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Free Trade = Tyranny And Genocide

Is the "Patriot Act" a Patriotic Act, or is it in fact the exact opposite?

Is the "War on Terror" a just war, or is it in reality the exact opposite.

A War of Terror rained down upon mostly innocents.

Was the "No Child Left Behind" program a sincere attempt to improve the education of our youth, or was it in fact the opposite. A diabolical policy to "Dumb them Down"?

The "War on Drugs"? I think you get the idea.

There is no free trade. What is being called free trade is in reality a massive consolidation and centralization of wealth and power into fewer and fewer hands in order to monopolize and control the necessities we all need to be able to live as a free people in a free society. That most certainly includes food which in fact is right now being used as a weapon against humanity as it always has been used throughout history. Just never on the scale it is being attempted to by the current crop of world dominators.

Reagan deregulated the Media Industry while under the control of his puppet master Bush, Sr. That resulted in the consolidation of over 50 major US media conglomerates into the hands of just 6.

It was touted as an act of free trade, but resulted in the total and complete destruction of the United States 4th Estate empowering the Transnationalist Oligarchs with an unprecedented degree of control to suppress and manipulate consciousness and awareness.

My previous thread "The Debate Sucked" was my first foray into gathering insight into where it is you people have your heads.

You might ask why I would even bother.

Please allow me to explain a little.

Based on both public comments and private messages made by people who have come to know my online persona over the years I feel confident when I say that I have achieved a level of geopolitical insight that many have found interesting and intriguing enough to be appreciative of my efforts to impart them to others.

Many who are unfamiliar with the information as well as the analysis of that information very often are incapable of grasping what I am trying to explain to them.

I have for many years reached out to teach others the ever increasing body of knowledge I have acquired through meticulous research and analysis. The effort of reaching out and teaching results in dividends in my learning as well.

I chose the online message forum as my primary medium to disseminate as well as enhance my ability to acquire the knowledge I was seeking. Like so many others that quest began in earnest on 911. Unlike so many others I have had the luxury of being able to engage in that quest for knowledge and understanding at times as though it were my full time vocation. I have been retired for over 10 years.

The methods I have developed have in fact alienated a lot of people, but from experience I know they work and the positive result of the effort has far outweighed the negative.

Consider the pounding I have been subjected to with this introductory thread.

I consider that a successful reaction.

Part of my motivation for posting this thread as well as the title and content was to learn about all of you and try and understand where all of you are at. To do that necessitated posting something both appropriate and somewhat controversial.

I have learned quite a bit.

I will have to do some hard thinking about what I have learned before I decide if this forum is appropriate for me to stake myself in.

I have mentioned previously that although I may have only become an active poster a mere two weeks ago I have in fact been visiting and reading the Daily Paul for 3+ years.

I do not casually make a decision to post in a forum.

What I do in a forum is not fun. It is a lot of work.

"The Essential Thing"

"The essential thing" the decision has been made: the system is coming down! The system is going to disintegrate. The global international financial system is going to disintegrate and be remade. It's going to disintegrate,-- and somebody is planning to be the top dog!

This is the end-game! This is not rivalry; this is not competition. This is end-game! And someone is orchestrating the end-game! All Countries even the United States at the top level at least, do not play this on 'sides.' They play for the game-masters, not the contestants. They're playing for the game-masters, trying to survive. But the game-masters have designated themselves to be the game-masters. And it can only be somebody inside the game-masters control rooms, that's pulling all this off.

You've got to go with those kinds of considerations, and forget all the so-called evidence, "because the evidence is worthless under these conditions, that is, the evidence which points in one direction or the other,-- forget it! Scrap it!

Don't try to interpret it. Don't try to be credible. Because, if most people would believe it, it's not true! If most people would feel it was plausible, it's not true. The nature of the game is that.

You see, this operation has a chaos factor in it. And you have to say,-- Wait a minute! You don't know who's doing it, because you have so many competing people. Each is doing something different. Therefore, which of them is doing it? NONE of them! The game-masters who are orchestrating the chaos, are doing it.

How do you screw up the world? Look, we've seen this before. You have, for example, the assassination of Kennedy. You get the war in Indo-China, which was impossible at that point, if Kennedy had not been shot. So that's the kind of thing. You're going to get one after the other! It's going to saturate the system with one blow after the other! People will come up with an interpretation,-- it's wrong! They'll find out it's the wrong interpretation, because the next one will be different. Then they've come up with two things; they'll try to explain it, then the third one happens,-- they'll be wrong! So, we should not, in any sense, try to make a deductive conclusion, from evidence. Because we don't have the evidence. The evidence is the full game, with all the parts,-- and you don't have them yet! So, therefore, you have to say, `What is the full-game characteristic of this period of history?' That tells you what it is. That's what I'm talking about. Everybody else is wrong on this kind of thing; this is my baby!

No deductive conclusions! The whole damn world will be broken up. That's the game!

People are being idiots because they say, well, `You can't say that! Let's concentrate on the facts. Let's concentrate on the facts,' is what they'll say. Now here you have it, the fact is, we're in the point of a total breakdown of the international financial and monetary system. This is not a collapse; this is not a depression. It's a disintegration of the very integument upon which the whole current world order has now come to depend. That's the game. And, any developments which don't fit the game, don't explain this kind of thing. It's one thing after the other; it's a chaos operation. The tendency is to create chaos; it's a chaos operation. So, therefore, in a chaos operation,-- don't try to attribute chaos, to some individual who's not chaos, but rather appears to be trying to fix things.

We don't know who the game masters are. We can identify the game masters by the nature of their chaos. But the identity of the game masters, we don't have. The people like Obama, Putin, Hu Jintao who are doing international and domestic policies are doing something. We know what they're doing; we know what the effect is they're playing for. That's clear. WHO the game masters are that control what ends up happening anyway, we don't know.

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Welcome back dolphin

I have done extensive research and I have come to the same conclusion as you put forward in your post.