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The first shot of the Texas Revolution, Battle of Gonzales on October 2, 1835

The first shot of the Texas Revolution was fired at the Battle of Gonzales on October 2, 1835

Seems like a Great day to send Perry a Money Bomb Message. I wish i had the computers or software to do more than present an idea. However, if this A-Hole thinks he can man handle us. I say we send him a message. The Campaign needs $150K to keep the lastest ad alive. Why not send a message. Let's send $1.5 million and ask the campaign to use the funds for commercials in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and of Course Texas.A REAL Meassage to Perry..Don't put your hands on me!

Just a thought!

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Oct. 2 Money Bomb A.K.A. battle of Texas

The first shot of the Texas Revolution was fired at the Battle of Gonzales on October 2, 1835. Over the next three months, the Texan colonists drove all Mexican army troops out of the province. In January 1836, Mexican president and general Antonio López de Santa Anna led Mexican troops into Texas to put down the rebellion. General Jose Urrea marched half of the troops up the Texas coast in the Goliad campaign, while Santa Anna led the rest of the troops to San Antonio de Bexar. After a thirteen-day siege, Santa Anna's army defeated the small group of Texans at the Battle of the Alamo and continued east. Many Texans, including the government, fled their homes in the Runaway Scrape. Santa Anna and his troops searched for the Texan government and the Texan army led by Sam Houston. On April 21, 1836, the Texans defeated Santa Anna's army at the Battle of San Jacinto; Santa Anna was captured the following day. The Mexican army retreated back to Mexico City, ending the Texas Revolution.

Shameless Self Bump (2nd time)

Having grown up in Teaxs I think this idea has LONG LEGS.....
Just watch the Video and do a Google serach..Oct 2nd is a huge date in the Battle for Texas and sends a shot over Perrys Bow...