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And the Award for Most Deceptive Graph Goes to: NBC!

...What? How? Why? Who? How do these people keep getting work?


Twice in a day I find myself in a bewilderment.

40,000 votes later:

At the suggestion of animateclay, I looked at the HTML of the graph. There's a max-width:300px CSS declaration on the .ans_bargraph elements (the green bars) that's overriding the accurately sized percentage-based width declarations: Ron Paul's bar was at 100%, and Romney's was at 49% width when I checked, but RP's 100%-wide bar was being capped at 300px...which just so happened to look exactly like 50% in a 600px wide chart.

So, in short, at best, (ignorance before malice, of course!) no one tested their chart code ahead of time with any good data sets. Disappointing because the consequence is so deceptive.

If the code were corrected, as Jack Daw screencapped many votes later, it'd look like the above instead of the below here:

100,000 votes later:

The CSS error remains unchanged. Though Ron Paul now has well over 50% of the votes, it visually appears only double Mitt Romney's 15%, when it should look (as Jack continues to correct and screencap) more like:

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The media will not win!

I could be wrong on this one, but I think all this media deception crap is actually helping us this time around!

Ron Paul supporters are totally sold out no matter what the media says or does. Remember, they used this same crap on us the last time around.

But things are very different this time as we understand their tactics, and more importantly “what their up to”. To the media's discredit they have underestimated the size of their opposition. The Ron Paul campaign has become a movement of infuriated worker bees who want their freedom back!

For the rest of the general public, they know there is something terribly wrong in this country. And they’re sick and tired of being lied to by both the politicians and the media that promotes them. Unlike the last election, they're willing to hear the truth this time, and want realistic answers to this country’s problems.

And this is where the infuriated worker bees of the Paul campaign are coming in. Their blogging numbers are huge this time, and they blog the crap out of media’s crap before it has a chance to dry. Believe me the Media is losing public audience faster than they realize, and will continue sliding into their proper place of irrelevance.

Who knows, maybe there’s a perfect storm a brewing this election. The ability to kill two birds with one stone.. Ending the neo-con movement, and at the same time bankrupting the corporate media running this country!

So stay infuriated, and keep the buzz, Buzzing, The general public is waking up! WE WILL WIN!

The Winds of Change!

Conspiracy or disorganized stupidity?

We seem to be constantly faced with this question when it comes to the coverage of Ron Paul by the mainstream media.

The problem with the stupidity theory is that it only seems to be effecting one candidate (Ron Paul) and with shocking regularity.

Random stupidity or incompetence would tend to be, well... random.

The Virtual Conspiracy

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who's looking for stupidity with other candidates' reporting?

I'm not...

But in this case, I bet you could find on that site similarly coded charts, which'd mean the stupidity's evenly meted out.

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Video showing the shady code

Nice video and explanation

I'm going to try out Firebug. It looks handy.

Outside the Box

A mere graph can't handle the freedom message, it's outside the box.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

This is reported nowhere.

This story should be huge. Ron Paul destroyed them.

They say, "Oh, it's his supporters who flood the polls... that discredits the result." Well, then get your supporters to do the same. You can't. Because you don't have them.

Yep, the old argument that

Yep, the old argument that Ron Paul supporters are all spammers. Sheesh, those other guys have had 4 years to learn how to use the internet and they still can't get any grass roots support.


And don't forget what the MSM taught us: we are all white men in our early 20's. Mainly we are just gamers.

Weirdly enough, all of us gamers engage in this seemingly random behavior of taking breaks from our games to vote in all sorts of polls for Ron Paul. It's just a freak coincidence that we all do this. But it's the only way he wins polls.


the graph is still skewed showing romneys 15% bar as way more than half of Paul's 53% bar.......15= more than half of 53???????

Here is the evidence:

I matched the graph on the MSNBC page up against my own spreadsheet graph with the exact same numbers and found this:


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This is fantastic!

Thanks. I have forwarded it all on.


Get this image out.

Ron Paul disqualified for voter skewing."

Voting is now voter skewing, you'd better stop it. That is to be made a felony by executive order, I hear...
That's right, when you are all in FEMA camps for voting in online polls, you can remember I warned you...
This is beyond ridiculous.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Voter skewing?

Prove it.

UPDATED IMAGE as of 9/8/11


Ron Paul almost DOUBLES Rick and Mitt COMBINED!

Wait... how many votes did Ron Paul just get? It says 14,000

on the one I saw.... wheres the one with 60+??????

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Wrote a small report on statistics and the campaign trail for a class today and I've been following it all morning. Can't wait to not hear about this on any of the news networks.


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I am confused...What exactly is the MSM agenda..Arn't they supposed to be unbiased and reflect the opinions of the public? In their online poll which represents the public RP blows away the competition..Does the MSM represent the government, themselves or the elite who own them? This is total BS and I'm calling these idiots out...The PEOPLE decide who they want not the MSM or TPTB. After the poll the MSM say it's a 2 man race Romney and Perry..HOW?? Think twice before screwing the people we will not stand for it!!!

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Ron Paul now at 51.1% w/74,119 votes

[The apparent deceptive bar graph has been fixed.]

That count is triple that of second place Romney.

Ron Paul 51.1%(74,119 votes)

Manipulation of Primary Vote

If they try to manipulate the primary vote there will be war in the streets.


There will be bread and circuses in the streets.

63,000 votes!

for Ron Paul. Wow, that is an amazing amount of people voting for him on an online poll

"We don't need a Department of Energy; we need a Department of Freedom" - RP
"We need to defend liberty.. and liberty!" - RP

Bizarro World Without Ron Paul


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Now over 110,000 votes

Now over 110,000 votes casted:

Paul 49.3%
Romney 17.6%
Perry 14.7%

h ttp://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2011/09/07/7658608-who-do-you-think-won-the-republican-debate-at-the-reagan-library

"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

as of 95,367 votes....

THANKS to my A&E 911 HUSBAND for noticing this & posting it!!!!

Of course, I *think* we were the FIRST to post. LOL. But, you know what he said??

He said, "One day, the ENGINEERS are going to GO UP AGAINST the damn lawyers & take 'em out!"

Also, "It just goes to show you figures don't lie, but LIARS figure!"

Proper Visualization of Stats

It was an honest mistake.

Its ALWAYS an "honest mistake".
And the honest mistakes are going to keep on happening to RON PAUL until he drops out of the race.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Way to go peaCOCK!


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