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As you go forward this blessing from the past: Kent Snyder

People, I will try to give you some strength. Kent Snyder is remembered to us. So we were given a song:

Kent Snyder, he was a bro yo.
Kent Snyder he was a bro yo.
Kent Snyder he was a bro yo.
Heyo, heyo, heyo heyo,
Kent Snyder he was a bro yo.

Kent Snyder: Homosexual. Warrior. Peace Chief. Martial artist. Friend, brother and father. Leader. Counselor.

I know our ways of speaking are different to you but remembering a fallen brother and honoring his gives us strength. Since we remember and never forget, we return this strength to you Paulers. So that the power gives you increase and you can run and not be tired.

So we bless your minds that you might have peace. We bless your arms and your legs and all that is between. We bless your hearts and your generations, let you have increase! We bless the Earth under your feet. We bless the skies above you. We leave nothing unblessed.

That's how much we believe in you. Aho.

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And in a way you are all we have left.

This is part of why this is so important to us.

You are brave. You are unafraid to speak truth to power. You are ascendant which means you gain more power every day.

You look into the "talking leaves" the Constitution and you believe in sovereignty and self-determination. So do we.

It so happens that if we aren't speaking to somebody who understands the Constitution and how international treaties are supposed to be as high as Constitutional law, well then you can forget about us indians.

All we have is our Wampums and their corollary, treaty law. If we can't find somebody who values these treaties and the law that upholds them (which is just a promise, no matter how solemnified by wampum or talking leaves) you can just forget about us. Subject ot objective opinion or "democracy" we are truly done for. In truth, nobody cares about us. Ad truthfully, why would anybody? Our time is so near past. You have no reason to care about us except for....

Except for....the law. Your law.

Kinda ups the cost don't it? Well don't sweat it too much, IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. YOU AREN'T THE SAME PEOPLE, YOU ARE DIFFERENT. YOU AREN'T THE ONES THAT DID THAT TO US, YOU ARE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. You are kind and compassionate and caring. You are also brave and fearless. In fact, you are the kind of people we like hanging out with. And not to put any more pressure on you as you seek to Restore The Republic but I'll tell you honestly: you are the only hope Native America has left.

Let me say that again: YOU ARE THE ONLY HOPE NATIVE AMERICA HAS LEFT. Because you understand sovereignty. You understand self-determination and you like us are persecuted by what we call "dominant culture". You aren't the dominant culture, you are a new one that's about FREEDOM.

Now at this moment there is just one thing more I can do for you. This "white guilt" thing. By our power we set you free. It's not your fault. No longer feel any part of guilt or rage that "you took our land", that's our problem. We never had a word for "forgive" but it's a good one now. Me and my phratry, we "forgive" you which means we love you anyways and we will never be complete without you or unless this hated stops cold. Dead. Cold turkey. It stops now and here or it goes onto the next generation. Which it will to some extent. We can't reach everybody, not at all one time and place so,

you are the future. And our future is you. And we're part of it.

So I bless you as I have. And we're not just dirt-worshipping drunk indians, we can tell you things. We know why Texas is burning and we know what you can do about it.

The real miracle is that your ancestors, when they came here, they didn't know that we have influence over the wind and the water and the air. We can tell you why. But we're not out to influence you or convince you or change you. We think you are doing pretty effing good. And this is the reason why we have come down from our mountains and published a website for poor people so you know the hooks and the crooks of how to survive. So you do that. And if you keep at it, we'll tell you everything. One of the best places to learn is in jail. You really have to discipline yourselves to FEEL the Earth under your feet when you are 5 stories above ground. You have to smell the fresh air when all you smell is disinfectants and body odor. You have to hear quiet when all the inmates are fighting.

In short, you have to become as strong as we are. You will endure hunger and persecution and worse, you might see your woman and kids undergo injustice. We got through it but only because of one reason: it was prophesied: in the 7th generation you would return.

Well here you are. You are better, stronger and more centered. Do NOT give up. You have a phrase, "we are the people we have been waiting for".

No, you are the people we've been waiting or for 7 generations. We have fought and died to keep this door open for you. Walk through it if you can. You have this like mega huge-ass family waiting for you.

We love you. I am Harry Bird One Prayer tradition Dream Dancer 5th Generation. Wopi la tunka, wo Lakota om Najum and all that jazz.

Much 3VOl.

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.