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Jon Stewart on Perry, Romney 9/7/11 (Very Funny)

Who in the world can vote for these guys? Stewart's treatment of Romney's Jobs Plan is hilarious.


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The way Perry was squirming on that chair.....

I honestly thought - here is a man who's anus itches terribly and he has absolutely no way to scratch it.

But seriously it seems he can't sit still. He can't stand without bobbing and weaving. Its like watching a constant spasm.

I haven't seen Saturday Night Live lately but I will make point of watching. Does he have Sydenham's chorea (otherwise known as Saint Vitus Dance)?

And Romney seems to stumble and say stupid things that don't make any sense at all - like George W. Bush did.

This Daily Show made me feel better that Ron Paul can certainly beat these guys.

When Rick Perry entered the

When Rick Perry entered the race and gave his speech in SC, does anyone else remember seeing him do this really silly looking dip while holding the microphone?

I would have never known about it if it weren't for the Daily Show that highlighted it.

I just remember thinking, "it looks like this guy just finished snorting some coke".

Can someone find that clip - we need to turn it into a .gif file.

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

These too fools are telling

These too fools are telling us that everything should be wonderful. Everyone should have a high paying job. It's so easy to say stuff like this. This is what the voters want to hear. Maybe you can convince them that YOU can accomplish this. Maybe you believe that the generally dumb public is actually dumb enough for that!

Neither of these guys has a clue. They have no concept that demand creates jobs, the market creates jobs. Government can only create service jobs that produce no wealth, or make-work jobs that nobody really wants done. Government can hire more soldiers, or more police, or more IRS Agents. More jobs, paid for by more taxes - or more inflation.

Or government can hire people to dig holes in the ground, and more people to fill them in. Again, paid for by taxes or inflation.

Neither of these idiots know about slave labor imports competing against American manufacturers who must comply with mountains of red tape, regulations, licenses and permits. Neither of them understand that the more taxes we pay, the less that is available for investment or retail purchasing.

Neither of them understand that a worthless currency that inflates is one more tax, stealing from the American people. Who is their right mind would vote for either of them?

They used to promise (to my

They used to promise (to my parents) a chicken in every pot. Still doing it..

This idiot is his worst

This idiot is his worst enemy.


First, how is Jon Stewart an idiot?

Second, how is he's Paul's worst enemy?

Because from what I've seen, Stewart has never been unfair to Paul and has given him plenty of exposure.

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Who knew that all we needed was a 'job making machine?' It's soooooo simple!

Problem solved!



liberty lover in Nor Cal!

That was great!

That was great!

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