to come around. What a jerk.

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I have already made a list

of some of the bigger exclusions this election season..


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We need to compile this stuff

We need to compile this stuff and make a quick 60 second ad.

I think that is a great idea

I think that is a great idea

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I saw both of the above

I actually laughed out loud at the Hannity slight. It was so pathetic.

Although I found it funny at the time, I predict that others won't find such blatant manipulation funny. At some point, these fools are gonna incite violence. Let's face it, these 'newsmen' are committing FRAUD, and some day soon a Hannity, or some other media douche, will be walking down the street, and will run into an angry patriot.

This will reach a boiling point. You can't keep fraudulently claiming, "fair and balanced", and I'm not singling out FOX, without repercussions.

I'm not advocating it, just predicting it.