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Ron Paul Widens MSNBC/NBC Poll Lead; Over 200k Votes Now Cast

Friday, September 9, 2011 - 02:05 by Tony Rutherford HuntingtonNews.Net Reporter
MSNBC's First Read continues attracting votes for its post-Presidential Republican Debate poll. As of 1:30 a.m. Sept 9, more than 203,000 votes have been cast. Ron Paul has widened his lead over Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Paul has 57%, Romney 14.6%, and Perry 12.4%.

Despite the thunderous “thumbs up” for Paul, mainstream media continues to virtually ignore the poll results and the comments about a candidate that the public has enshrined yet the media continues to write him off as not a serious contender for the Presidential nomination. MSNBC, the New York Times, Washington Post, and L.A. Times all called the debate a Romney vs. Perry event.

“The New York Times, like everyone else, frames last night’s debate a clash between Perry and Romney,” states First Read from MSNBC/NBC.

Those writing short comments in the poll have even slammed the website for disproportionate graphs of the on line straw vote results. Paul’s green line reflecting 57% (over 115,000 votes) is only twice as long as that of second place finisher, Romney, who has received about 25,500 votes.


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Great Article

Thanks to this reporter.

Being On the Right Side of History: Psalm 46:10

Someone in the comments section

noted that this poll only allowed 1 vote per ip address. I only tried to vote once. That's all I ever do in any poll. That way the results are a fairer gauge of where we stand.

I guess all that fluoride & stuff they've put in our food & water hasn't fogged our brains as much as they'd hoped by now! GO RON PAUL!

I'll give as much respect to my elected officials as they give to the Constitution!

MSNBC Morning Joe

MSNBC Morning Joe concentrates on Romney and Perry with a "too bad" for Bachmann, virtually ignoring Ron Paul's successes and galloping lead in their own poll. The shame and disgust belongs to the corrupt, misinforming, spin of MSNBC anchors.

Just read the comments below

the Huntington piece - they're all positive for Ron Paul. There are going to be more and more reporters step up to the plate and give Ron Paul the credit he deserves. You can only put up with the media bullying for so long, and even their own are bolting toward the truth of Ron Paul. After Ron Paul smacked down Bill O'Reilly for not "being too journalistic", Fox went into hyperdrive of negativity on Ron Paul. How dare Ron Paul smack down the King Fox O'Reilly ? Ron Paul is dead on right, and smart journalists (not controlled by media bosses) are actually enjoying shining the light on their sordid industry.

alan laney


Very good indeed.


A big thumbs up to the writer

A big thumbs up to the writer of this comment are in order:

"Finally, one of those voting in the poll analyzes that “Paul by his 40 plus years of writing and speaking to youthful populations, Ron Paul has already set [the nation] on a path to healing. Due to the life and times of Dr..Ron Paul we now have what we need to overcome.” The writer suggests that whether he wins the most votes in the dash for the Oval Office, “ Ron Paul has already won” by shaking and waking Americans to see through the myths foisted upon them by the media. In essence, the popularity of Dr. Paul means that Americans are done with apathetic listening, now, they are ready to think seriously about the responsibility and consequences of choices made at the ballot box."

That's what I've been saying/thinking for a while.



"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

will they disqualify him ?

Just like rightscoop, will they disqualify him for "voter skewing" ? (read - we will disqualify if anyone other than our frontrunner wins the poll!)

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

I cannot get the headline to read "200,000".

It will only make a 200,0 for some reason. Could the moderator fix this please? Thanks.

Sure. Do it the smart way.