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Ron Paul to skip President Obama's jobs speech


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I wish he'd let a guest sit in his place; someone like

the CEO of Gibson

Undo what Wilson did

Here is the link!


Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

I'm skipping it too!

I'd rather watch an old episode of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.

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Got a link ckoz?


Why look in a speech for jobs that aren't there?

Looked at HTML source. No "Jobs" there either. It is tough to find something that is not there. Perhaps this search is all for not.

As we know, the Constitution is about limited government... Not jobs.

There is an infinite amount of work to do. The government imagines they can coerce (a) others to do it.

Ron Paul News Net has a very brief summary & pointer to "Yahoo!" (apparently the major broadcast source).

------------------- Footnote -------------------

(a) Definition: coerce - verb - compel, press
Synonyms: beset, browbeat, bulldoze, bully, concuss, constrain, cow, dragoon, drive, force, high pressure, hinder, impel, intimidate, lean on, make, make an offer they can't refuse, menace, oblige, pressure, push, put the squeeze on, repress, restrict, shotgun, strong-arm, suppress, terrorize, threaten, twist one's arm, urge

Antonym: leave alone

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LOL....something I'd

LOL....something I'd do.

He/she must really be haveing an off day.