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Hi-ho Silver! Washington Post blogger Charles Lane

I googled air conditioned tents and got this doozy of a blog post. Enjoy!

According to the Gallup poll, Paul is currently in a statistical dead heat with President Obama. That’s right: when it comes to their choice for President in 2012, Americans are equally divided between the incumbent and this rambling ultra-libertarian gold bug. This must be a measurement of Obama’s political weakness, because it cannot possibly reflect widespread support for Paul’s loopy ideas.

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Obama's political weakness is

Obama's political weakness is Perry, Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann, Palin and the other Republican candidates' weakness, too. Aside from all the lies, there is very little difference between them.

For all of Obama's talk of "change", what has changed? Things have just continued to slide downhill. More undeclared wars run for the benefit of the same interests as under Bush. More bailouts, and "stimulus", more inflation, more unemployment, and less freedom.

There is only one candidate who speaks about bringing home all the troops right now. There is only one candidate who speaks about allowing business to fail and go bankrupt. There is only one candidate who speaks about repealing the "Patriot Act", stopping torture, and reigning in an out of control Executive Branch.

RON PAUL in 2012!

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