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JOB WARS: Ron Paul and How Hemp Could Be a New Hope

Despite what the mainstream media may want you to believe Dr. Paul's message of small Government and maximum personal liberty is finally resonating with a growing majority of the general public. In the Ames, Iowa debate his knowledge and positions on foreign policy, the economy and monetary policy continued to differentiate himself from all the other Republican candidates who seem to serve only the maintenance of the status quo. That consistent message in opposition to establishment republicans landed him a second place victory at the Ames straw poll, within a hair's breadth (9/10 of a percent to be exact) of Michele Bachmann's lead. However, in the area which most effects the common American, namely the job market, he has some aces up his sleeve which could help see him through to the final table in the presidential tournament.

In true "Dr. No" fashion, Ron Paul said to a crowd gathered to hear him speak along his Iowa campaign: “Presidents can’t create jobs. Government can’t create jobs. All they can do is create bureaucrats that interfere with your ability to create jobs,”. Texas Governor Rick Perry has said the same. Although, in comparison with other former governors in the race, Perry is not exactly the one to prove that point. Former New Mexico, and 2012 Presidential Candidate Governor Gary Johnson holds the best record for job growth in their respective states at 11.6% to Perry's 7.2%. It might also be fair to mention that Johnson has seen surpluses in state revenue while Perry has only pushed Texas towards mountains of debt, and an increase state government jobs. So when Gary Johnson wrote in a statement on this accomplishment "The fact is, I can unequivocally say that I did not create a single job while I was governor… We kept government in check, the budget balanced, and the path to growth clear of unnecessary regulatory obstacles.” he alone proves Dr. Paul's point.

With Labor Day having just passed and the August jobs report showing stagnant employment the topic of today's discussion at the Reagan Library debate will likely be focused on job creation. I can only hope this article reaches Ron in time (but not holding my breath). That's because now would be the time for Dr. Paul to begin touting his existing efforts in congress to get Americans back to work. One of his plans in particular would cost practically ZERO to implement.

Congressman Ron Paul is the lead sponsor of House Bill 1831 to legalize industrial hemp farming in the United States. If passed the economic effects could be enormous. The two most obvious effects being the hundreds of thousands of employment and entrepreneurial opportunities that would be created over night, as well as a reduction in prices of products utilizing imported hemp or products effected by our absence of a domestic hemp industry. Both are a win for the average tax burdened citizen.

Read more about economic benefits of hemp farming and how Michele Bachmann is working to do the exact opposite at theTrepaNation.com.

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