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Ron Paul in the CNN / Tea Party Express Debate, Florida 9/12/11

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On Monday, September 12, 2011, CNN and the Tea Party Express will team up for a debate among the Republican candidates in Tampa, Florida, the site of the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Source: CNN

Get yer tickets at www.teapartyexpress.org/debate/

Live Stream at CNN.com: here

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Hey Michael, why will my

Hey Michael, why will my signature never update (it sticks with the original even though I changed in my account) Thanks, just curious. No biggie

“Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy...." Adams. http://ronpaulgirl.com http://blogtalkradio.c


This video needs to go viral.
Why "They" attack us.
Short and sweet!

They featured Ron Paul Girl

They featured Ron Paul Girl on http://www.blogtalkradio.com it was the episode on this GOP debate Sept 12th that they featured. I was shocked cause you usually hae to write in a request to be featured! It's not that big of a deal, but it is some more exposure in addition to the rest weve been getting for Dr. Paul! We will win this thing guys...and gals!


Go and "like it" or spread it around if you can. If they get a bunch of traffic to there site from here maybe they will feature me again. (show every night at 12 pm Central) Thanks to Carolyn Krueger for the intro to theme song. I will be posting the first Ron Paul Girl Video Tomorrow since I got all my RPG gear in yesterday to wear. Shirts are so cute ladies...promise. More Women in the Libertarian Movement, the better! Get items @ http://zazzle.com/girls4ronpaul*

Anyway, I've been playing RPG for 3 years now (on any website enter a user name ronpaulgirl and that's me), so it's about time to put the live radio and the visual together! Yall hopefully aready know what I'm talking about, I've explained the "Girls 4 Ron Paul" Mission on here too many times, I think! Though I might make a post about it because some of you guys tend to not listen very well...lol

Call in the talk show any night @ 11pm! Guest call-in number: 1 (323) 657-1438
Hope to interview Carol Paul soon! Tune In! And RP's great niece..

I won't list the entourage of websites....just a few if you forgot: http://girls4ronpaul.com/

Got to facebook.comronpaulgirls if you have no clue what I'm talking about. No, I'm not Mona from 2008. I got the dmain names and all in 2009 in hopes he would run again and thinking that I wanted to make sure whoever uses his name is respectful and knows... well her is quote from page. I do it for free and not to further my career (like previous 08 did) If Fox news ever features me one day like the did her (back in 2008. I will not blow it and will kick ass in support of Ron Paul. (the main response to that apperance was " white trash idiot girls like ron paul" (quote from fox website) People mistake me for her anyways, I'm not dissing her looks...just the amount of real support she carried for Dr. Paul. I mean he is my hero....what more can you ask for? Yes, I'm no new member, Ive been here forever.

But I also have scheduled a show called "vetting Ron Paul Girl" where you can all call in and discuss what you think I should change or what you really like too. I've run it by DP a million times already over past 3 years.

"Who is Ron Paul Girl 2012?
Instead of RPG stripping for votes this year, we will have a real woman to play the role. She can gets votes just by spreading RP's message of Liberty. But if for some reason that is not working... she can strip much better than RPG 2008 can. LOL (Kinda kidding) Whatever it takes so my next President is the honorable Dr. Ron Earnest Paul... Ya'll know what I mean. It's time to take charge and use any influence we have to gain serious voters for the primaries. This is our last chance to save the country. Let's do this together ladies."

“Wherever the standard of freedom and independence has been or shall be unfurled, there will her heart, her benedictions and her prayers be. But she goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy...." Adams. http://ronpaulgirl.com http://blogtalkradio.c

"Let" me keep my money...

Did anyone notice that in Newt's response to the young man's question about keeping his income, Newt stated, "I would 'let' you keep as much as possible." As in, the government owns the product of our labors and "allows" us to keep what it can. Why can't they ask RP the good questions!?

Neo-Conservatives =/= Tea Party

In 2008 we started the Tea Party because we were fed up with these Neo-Con's and FAUX NOISE. Now they have hijacked the movement and we are now grouped up with these Neo-Cons with some tin foil hats on the side. We need to take it back, none of these other candidates even come close to what the movement was about. I was watching The Daily Show and they had one of the correspondents say Thomas Jefferson would not be good enough for the movement. I call horse shit! The reasons were because he believed in separation of Church and State. I am all for that, we are not hardcore westbaro baptist church nuts. This is so aggravating!

Let's start a new group...

...why can't a new group be started? Instead of us wasting time being angry with a movement that has been hi-jacked by the neocons, surely we have some great minds in our movement that can start something new: same message, just new paint.

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

We are getting stronger

Maybe we should just take it back. Actually I think we are, one day at a time!
Several Teaparty groups are promoting Ron Paul 100%.

WE need to use our energy to promote Ron Paul not promote a new faction. It would kill our momentum.

Beck's commentary

(my letter)
Dear Mr. Beck:

Now we all know why you called Ron Paul supporters ‘terrorists’ in 2008. Your Libertarian cloak is tattered. You touted Allen West’s credentials. He is a neocon who caved into raising the debt ceiling, something no self-respecting Libertarian would ever support. You want to scale down our military presence overseas, yet fear monger about the Islamic caliphate. The truth is you are a two-headed neocon/establishment shill in sheep’s clothing. The Vicks Vapor Rub trick to weep false tears over the air could have been overlooked, but now it speaks to your deceptive intentions. Fewer and fewer people are listening to you war mongers. People understand Ron Paul’s desire to have a strong defense by cutting back our military presence overseas. We don’t need you spinning and distorting what Paul says just to satisfy your Israeli connections.

The fact Paul has the largest support from the military in donations speaks for Paul’s patriotism and integrity. Your citizenship and loyalty to the USA comes first over allegiance to all other foreign entities including Israel, NEVER FORGET THAT. You are a traitor to the cause of liberty by maligning the one GOP candidate whose allegiance is sworn above all else to the USA.

Furthermore Paul’s consistent stand that it is US troops on Muslim soil which causes blowback is the official stand in US position papers including the 9/11 Commission Report and The Family Jewels documents available on the CIA website.
Either retire or admit who you are, a fear mongering, pro-military industrial complex puppet whose only desire is to please Israel and your neocon masters. You, Limbaugh, Medved and the whole neocon propaganda machine deserve a smack down for taking our country down the road to serfdom with your overzealous Islamic fear mongering and the hatred you spew out daily. The wars have cost us all too much to continue down this path. Even John McCain admitted we would not go into the Middle East again so WISE UP!

E. H.
John McCain: We Won't Go To War In The Middle East Again

A great video from military supporting the vote for Dr. Paul....

This video needs to go viral and passed on to the NEO CONS of the TEA PARTY and hard Right Repubs.....excellent video....



maybe they'll be able to do

maybe they'll be able to do some infomercials, and distribute books to everyone, when they get 999 million in donations from the world on the 19th

I'd kind of chalk the actually time allowed the candidates

and the bulk going to Perry and Romney as their having to sell themselves to the audience at large. They also need the additional time to explain why they've supported / endorsed /
or actually implemented things in their political careers that were deadly and / or destructive to the people they were supposed to be serving. I hope others see this as well. All folks need to realize about Perry is his taking an OATH TO TEXANS NOT TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012. At this point I wish he'd just drop dead, he's truly a scumbag.

Just one last kick in the nuts, then a final deathblow

Ron Paul is done THIS MONTH - Unles...

Please forgive the lengthy post...

Ron Paul’s candidacy for the Presidency will effectively end this month if he cannot articulate a better message on foreign policy to primary voters. I am a loyal supporter and a maxed out campaign contributor who has been supporting Ron Paul for years. I am involved in the leadership structure of the Florida Tea Party Movement. Finally, I was once a skeptic on Ron Paul’s foreign policy and was convinced of his positions a few years ago. I offer the important perspective of a frontline trench fighter in the Tea Party Movement with good credibility. I am losing support for Ron Paul every day and people are turning hostile toward him. I was in the tea party debate audience when he was booed on foreign policy.

They are turning hostile because they perceive a very frightening message from Ron Paul and those enemies who purport to portray his position. The only message that is getting across is “America will be weak, we will not defend ourselves, attacks on us are justified and everything will work out if crazy people have nuclear arms”. This is Ron Paul’s fault. He is allowing the media to put these words in his mouth and he is failing to deliver effective messages during the debates. He must be a disciplined candidate on foreign policy and develop talking points and stick with them. The honesty and philosophical discussion he offers at the microphone are lost on the listener who is having emotionally negative reactions that interfere with rational thought.

Ron Paul needs to reassure Americans that as President he will defend them from attack. He will not tolerate any action by a foreign power that directly undermines our national security or threatens our foreign interests. While he can emphasize that most of our foreign entanglements are unnecessary and must end, he must recognize that there are people out there looking to harm us and we must act accordingly. Luckily, based on my understanding of Ron Paul’s Policy, I think he can honestly deliver these messages.

He needs to get on O’Reilly and all major conservative radio and TV in the next week and have these messages ready for the 9/22 Fox debate in Orlando. He should not answer direct and dishonest "bait" questions from the Santorum crowd and the neo-con supporters. He should use these opportunities to deliver his message. He should stop speaking like a philosopher and start communicating the Presidential actions he would take as the Chief Executive. Here are messages he should deliver now.

1. I will aggressively defend the U.S. if we are attacked anywhere on the planet and will attack and destroy any credible threat against us anywhere in the world.
2. I will act decisively and with overwhelming force so our enemies will never have doubt of our resolve and will be very reluctant to attack us. The military will have no political limitations and their job will be done quickly. They will have good intelligence that makes us able to act with confidence.
3. I will gain Congressional support when acting militarily and bring my case to the American people so they know why I am acting.
4. I will not send our men and women and sons and daughters to die on foreign beaches for foolhardy nation-building or on adventures that do not make us safer, only enrich corporations profiting off of war, foreign bankers financing wars and global politicians who gain power.
5. I will allow Americans to bring us back to prosperity so that we are once again the strongest nation in the world capable of defending ourselves. I will not allow us to be a puppet of UN directives who would turn us into the world's police force and foreign powers like China who are trying to weaken us militarily.
6. All other candidates are more than willing to commit us to destabilizing and economically devastating wars, a growing global military presence and covert actions. These steps will lead to police states to combat the rise of terrorism that is result from the blowback these steps produce. Their actions will produce worse results for Americans than the perceived benefit.
He should have concrete examples prepared when he is pressed on these points. For instance he should say:

1. If Iran is linked to attacks on American Troops serving anywhere in the world, I will expose that publically. I will go to Congress and seek approval for action and will launch overwhelming military action that would send a message to them and their countrymen that they should not even think of acting militarily against America directly or indirectly.
2. I would put the world on alert that if a Weapon of Mass Destruction were used against American interests or on our soil that I would act with overwhelming force against the culprit and their destruction would be assured. This strategy still keeps foreign government with nuclear arms from attacking us and will work against foreign governments that aid terrorists.
3. I would indicate to any government acting through another entity as a proxy to attack us that they will be revealed in public and they will suffer a devastating counter attack.
4. We will responsibly withdraw overextended troops from foreign bases and redeploy them to the American border where they will ensure national security and provide an economic stimulus for America. This will help end the borrowing from foreign governments and the Federal Reserve that supports overseas operations and cripples us as a nation.
5. I will rebuild a strong intelligence network so we know when foreign interests threaten us.
He should conclude by saying:

In this way, we will honor the warnings of George Washington to avoid foreign entanglements and Dwight Eisenhower’s warning about the military-industrial complex. As George Washington told us in his farewell address, if the Course that he and Ron Paul advocate is followed there will quickly come a time “…when belligerent nations, under the impossibility of making acquisitions upon us, will not lightly hazard the giving us provocation; when we may choose peace or War, as our interest guided by justice shall Counsel.” (Washington Farewell Address).

If he becomes a disciplined candidate with good messaging, speaks as an Executive and does this damage control now he will get back on track quickly. If he does not do this, his candidacy will be effectively over and he will damage the credibility of those in the field working to influence the process on his behalf for years. He will let down people who have committed millions of dollars and tens of millions of man hours over many years to support his candidacy. More importantly, he will let the Washington power brokers and Federal Reserve defeat him and America using cheap shots at a debate that are easily countered.

Dr. McKalip is a St. Petersburg neurological surgeon and member of the executive committee of the Florida Alliance, a coalition of Florida Tea Party Groups.

Thank you Dr. Mckalip

Thank you Dr. Mckalip for you insightful post. I believe you are right. This absolutely should be the main focus for RON PAUL to explain to the American people that just because he is nice, doesn't mean that he is weak. I wish he would stop telling Americans' that no one would ever attack us. People automatically think that he is not in touch with protecting the United States of America. He needs to explain just how your notation describes. Furthermore, He needs to put Santorum in his place. He needs to spank him like a kid with a smart mouth. I would like him to respond to Santorum directly and with conviction. I would like to hear him say something like this: There is a reason why the Senator is polling at 1%, because he doesn't understand the principles of America. He doesn't understand American History or Economics. And above all he doesn't understand the founders vision for foreign policy. I receive more donations from active military personnel then all other candidates put together; and there is a reason for it. Because there is nothing more frustrating to our beloved troops than a politician who has never served in the military--doing their bidding. They know that when I ask Congress that they go into battle, it will be a declared war under the authority of the Constitution. I want to know--if you would--how do you think he should respond to Santi's attacks?

Responding to Santi's Neo Con Attacks

I agree with your approach on his military donations. e.g. the WSJ piece from a Navy Seal advocating full Iraqi withdrawal today would be good.

I talked to Santorum personally last month and the conversation went like this:

Me: How would you stop Iran from getting a Nuclear weapon?
Santorum: Sanctions will slow Iran down. We need to get international partners to get more.
Me: Will that be enough?
Santorum: no, we will also need covert squads to assassinate the Iranian nuclear scientists (later he told the crowd he was THE prolife candidate)
Me: That sounds scary!
Santorum: well it is not that scary.
My wife: what would you do if Iran gets a nuclear weapon.
Santorum: well, before and after that we need to work with Israel to attack their nuclear capabilites (militarily). We can provide intelligence too.

So there is the Santorum plan: ineffective sanctions, covert hit squads and outright war on Iran.
He then went on to give a speech where he described himself as the most pro-life candidate in the race.

Not very pro life to assassinate people in a foreign country. Hope the assassin squad doesn’t kill their kids too or get the wrong house…..talk about blowback in addition to an amoral action.

I passed this to the Paul Campaign but they haven't used it yet.
The point is to be a disciplined candidate and use your talking points, not philosophical discourse on "gotcha questions" that have no good answer.

Go on the attack when appropriate against the Sanotorum crowd.

Even if your right, don't you think his staff has already tried

changing his language on foreign policy. Ron Paul is the final say on all issues. Ron Paul is stubborn to a fault, he believes what he believes and may not want to amend, delete or revise his long time beliefs.

Personally, I agree that most american who feel Ron Paul is incorrect about his foreign policy stance, need a more comprehensive explanation. You and I understand what his means by U.S. foreign policy and why it needs to be changed, however, most people see any change in foreign policy as a sign of being week on National Defense. They don't comprehend that National Defense and Foreign Adventurism are not one in the same, they are vastly different. The differences must be explained so that the simplest minded person could understand the differences.

Many potential Ron Paul supporters who have little or no understanding of foreign policy or the federal reserve also believe that any candidate, no matter how intelligent or right about the issues, should not run for office because he is considered too old.

I find that real support for Ron Paul is solid, has nothing to do about his age. His support is in the fact that he is right about the issues and his long track record of following the constitution makes him a more credible candidate than the others. I believe his long track record, regardless of his age makes his support solid and unwavering.

...and that is how i see it..I support Ron Paul for Potus in 2012 without a second thought or regret..

Great suggestions

Dr McKalip,

I completely agree with your analysis. How would you suggest he do this in his one minute allotted time span on TV?

I understand he can do all the talk radio shows and TV interviews prior to get this across, but people are especially tuned into the debates.

Maybe a commercial like I just saw him in?

Thanks for your efforts in Florida. They are appreciated.

one minute soundbite on foregin policy

"I tell you this, I will ensure that any entity that attacks us or plans to attacks us will be exposed and uttertly destroyed. This will send a message that will prevent future attacks.

I won't let our sons and daughters die on foreign beaches for the political and profit aspirations of foreign bankers. I won't launch ridiculous covert actions that lead to terrorist attacks here. In otherwords, I am the only candidate on this stage that will really protect America while the others make plans that will lead to more war, more economic depression and a bigger police state in America."

Something like that. Needs cleaning up.

If this statement needs cleaning up....

I am having trouble seeing it. Well said, and welcome.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15


Thank you Dr. McKalip in Florida.

As I read before perhaps it is up to RP supporters in the audience to rise up, speak up, and to take a quote from British jurisprudence, 'Let right be done.'?

Actually, I got this quote from the classic British movie ..'The Winslow Boy'. Good movie in my estimation.


Ron Paul and Palestine

Ron Paul is a decent Christian man with convictions. How can a person be a Christian and support the Israeli apartheid state? The answer is it can’t be done, and that is the great slight of hand. The Christian right is in bed with the Neo-Con right, so Kristol, Podhertz, Krauthammer etc.. get in bed with Bachmann and Santurum on Israel, securing the far right for Israel… then, on the liberal side, the NYT, LA Times, The New Yorker, etc.. slam the Christian Right for their social/ religious ideas, but look the other way on the Zionism of Cantor, Schumer, Lieberman etc…

You end up with a country that is only Christian in a fundamentalist, apocalyptic sense. The cultural mainstream has been completely de-Christianized… Why doesn’t the New York Times, The New Yorker, etc.. attack Zionism with the same vigor it attacks fundamentalist Christianity?

Until people realize this, we are condemned to live a great hypocrisy. This articles deals with the topic of how and why.


Robert Bonomo

Ron Paul is a winner!

Love ya Dr. Paul ... you rock like no other.
I can't imagine voting for anyone else and I won't.

Let's make sure we give him a huge money bomb this weekend.

HA! Got a Tea Party email asking for $$ today...

To be honest, putting a wedge between Ron Paul and some of the Neo-conservative retreds in the Tea Party may not be such a bad thing. If nothing else, a smug-tard Newt and Santorum showed their true colors and a few folks in the audience showed that some of us are still ignorant.

I am not too worried about it although I will say, without the Ron Paul supporters (and I know some of them have been distancing themselves from the Tea Party for awhile now) I am not sure that it was such a good idea to boo a person who can actually generate revenue.

I took the liberty of NOT including my response back to the Tea Party regarding their request for my support.

Stay strong folks, what happened last night was a good thing.


Arrogance is no substitute for competence....myself


I just got this, look at this post and tell me what you think


Glen Beck offers ignorant statements against the good doctor...

Listen Now! »
Why was Ron Paul the big loser in the debate last night?

Tuesday, Sep 13, 2011 at 3:15 PM EDT

Perry/Romney may have been the main event, but Santorum/Paul provided some fireworks of it’s own. The two couldn’t have bigger differences on the Middle East, and Glenn thinks Ron Paul has it wrong “every step of the way”. Why?

“This whole idea that the whole Muslim world is responsible for this and they’re attacking us because we’re free and prosperous that is just not true,” Paul said in the debate. “Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaida has been explicit. They have been explicit and they wrote, and said that we attacked America because you had bases on our Holy Land in Saudi Arabia. You do not give Palestinians fair treatment, and you’re bombing. I’m trying to get you to understand the motive.”

“I really believe that Ron Paul is real trouble in the Middle East. Real real trouble in the Middle East. He has it wrong. Every step of the way,” Glenn said.

“He has some things right. Have we — has our foreign policy played a role in the discontent, yes. When you say you stand for freedom, and then you get into bed with brutal dictators like Mubarak you’re sending a mixed message so you stand for nothing.”

” You can’t export democracy. They don’t want it. They don’t understand it. That’s fine. They attack us. We pound them into glass, and then we go home. We don’t fix their stuff. They don’t have stuff to fix. They don’t mind it. They’re fine with it. Who’re we to impose our values on them? Great. You live any way you want. You screw with us, we pound you back into the stone age where you already are. We drive back into your cave. We kill all the people who tried to kill us, and then we go home,” Glenn said.

“If you want to not mess with us we’ll be your friends. You want to be a friendly state to us. We’ll be friendly state to you. You want to be a jerk we pound you into sand. I’m not so I can spread democracy so I can protect my people, and my economy. I’ll trade with everybody. I’ll help anybody. But you screw with us. You screw with our economy. You screw with our people, I pound you into glass. Period,” Glenn said.

“Call that an neocon because I follow it I then come home. I don’t build a school. I don’t build jack. The private sector decides to build. Period. Neocon. Sorry Ron Paul you exposed yourself on your policies.”

Why Does Glenn Beck Know...He's Been Wrong About Everything

Like Rosh Limberger, The big cheese eater, If you ignore him, he will go away and drop dead, as he should..

These fellas along with that ignorant former Reagan administration Neo Con artist Mark Levin are really mentally disturbed individuals that are in desperate need for severe psychoanalysis.

So sad to see these potentially talented men who are mentally, spiritually and emotionally damaged rambling from one incoherent subject to another.

Solution : FEMA has secret re-education camps all around the country. I believe after several weeks of governmental loving therapy would change these sick bastards into useful and productive SHOVEL READY citizens..

Here's my reply to Beck after receiving his email.....

MR. BECK....Please remove me from you email list….I used to listen to you Beck but you have proved yourself to be a MORON……Dr. Paul is right on all the issues….it’s about the CONSTITUTION STUPID…..you used to believe in that too……what has happened to your common sense….I suggest you quit paling around with NEO CONS like Fix News O’Really…..he can’t even pronounce the words correctly that Dr. Paul uses to explain the mess our economy is in let alone understand them and you are proving to be just as ignorant! I suggest you do some thorough reading of the Good Doctor’s books and stop bad mouthing such a great and honest man! Blood is shooting out of my eyes right now and if looks could kill you would be DEAD! Get a clue DUMBO and leave the good doctor alone!


No longer a listener of yours

Here's his email if you want to send our 2 cents as well...


how can anyone disagree with

how can anyone disagree with this guy

100k Votes for Ron Paul!

Can we get 100K votes for Ron Paul in this poll?

POLL: Dr. Ron Paul vs. Everyone Else for President
Vote: http://www.wepolls.com/p/2556324

Cincinnati Tea Party asked debate questions - Straw poll 4 Paul!

Positive and more accurate news relevant to the primary and caucuses. They are looking to the only true liberty candidate!

The CFR/GOP are shaking in fear! Be prepared for ANYTHING!

Watch the short video: the relevant material begins about 3:00

RP top in both pre- and post-debeate straw poll; Perry drops out of top three in post-debate poll . . .