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Columbus, OH Straw Poll / Oct.22

Looks like I'll be contacting my eldest son at OSU and making a trip to Columbus. Perhaps I can sponsor some students for the poll.


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Told my parents who live in

Told my parents who live in OH who wouldn't have had a clue about this. I would also love to come vote from Indiana, but need to know if out of state residents are allowed to vote? Can anyone help on this?

Will try

But its a long 3 mile drive from Westerville to Columbus

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Can Out-of-Staters Vote?

Do voters have to be residents of Ohio to vote in this straw poll?

Ron Paul - Honorary Founding Father

Got my email confirmation

Congratulations! You've successfully registered for the October 22nd Swing State Straw Poll.

Please confirm your reservation by replying to this e-mail with your name as you would like it to appear on the registration list. If you've reserved more than one $25 spot, please include the full names of all parties who will be attending the event under your reservation.

When you arrive at the Union on the campus of The Ohio State University on October 22nd, you will check in at the registration table designated for pre-paid attendees. Your payment is your admission to the event; you do not need a ticket to participate.

Registration begins at 12:00pm.

Please take a moment to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

We look forward to seeing you on October 22nd!

Cant wait!

On my way from dayton area

I'll be there with bells on.

I'll be there with bells on.

Columbus, Ohio


My wife and I are coming up from Dayton. We'll be meeting my son and going to the poll. I haven't found much info, start times etc. The e-mail updates haven't been much help. What time should we arrive wire?

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio

Looks kinda hokey but

Looks kinda hokey but whatever. Another win for Ron Paul can't hurt.

Doors open at noon, proceedings start at 1. The whole thing ends at 3.


Columbus, Ohio

nice! it is just $25

definitely more reasonable

Ohio Straw Poll

I am going to be there. Click below to get your ticket! We need as many Paul supporters there as possible!


quick question

I've never attended anything this this. When I go to the Pay Pal page can I purchase more than one ticket by increasing my "donation" amount?

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio

Just do another transaction

for a separate ticket - just to be safe...

If you put $50 in as the donation - paypal may assume that you want to pay $50 for that one ticket.

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams


That's what I'm assuming. We'll just all purchase tickets separately.

Miamisburg, Montgomery County, Ohio

I'll be there as well!

I'll be there as well! Really glad Ohio is having a straw poll. I will have to refrain from wearing my University of Michigan stuff though!! ;) Has anyone heard if Ron Paul will be making an appearance?