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Rick Perry vs Ron Paul Confrontation Photo - Ron Paul Explains

Finally! It's uploaded AND working!


sorry for the delay.

excellent ron paul humor too.

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Why do so many people think

Triple post - reply was messed up

Why do so many people think

Triple post - reply was messed up

Why do so many people think

Why do so many people think Dr. Paul is lieing? I can think of a million reasons as to why the photo would not be threatening. First and foremost, we dont know how long the exchange was; it could have been 30 seconds. Perry could have been talking with his hands or telling a joke (and he didnt hit the punch line yet). He could have been saying something like "that was a nice exchange we had" (with a chuckle on the end. Plain and simple, there is no reason to not believe Ron.

If Perry's behavior is even

If Perry's behavior is even 25% as aggressive as the pictures make it look, it should disqualify him for the Presidency.

Can you imagine him doing something like this to the leader of some other country during a crisis? There are some cultures where it would be an insult that would leave the other party unable to save face by any response less than war.

As for Ron brushing it off, that's exactly the right thing to do. That, plus his posture in the pictures, makes him look unflappable.

And it's pretty clear marching order for his supporters. There's no point in US bringing up this issue. Doing so could lose him points. The media has already run with it and that's more than adequate. They're experts at making people look bad. B-)

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this whole speech is filled

this whole speech is filled with good advice and a positive message to keep plugging away. also, I think to remain optimistic because we don't HAVE to play their game to win.

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Ron Paul is a true champion !

Ron Paul is a true champion !


how many others would have jumped at the chance to make some political hay.

Truth and Integrity.

Perry still intruded on Dr Paul's personal space, but Dr Paul was not threatened by ANYTHING this guy said or is ever likely to say.

Well played Dr Paul... Well played.

....where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is LIBERTY. 2 Corinthians 3:17(b)

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Good move, Ron

There is no need to talk about what was discussed, but if need be he can bring it up at an opportune time...

I'm certain Ron Paul was

I'm certain Ron Paul was sincere in all that he reported and was not just being humble.

I disagree IMHO...

I disagree IMHO...

Two things

stand out to me.

My previous professional experience has taught me to be fairly proficient at reading body language.

It is one thing for a camera to snap at an inopportune time, and make it look like something entirely different is happening. Kind of like when ohmamma had a picture taken that looked like he was checking out some girl's "ass-ets", but when you went to video he was just turning around and looking in the same direction when the camera snapped.

It is quite another, to have MORE than one shot, showing a DIRECT confrontation, with most likely some unsavory words coming from at least one direction..

Rick Perry is an arrogant, dumb, and dangerous goon. I know this from having lived in Austin for over 20 years, and knowing certain people. He has a history of threatening people.

If you look at Hunstman's body language, it looks (to me) like pArrot had just said something offensive. Huntsman's looking down like "dude, that wasn't cool."

Also the bodyguard in the background of this video is the SAME one who was approaching the podium when things were OBVIOUSLY getting heated. He WOULDN'T have done that, if he thought they were having a polite exchange.

How far away was this bodyguard when the exchange started?
How much, and WHAT would have had to have been said for him to close in on Parrot like that?

Also, watch the look on the bodyguard's face as RP is explaining the situation. He does not even crack a smirk. Granted, bodyguards are supposed to look tough and pokerfaced, but I'm not feeling like RP is giving the ALL details of what happened. He's obviously taking the high road. I don't necessarily agree with giving parrot a pass on this.
It's possible that I'm reading too much into this, but my gut tells me differently.
Parrot has a history of putting his hands on men, and it's not just to shake his "finger" in their face, if you know what I mean.


Thank you for mentioning the body guard. I recognized him immediately, as being with Ron Paul in Iowa for the straw poll. I'm glad he was there and put a warning hand on the podium.

It seems to me, one of the commercial breaks was particularly long. Maybe it's my imagination, but it makes me wonder if this "exchange" occurred during that time.


It's the COMBINATION of body language that tells a more aggressive tale. We don't know, because Ron chooses not to tell us, probably because he doesn't want his supporters getting so mad that they do something stupid, like the one person said here.

It's the determined, threatening & decidedly ANGRY look Perry has, in combination with the pointed, threathening finger and stance that tells a different story than Dr. Paul is wanting to confess.

MAY I SUGGEST THAT PERRY HAS A TEMPER, and to see this kind of stance in the very first debate with Paul is not a good sign. His campaign is beside themselves over this, BUT may I suggest they can't control him. Why?


THAT'S WHY. So, fasten your seatbelt. It's going to be a bumpy ride!!

Because I just got through -

within the week, videoing Dr. Paul in Columbia, I recognized the bodyguard. This particular bodyguard almost backward ran me down getting Dr. Paul offstage...so I got a real good look (and video) of the guy's backside, to his scalp!

I do not like to be too-too over dramatic but I am concerned because having somewhat of a background in theatre, I know it's protocol to "not ever rush the stage", during a commercial break on live tv. Make-up, yes. Staging staff, yes. Bodyguard, not so much.

I'm glad the situation seemed to not phase Dr. Paul but
I feel uncomfortable therefore I pray.

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Freedom is: not having to do what you don't want to do.
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I would estimate your summary is pretty close to accurate.

When you see all the shots together it becomes even more apparent: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVu5sir50CM

"Rick Perry is an arrogant, dumb, and dangerous goon."

That is exactly my take on the guy...he needs a tight rein.

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Body Language

Your not alone in your theory. I'm INFJ personality and I am very good at picking up emotions and body language. This was a heated exchange that Paul took the high road on. Everything you described about the body language of huntsman and face expressions is what i picked up on as well. Really, Dr Paul did the right thing and it was a great move. It helps him show he wasn't weak and Perry didn't faze him. He doesn't look like a crybaby to the media. Whatever Perry's goal was, the photos and Paul's comments make Perry look like an jacka**. He is on camera getting animated with Paul and then Huntsman, but neither guy is trash talking Perry or whining. It makes Perry appear on camera to look aggressive and sensitive to others opinions on his decisions.

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with you on this one..

I think this is probably

I think this is probably overblown. Even if Perry was going to threaten Dr. Paul, he wouldn't do it in the Reagan library in front of a nationally televised audience. My guess is that he was trying to explain the Gardasil situation.


unless...Perry is a hot head with an ego so bloated he can't take the concept of being humiliated on national television. Assholes DO exist...

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I love THIS Ron Paul!

I could care less about that photo, I assumed it was overblown hype anyway. But one good thing that did come out of it is this video. I love to see Dr. Paul joking around and fun and relaxed talking to his people. We often forget this side of him because it doesn't really come out in the interviews and debates, but its a very endearing side that I wish more people would see.


I got an email this morning from the RP campaign that contained this Rick Perry quote.

"I will still vote the same principles, only with an R after my name."

Does anyone know where I can find the article (or speech)that contains this quote? It is great ammunition.

My apologies if I changed the subject.

It's interesting how the

It's interesting how the photo bears out the image Perry projects with his zeal on "executions"...and... "people would be treated pretty ugly in Texas if..." Can you imagine Perry, as president, on rendition; assassinations; power to TSA? Yikes!

Whether you believe Ron or not, follow his lead on this

Odds are it was just a typical conversation in a loud environment (the place gets loud during breaks). Thus, the candidates have to get close to each other and have to amplify their non-verbal communication to effectively communicate.

But even if Perry did threaten Paul, it is still not good to look 'bullied'. Paul knows political strategy 1000 times more than we do. I'm pretty damn sure that calling someone a bully isn't what people respect. Just think about the anti-bully campaign in government schools...intellectually, we agree with tattling, but instinctively, we know that people have to learn to deal with bullies if they are going to get anywhere in life. And we really want a President that isn't a push over. WE know Paul isn't a push over, but others don't know Ron Paul at all...other than what the media says.

Bottom line: Ron Paul probably doesn't want to give off the perception that he needs the media and supporters to stand up for him.

Follow Ron's lead in this video.

BTW: Whenever I give speeches, I am so into the moment, I rarely remember what I said...much less what happened during breaks. So if nothing important happened, it is likely that Paul did forget the conversation.

I suspect it was a very threatening tone

but without a witness (Huntsman left his podium, which is the podium in view, when it started judging by the photos) Perry would be free to deny anything Ron Paul said about it so the best tack was for Paul to dismiss it as nothing he could even recall. That lets Perry know he did not produce the desired effect.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

You can bet

You can bank Dr. Pauls military friends have been watching this very closely.
I will bet Dr. Paul has some pretty strong and mighty secret admirers in our military.
They would probably never express their love for Ron Paul but you better believe they would protect him with their lives.
He moves them like he moves us.
I would be very careful if I were Mr. Perry who I touch in the future.

I would bet some in our military would LOVE to have a quiet conversation with Perry about this.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

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i kinda figured

one thing i've learned and cherished in life is to take everything with a grain of salt. initially, i thought the worst as evident with the pictorial body language. but again, as the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. i'm glad ron paul acknowledged and commented on the photo. i've noticed rick perry has a demanding/commanding demeanor about him. i'm not on perry's side by any means but at the same time being objective as far as observation goes. ron paul is my hero. this video just proves my intuition.

When we, as a society, come to the understanding of liberty, the truth becomes apparent.

I Got It

it was all theater on Perry's part. Obviously something he learned in cheerleader school. The lesson is you go to Slick Rick for sizzle and Ron for steak.

we win (again)

You see the Ron Paul right there?

That's the Ron Paul we also need to see in these debates. Relaxed, confident and with a great sense of humor.

I think RP didn't do bad in the debate, but he seemed somewhat stressed up there, especially when put under pressure to come up with a quick response.

I also wonder if attacking other candidates the way he did really benefits him. It is obvious that Ron Paul is not the right person to run a negative campaign. When Ron Paul was going after PRick Perry on vaccinating 12-year old girls, I really felt it was NOT what I needed to hear from him.