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Promote the Sept. 17th Money Bomb NOW!

We have just a few days to promote the Constitution Day Money Bomb! The last debate showed us that the establishment is running scared. We MUST make this big!

Remember to pledge here:
PLEDGE PAGE: http://www.ronpaulwins.com/
And to promote here:
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=221373634578417
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/ronpaul
And be sure to comment on, and share relevant Youtube videos!

Let's make this a "bomb" to remember!

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We REALLY need to push this, let's see if we can reach 3,000 attending on the facebook event!

"Restore America NOW!"

Bump! We have just a few days

Bump! We have just a few days left!

"Restore America NOW!"

We need to do something different

What made the the money bombs of past (2008) so successful. I know it's early in the campaign but we need another 5/6 million$ day. I know the economy is making things difficult but I feel like were missing alot of people who donated last campaign. There are easily 50 to 100 thousand Ron Paul supporters and if there were a way to bring them all together for a money bomb we could destroy the 5/6 million $ day. I guess it's just the post msnbc debate depression but I feel like we need to get the "magic" back and send a huge message to the MSM.