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60 second Ron Paul Video Contest ~~Cash prizes!~~

Event created by Ron Paul celebrity Alexa (user AlexaforRonPaul). Make a video, spread the word, and win Ron Paul gear and money!


1 You must be in the Video
2. It must be under 60 seconds.
3. You have to advertise Ron Paul, duh!

First Place: $250, plus $200 Gift-Certificate to www.itstimeforronpaul.com, plus 100 copies of the Ron Paul for Liberty DVD
Second Place: $100, plus $100 Gift-Certificate, 50 DVDs
Third Place: $50, plus $50 Gift-Certificate, 25 DVDs

Submit by September 16th. Winner is announced September 30th

How to Submit Your Video
Go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AY4maRZV-0U
And leave a Video Response.

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Such a great idea

love all the responses so far...........