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New Daily Paul Chat & FAQ

Now a toggle-able block that appears on the homepage and forum topics

If you leave the block on:
Turn chat off by clicking the "### People Here" bar, clicking the cog on top, then Turn off.
Turn chat on by clicking the red power button on the bottom right of your screen.

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If you have an account on the Daily Paul and you're logged in and you have JavaScript enabled on your browser, you've probably noticed the new chat option at the bottom of the page on the Daily Paul. This is a test of the chat software offered by Envolve. BigMikeDude originally suggested rolling out a chat for the debate, though I didn't get it up in time. We've got this test installation in place for the weekend, and the next debate, which is on Monday. Thanks to Joη for rolling out the installation last night.

Mess around with it and see what you think. Post any questions / comments / concerns on this thread, please. Let me know what you really think. Like everything else about this site, this is an experiment. The fun part about experiments is seeing where they go. So let's have some fun and see where this one goes :-)

Below is an FAQ from the Envolve site. Your patience is appreciated as we work out the kinks.

Q) What does the 'New Chat' button do?
A) The New Chat button allows you to start a conversation about any topic you would like to talk about. Splitting conversations up allows people interested in specific subjects to easily find each other and have a meaningful conversation. The New Chat button will create a public chat that is viewable to everyone and can be viewed by the site owner later.

Q) What is a private chat?
A) Private chats are started by clicking the 'chat' link next to a user's name. They will say 'Private Chat' at the top and are not visible to anybody else beside the participants. The transcript data is not available to the site owner or anyone else.

Q) Can I have a group private chat?
A) Yes. Start a private chat with one person and then drag-and-drop the names of the other people you'd like to private chat with into the window.

Q) Someone is being a jerk. What can I do about it?
You can roll over that user's name and click 'block'. They will no longer be able to interact with you.

If you are the creator of a public chat you can roll over that person's name and click 'boot'. This will remove them from the chat. Admins can also ban users by IP address.

As a chat creator (or admin), you also have the ability to clear the chat history by selecting the option from the menu at the top of the chat.

Q) What does the 'type a status message here' box do?
A) Once enter is pressed, it sends a message to everyone on the page in the form of a popup that appears in the lower right hand corner of their screen. For example, if you frequent a job board, such as http://www.Startupers.com you could broadcast: "Looking for a job as a iPhone App Developer." This message then is displayed under your name in the list of people in the People Here list.

Q) Are chats encrypted?
A) If you are on a website that is using SSL, Envolve will also use SSL and chat data will be encrypted when sent over the network. Envolve is not intended for use in high-security situations though, so please do not use it to transmit credit card numbers or other highly sensitive data.

Q) Do you store my chat history?
A) Please read our Privacy Policy.

Q) I'm typing French and the other user is typing English. Why isn't the automatic translation working?
A) We provide translation services when we detect that the language settings of the users' browsers are different. Check to make sure that your browser is set to French and that the other user's browser is set to English. A good way to test this is to go to http://www.google.com and see what language it is displayed in.

Q) My browser says "Waiting for edge1rx1.envolve.com?". Does this mean your servers are slow?
A) On many browsers we do our real-time communication using a technique called long-polling. This requires your browser to continually have connections open to our server so that we can push data back to you when it is ready. This is normal behavior and does not interfere with the rest of your web browsing. Most of the time those connections are idle and we are not sending any data either, so we are not wasting your bandwidth either.

Q) I accidentally blocked someone. How can I unblock them?
A) Blocks are on a per-session basis. All a user has to do is close and reopen their browser (or clear cookies) in order for the block to go away. "Banning" is different than blocking, so if an admin banned a user they will have to remove the ban from our administrative interface.

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where did chat go?! I already

where did chat go?! I already miss it!

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We're working on it, trying to iron out some issues.

Use dale's link below for now. Or here (same one) http://www.dailypaul.com/chatrooms

It is on it's own page right now so it doesn't clutter everyone's DP up for them.


That's okie innerwebs lingo for that's what I was wondering.. :O)

EDIT: I see now that it has been moved to www.dailypaul.com/chatrooms

Give it some time though, it's just a blank page that says chat rooms right now.

Turn off a specific chat

Love the new feature.

How do you turn off a specific chat?

Like for right now, I'd like to just and only have the "Texans for Liberty" chat up. I don't want to see the "A scientific issue with Austrian economics" right now. Maybe in a couple hours, maybe tomorrow... when I do want to join the "A scientific issue with Austrian economics" chat I can, from the far left "More Chats" menu.

So I'd like to close those specific chats while keeping the one I want open. Is this possible?

If not... is it possible to open the chat as a "Popout to new window" and then close the chat in the "People Here" box and still have the popout function correctly?

Thanks! Again, loving the new feature.

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is it possible to open the chat as a "Popout to new window" and then close the chat in the "People Here" box and still have the popout function correctly

Yes. You may have to click the little "turn on" icon in the lower right corner of the popped out window after you get it popped out in order for it to work.

I got it to work for me.

It Worked!!!

Thanks! Yes I had to do the turn on thing in the popout but now I've got a nice clean browser bottom and a separate page with the chat. Awesome, that's an acceptable workaround for me.

Would like to just have those chats stay closed, but this fix works for me.


Closing Chat

Just hit the 'x' button on that chat you want to close.

It's on the tab to the right.

Closing Chat

Right. And then click on the next topic to read and they come back.

Click X to remove that specific chat. Finish reading topic. Click to next topic and they come back.

Click X to remove that specific chat again. Finish reading topic. Click to next topic and they come back.

Click X to remove that specific chat again. Finish reading topic. Click to next topic and they come back.

How do you stop just that 1 chat from coming back? I don't want to turn off chat completely, I just want the 1 or 2 chats I'm in to stay, and the rest get stored under "More Chats".

My beginning suggestion..

"Preferences" I don't like closing out all the boxes at the bottom to just have them all there again when I go to the next page.

I go through all the current subjects and then open them into separate tabs, so that I know when I'm done and things don't disappear on me. If we had preferences then we could option to simply have the list of people here and the "more chats" where we could pick somewhere to hang out. But having all those flashing lights at the bottom is very annoying when it comes down to it.

Does that make sense or am I just talking out my arse again?

separate tabs

lol I do that too. Open subjects into different tabs... just helps me keep track of where I am so much.

I don't think you're talking out your arse.

Love the chat, annoyed at 1 aspect.

:you've probably noticed the new chat option at the bottom...

How do I make that line of chat stuff across the bottom of the page go away? I have no interest in "live chat." I touch-type about 45 WPM and watching somebody hunt and peck at about one word every five or ten seconds tends to give me an ulcer.

Rich Grise

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Bottom right...

where it says "245 People here", click and open that box..then click on the cog/sprocket looking thing on the top right of the window...select turn off. It will then become a very small button on the bottom right of your window that you could open if you so choose.

I had to cast

around in order to find out how to turn it off, but once I found that I am fine with it now. I can see that there are quite a few folks using it, but I doubt I'll be one of them. A nice option, though.

Open to new window function is great..

top right of chat box..the little mechanical cog looking thing...click and select "Open to a new window", and then you can keep it on top while looking at other windows. You can actually click out of everything, including the DP, and still keep up your chat window if you wish.

Makes it easy to "research" or surf a little while keeping up with your chat session.

EDIT: BTW..great job Michael and the rest of the motley crew!

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Chat window under video

Not that its a huge deal but say i have my browser window not set to full screen, and im watching a youtube video on a post. if the window is too small, the video covers up the chat window, rather than the chat window covering the video. Like i said, its no big deal cause you can just adjust the browser size so you can see the window again, or put it in a side window, but i wasnt sure if thats how you wanted it layered.

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OK, I give up. Try as I might

OK, I give up. Try as I might I don't see any chat button at the bottom of the page. Do you have to sign up to be an ad-free subscriber?

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no, but you do need javascript on

are you part of the 1% that browse with it off?

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1%? I wouldn't be surprised.

1%? I wouldn't be surprised. ;-) I'll check on that. Thanks, Jon.

Mr. Nystrom

WOW!! you are dah man...
this is fantastic

So far, so good!

I guess the real test will be during the next debate but I think that is awesome of the DP to experiment with this new feature.

Great work guys!

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It's working great

The chat is working great. I did notice that the chat reloads every time you navigate to another page on dailypaul.

Could this be changed to stay loaded as you navigate the site, similar to how Facebook has their chat set up? It might save some bandwidth.

Very Cool :)

Thanks Mr. Nystrom =D


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Great Feature!


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Its a really neat new feature!

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what are the red circles with numbers in them?

I assume the numbers to the right of the title is the number of people in that chat room?

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Yes, I think that is the case

And if there is a number in a red circle - I think that means the number of new messages since you last checked in on the chat.

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It's TOO good...

dammit, I'll never get any work done! It's so tempting to go hang out there, it's killing me!

Great addition to the site! I love the multiple topics each having their own chat room.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose


I swore my kids would start eating donuts for breakfast this morning...but I finally got my behind off and fried up some eggs and such. :O) A little later than usual of course.

This was BIG surprise! Came

This was BIG surprise! Came up on bottom of my screen ..was very cool..but I am worried, because during the last debate the site would not load at all several times, Will this slow it down even more? At that time it was showing less than 400 registered users on, and I was very disappointed that DP would not load after all the upgrades last year.