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New Daily Paul Chat & FAQ

Now a toggle-able block that appears on the homepage and forum topics

If you leave the block on:
Turn chat off by clicking the "### People Here" bar, clicking the cog on top, then Turn off.
Turn chat on by clicking the red power button on the bottom right of your screen.

Upload your user pic here

If you have an account on the Daily Paul and you're logged in and you have JavaScript enabled on your browser, you've probably noticed the new chat option at the bottom of the page on the Daily Paul. This is a test of the chat software offered by Envolve. BigMikeDude originally suggested rolling out a chat for the debate, though I didn't get it up in time. We've got this test installation in place for the weekend, and the next debate, which is on Monday. Thanks to Joη for rolling out the installation last night.

Mess around with it and see what you think. Post any questions / comments / concerns on this thread, please. Let me know what you really think. Like everything else about this site, this is an experiment. The fun part about experiments is seeing where they go. So let's have some fun and see where this one goes :-)

Below is an FAQ from the Envolve site. Your patience is appreciated as we work out the kinks.

Q) What does the 'New Chat' button do?
A) The New Chat button allows you to start a conversation about any topic you would like to talk about. Splitting conversations up allows people interested in specific subjects to easily find each other and have a meaningful conversation. The New Chat button will create a public chat that is viewable to everyone and can be viewed by the site owner later.

Q) What is a private chat?
A) Private chats are started by clicking the 'chat' link next to a user's name. They will say 'Private Chat' at the top and are not visible to anybody else beside the participants. The transcript data is not available to the site owner or anyone else.

Q) Can I have a group private chat?
A) Yes. Start a private chat with one person and then drag-and-drop the names of the other people you'd like to private chat with into the window.

Q) Someone is being a jerk. What can I do about it?
You can roll over that user's name and click 'block'. They will no longer be able to interact with you.

If you are the creator of a public chat you can roll over that person's name and click 'boot'. This will remove them from the chat. Admins can also ban users by IP address.

As a chat creator (or admin), you also have the ability to clear the chat history by selecting the option from the menu at the top of the chat.

Q) What does the 'type a status message here' box do?
A) Once enter is pressed, it sends a message to everyone on the page in the form of a popup that appears in the lower right hand corner of their screen. For example, if you frequent a job board, such as http://www.Startupers.com you could broadcast: "Looking for a job as a iPhone App Developer." This message then is displayed under your name in the list of people in the People Here list.

Q) Are chats encrypted?
A) If you are on a website that is using SSL, Envolve will also use SSL and chat data will be encrypted when sent over the network. Envolve is not intended for use in high-security situations though, so please do not use it to transmit credit card numbers or other highly sensitive data.

Q) Do you store my chat history?
A) Please read our Privacy Policy.

Q) I'm typing French and the other user is typing English. Why isn't the automatic translation working?
A) We provide translation services when we detect that the language settings of the users' browsers are different. Check to make sure that your browser is set to French and that the other user's browser is set to English. A good way to test this is to go to http://www.google.com and see what language it is displayed in.

Q) My browser says "Waiting for edge1rx1.envolve.com?". Does this mean your servers are slow?
A) On many browsers we do our real-time communication using a technique called long-polling. This requires your browser to continually have connections open to our server so that we can push data back to you when it is ready. This is normal behavior and does not interfere with the rest of your web browsing. Most of the time those connections are idle and we are not sending any data either, so we are not wasting your bandwidth either.

Q) I accidentally blocked someone. How can I unblock them?
A) Blocks are on a per-session basis. All a user has to do is close and reopen their browser (or clear cookies) in order for the block to go away. "Banning" is different than blocking, so if an admin banned a user they will have to remove the ban from our administrative interface.

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Color Me Stupid BUT

I can't figure out how to SEND a message in chat.


Joη's picture

have you tried pressing enter?


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laughing out loud here. Don't know why that struck me as so funny, but it did.

Posting a Picture

How do I post a really awesome picture for all to see on the Daily Paul home page?

our time has come

Our time has come but it does not have to mean one of the Daily Paul moderators has freedom to put us down!

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Uh, apparently I was just blocked from the chat feature?

Does anyone know what this is about?

ed: Nevermind I guess it was a room crash.

Chat, A Key Feature of the DP

Just wanted to say, Michael and Jon, way to go!

I'm lovin' chat.

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I just want to say...

The Daily Paul Liberty Forum should be limited to chats about politics, Ron Paul etc. I just went on for the first time and folks were chatting about...of all things...SPORTS!

They were rude and profane. It's the last time i'll on go on this Forum

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Good Experiences for Me, Helpful Function

Oh. I'm sorry to hear that, Slipmatwax. I've not had poor experiences. Each time I've gone into chat I've found people chatting away about what you want to talk about, Ron and politics. I recall a couple times there were short conversations about sports, but there were no long conversations about sports or anything else tangential.

As for rude behavior, ignore the casters of that behavior. Drag your cursor over someone's name without pressing a button. A box should appear. In that box should be someone's name, state and the word "chat" and the word "ignore." If ignore isn't an option, locate the person's name in the name list on the right of the screen (where I assume it is for everyone) and put your cursor of it without pressing any button. The words chat and ignore should appear. When you see ignore, just click it and you'll be all set. You souldn't see his name, what he says or receive an invitation from him. I've not used that function, so I don't know if there's a way to retract the ignore function. Also, anyone can create rooms and headline them. So, if you want to talk about RP in Texas, create a room for example saying Texans Supporting RP.

I hope my explanations helped you, fellow DPer. If I can help you more, let me know. Take care and happy new year. :)

School's fine. Just don't let it get in the way of thinking. -Me

Study nature, not books. -Walton F. Dutton


I wish I could figure out how to use it. Duh so tech lame.

I Have The Same Problem

I will type a message but can't find a way to SEND it.


I really hope you guys keep

I really hope you guys keep it on the front page.

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Joη's picture


the little embedded thing on the bottom like originally on each page that forced everyone to sign in, or just a link to /chatrooms?

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Yes exactly,

at the bottom of the page where everyone is by default in chat. It immediately caught on and was very engaging. Different subjects where popping up where you could sit around and watch an interesting conversation and chime in every once in a while. People were learning about Austrian economics and having debates about the business cycle. People where learning how to become a delegate. You could easily see all the people on the DP and where they were from. You had a wonderful atmosphere of the "DP community"

If it is set up where you have to go to a different chat room to communicate much information exchange will be lost because we are accustomed too and want to browse while we have the option to chat (like facebook) if you could set it up where chat never leaves the window and doesn't refresh with the page it would be even better!

Thanks Jon!

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Chat Status # online

Sometimes that statistic when minimized reads double, you might want to report to envolve.

Shows: 450 people, expands, and it shows 250 people.

Joη's picture

hey guys, turning chat off for a bit

testing some stuff out.

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

Joη's picture

alright, activated back at /chatrooms

will still be testing stuff out tonight.

You should notice your user portrait will appear visible in chat if you've uploaded one to your account here.

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is the chat button gone?

i don't see it.

found it. (i swear i looked

found it.

(i swear i looked for it before i posted!)

Where'd you find it?

I used to see it on the bottom right. I don't see it anymore.

How about a permanent chat room: "Potential/New Supporters"

It's always there, so when new or potential supporters come to DP and want to ask questions, they can go right to that chat room. There will be plenty of us that will be willing to spend time with new folks that have questions.

It's an opportunity to show people how many of us there are that can give them polite, intelligent answers to their questions.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

bigmikedude's picture

Not a bad idea bug,

I'll pass that on.


those of us willing to "staff" the chat room can just make sure one is open with that title. I had one going a few minutes ago, but lost my internet connection, now it's gone.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

This looks great!

This looks great!

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I have to say

that your new chat program is genius!

It's great that I can easily turn it on and off.

I am Ron Paul


SO I think this chat function is absolutely fantastic. Reasons that make it fantastic areas follows. First, the ability to have a bunch of different chats going on at once. Second, it is always with you wherever you go on the DP, people want to be able to browse while chatting. Third, the flags and ability to see other people along with statuses, great.

I think this will remove some of the arguments that where going back in forth and distorting the active forum topics. People will say instead " meet me in the chat room, high noon"

A couple complaints are that you can't see yourself on the ability to chat. If I have a status or picture I like to be able to see how it views for other people. And It would be really nice if the chat didn't reload every time a page reloads.

For the people who put this together, thank you.

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Michael, I think you need to specify that chat is only

available by clicking the chatrooms link.

I spent several minutes trying to figure out why the chat button wasn't appearing at the bottom of my DP screen.

Yes, you have a big link there, but it isn't clear that the chat button is site-wide. As it reads now, it appears that it is. (the way it looks, it is as if you are saying this discussion has been moved to that link, not the chat feature itself)

bigmikedude's picture

I don't see anything site wide yet sam

I know Jon is working on doing that possibly atm.

As far as I know right now you have to use that chatroom link on the FAQ thread.

If you see a site wide tell me where you see it. So far I don't.

That was my point. The post "looked" like it was saying

that chat was a site-wide feature. It didn't make it clear you had to click the chatrooms link. (the link provided could be interpreted that the discussion was moved to that url, not that the feature only existed there.)

No biggie. Apparently it is now site-wide.

Mobile devices

There seems to be a bug when browsing using an iPhone. When I open up a blog topic, the chat bar appears in the middle of my screen, blocking text and I can't read what's behind it. Anyone else having this problem?