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I am Ron Paul and I am older than anyone on this stage but.

but I have been fighting the establishment for 30 years and it has taken this long for me to fight the establishment enough to be able to get here. It would be great to sit at home retired, enjoying all the hard work I have accomplished over the years and finally getting to rest my head, but my work wasn't done. I have been fighting this machine for many years to no avail because I could not find a solid ground in which to spread the message of liberty because of the systems that are in place to keep that message silent. When the internet came about, I knew I had a chance to spread the message of freedom that was stifled for so many years by the big guys who choose to keep us dumbed down through media bias, propaganda and fear. God willing, I will give you a solid four years if you elect me to office, I have all the money I need, I have all the friends I need, but I see my country that is in desperate need of a voice of truth and reason. I am old, yes, and maybe not the greatest speaker to ever grace the stage, I could in fact be the worst at speaking, but my heart is true, and I am here for you and for my country. Let them say that I am too old, let them say my ideas are too out of bounds, I stand by my record. Lobbyists don't enter my office, they never have will. I hope to be graced with many more years on this earth, but I intend the last years of my life to fight for you, I intend to finish it as I started it. I am Ron Paul and I have a message to bring, and if this message does not win me the presidency, so be it. I intend to spend every minute of my life working for you who have elected me to represent you to the end. I intend to finish what I have started, and hope you will follow in my footsteps. Please help me in restoring this great country.

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